Tips For Seniors Traveling Egypt

Tips For Seniors Traveling Egypt

Best 6 Tips For Seniors Travel To Egypt

Here in this article we will list some tips and recommendations for seniors to avoid potential problems and make their trip to Egypt an amazing and safe experience. Read all Tips for seniors travel to Egypt.

The idea of student discounts is now well known in Egypt. However, the idea of senior discounts is not quite as well rooted. Egyptians are overall more respectful to their elders, but expect respect rather than discounts. Members of AARP get discounts on hotels, airfares and car rentals. AARP offers its’ members a wide range of discounts. Many reliable agencies and oraganizations target the 50 – plus market.

12 Days Egypt Small Group Trip For Seniors with Hurghada

Enjoying Egypt Regardless Of Age – Seniors Travel to Egypt

Senior travelers can experience all the fun and excitement this magical land has to offer. Explore into ancient Pyramids and tombs and temples. Explore historical churches, mosques amd montesteries. sail the Nile in style or camp under the stars in the Sahara desert. Generally speaking, a person’s age is irrelevant when traveling in this ancient Land of Pharaohs. However, there are exceptions to this concept. Here are some ways senior travelers can avoid unpleasant experiences:

Egypt remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations, attracting millions of visitors each year. A large percentage of these visitors are seniors travel to Egypt. This brings up the question, do senior travelers encounter more difficulties than younger travelers? There are so many variables, so this can be a difficult question to answer. Older people vary a great deal in terms of health and mobility. Some might suffer from conditions such as arthritis, while others are still physically fit. Overall, health and well-being are more important than age. For the average senior traveler, the trip to Egypt should be a smooth and hassle free experience. These are very important  tips for seniors traveling in Egypt to make their trip a positive and memorable experience.

Seniors Travel Egypt

Senior Travel to Egypt Activities and Excursions

Most Egypt package vacations are centered on sightseeing which can involve a great deal of walking. However, if your tour is booked by a reputable operator, you will be driven from one attraction to the next. To what extent you wish to explore theses attractions is up to you. If you have mobility issues, it might not be a good idea to venture into the pyramids. However, you can still explore them from outside as millions of other people do. Most seniors travelers can enjoy the Sahara desert just as younger travelers do. They must choose a tour package with a suitable itinerary. Many of the desert tours involve very little physical exertion, so it would be only the heat to have to contend with. However, this is largely avoided because all transfers take place in air conditioned vehicles.

Health Concerns for Seniors Travel to Egypt

There are certain health concerns that all visitors should be aware of. For example, some vaccines are suggested for travelers regardless of where they came from, and some African and South American guests are actually required to have proof of the Yellow Fever vaccine when they arrive to the country. Senior travelers should also bring along enough backup medications with them in case of any mishaps along the way.

Vaccinations for Senior Travel to Egypt

Currently Egypt recommends that everyone entering the country have both polio and typhoid vaccinations. All travelers should also be aware of West Nile Virus, and avoid swimming in lakes, rivers or streams that have fresh water instead of salt water. These waters may contain certain bacteria and native parasites.

Eating and Drinking

Travelers should only drink bottled water when visiting Egypt. Under no circumstances should you drink tap water. Eating at sanitary restaurants or snack bars in the markets is the best way for you to avoid having stomach problems. It is best when eating at local Egyptian restaurants to choose ones with many customers. They have lots of customers for a reason. Avoiding alcoholic beverages in the heat of the Egyptian climate is also a good idea as consuming alcohol can contribute to dehydration. Many visitors like to enjoy cold Hibiscus tea, which is very popular among Egyptians. However, drinking large amounts of this beverage can lower blood pressure and cause future problems. Most potential problems for seniors can be avoided by hiring an experienced and professional tour guide. These individuals are carefully selected based on knowledge and experience. Accordingly, they can keep you out of harms way.

The importance of a Local Tour Guide

It is highly recommended that seniors use a local licensed guide for tours. Most of these individuals are trained by the government. This is a great way to avoid difficulties in reaching the most popular sights. Furthermore, this can make life easier at restaurants and markets. This can lead to a much richer overall experience. Most hotels are usually able to arrange a tour guide for their guests.

Money Exchange and Currency Tips

Travelers are encouraged to exchange some funds into the local Egyptian currency to use for tipping and for purchasing food and merchandise at the markets.Other than that, most travelers will find that their credit cards will be accepted almost everywhere else in any and all major cities.


All seniors travel to Egypt are enjoying their time and get a wonderful vacation. On the other hand, they are in safe hand here with our very professional team taking care of all their needs.

Important FAQs for Seniors Travel to Egypt

Is it safe to take a trip on the Nile for seniors ?

You and your kids will be under superb care while on the Nile Cruise. So, is it safe to take a cruise on the Nile? The responsibility for ensuring their safety at all times rests with the parents. Nevertheless, keep an eye on them. Allowing your kids to climb on the rails on a cruise ship is unsafe and should be avoided. If the sun is oppressively hot when you’re on the terrace, especially at noon, proceed with caution. Questions about Nile cruise safety, activities, and costs are answered below.

How secure is travelling Egypt for seniors?

This is one of the most often asked questions ever! Egypt has a low percentage of violent crime compared to many Western countries, so you may go out and about at any time of day or night without fear. You won’t be scared to go around late at night in Cairo’s big cities because the lights are always on, even at night, and people are awake far past midnight. But you must always use common sense, including never walking alone and always walking with Egyptians you know and trust. Moreover, stay away from deserted streets. So, it is absolutely safe for seniors to travel Egypt.

More Useful FAQs and tips for seniors traveling Egypt

What is the weather like in Egypt?

What to wear in Egypt?

Are tours to Egypt safe for seniors?

How much money to take for a tour in Egypt?

Related FAQ

Is it safe for seniors travel to Egypt?

Absolutely, Egypt is on of the most safe countries in Africa and Middle East for seniors to travel and enjoy their time.

How can a senior travel to Egypt find a good local agent?

How can a senior travel to Egypt Book online?

There are many ways for seniors traveling Egypt to find a good local agent, the most popular way is to search online. Try to find at least 3 local agents. Simply look for the reviews of the previous travelers for them and pick twi with excellent reviews. After that, contact both, and compare between their responses, then you will be able to choose the best one to travel with.

Can seniors travel to Egypt 2023 / 2024?

Surely, we have a wide range of tours for seniors traveling Egypt in 2023 and 2024.

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