Top 10 Restaurants In Luxor

Top 10 Restaurants In Luxor

Top 10 Restaurants in Luxor

Here Are The Top 10 Restaurants In Luxor Egypt Based on Information From Locals And Customer Reviews

Gerda’s Garden

Egypt cuisineGerda’s Garden is one of the best restaurants in Egypt. Among European tourists this restaurant is very popular and is owned by a German-Egyptian couple. They make some of the best Egyptian cuisines and focus on European delicacies to satisfy European tourists’ tastes as well. The restaurant has a very homelike atmosphere and the decorations are beautiful. Goulash, kebab, and potato salad are among the delicacies served at Gerda’s Garden. Additionally, the prices are affordable, as you can get some great Egyptian food without breaking your wallet.


Pizza Roma

Pizza Roma is run by an Italian woman and her Egyptian partner. This is one of the best Italian restaurants in Luxor. It is very popular amongst Italian residents and travelers alike because they offer some of the best Italian food in Luxor. The menu offers pizza, salads, and Italian meat dishes. All in all, this is one of the nicest places to go if you are looking for a place to have brunch with family or friends. Locals and tourists enjoy the delicacies Pizza Roma has to offer.

1886 Restaurant

Best Cairo Food Tour1886 Restaurant is among one of the best restaurants in Luxor, This restaurant offers the vibe of 1886 and has a dress code of jacket and tie. If you don’t have the required clothing attire, you are able to borrow it from the restaurant. The most common dish served at 1886 restaurants is Mediterranean-french food. 1886 Restaurant is located in the heart of Luxor and is easy to locate.   Accordingly, this is a beautiful venue with delicious food, great prices, and outstanding service.

 Koshari Alzaeem

KoshariTop 10 Restaurants in Luxor is famous for being the national dish of Egypt.  The ingredients include rice, macaroni, lentils, fried onions, and tomato sauce. If you are looking for the best koshari in Luxor, you can rely on the expertise of the Koshari Alzaeem restaurant. You can also explore the other amazing cuisines in this restaurant. Because of how famous this restaurant is, the tables fill up quickly. There is another branch located near Midan Youseff Haasen you can try if you are unable to wait for a table. Many tourists, as well as locals, are in the restaurant most of the time. Everyone is there to enjoy the mouthwatering food options they have to offer. There are also soft drink options to complement your meal. This is truly one of the most amazing restaurants in Luxor.

Sofra Restaurant And Cafe

Sofra Restaurant And Cafe is located in downtown Luxor and is one of the most remarkable restaurants in Luxor. In addition, Sofra also offers a rooftop cafe option for dining. The rooftop offers a great relaxing experience after a fabulous dining experience. The inside is decorated with chandeliers, tilework, and antique furniture. With the exceptional ambiance, you will have an unforgettable dining experience. You will have an awesome lunch or brunch dining experience with all Sofra has to offer. They specialize in modern and traditional Egyptian classics such as stuffed pigeons and ducks. There are also side dish options to satisfy your taste buds.

Wenkie’s German Ice Cream And Coffee Parlor

Wenkie’s is the best place in Luxor to visit if you want to satisfy your ice cream or coffee cravings. The restaurant offers milkshakes and chilled ice cream for the hot Luxor weather. The ingredients also include buffalo milk and organic fruits, therefore making it a healthy option to satisfy your ice cream and coffee cravings.

Silk Road is one of the top 10 restaurants in Luxor

Silk Road is the perfect restaurant choice if you want to have a sophisticated dining experience in Luxor. This restaurant is known for catering to all the needs of different tourists from all over the world. In addition, the meals are all prepared by an Indian chef, giving all the food an Indian touch. For a romantic evening out, Silk Road is an amazing option. They also offer a great selection of wines to choose from. You will have a blooming night out with the dining experience offered at Silk Road.

 Al Sahaby Lane Restaurant

Al Sahaby in Luxor offers great menu options and  Egyptian cuisine. The restaurant is owned and operated by the Al Sahaby family. It was started in 1930 by the family’s grandfather. They offer some of the best dishes in Egypt and they are known for being recommended in international guide books.

 Marsam Restaurant

For a lovely dining experience, Marsam restaurant is a perfect option. The welcoming and calm atmosphere ensures you have an amazing dinner experience. Above all, this is a great option for a romantic date offering a courtyard with big trees around and it makes for a perfect evening out.

 Sunrise Restaurant And Bar

The Sunrise Restaurant and Bar is one of the top 10 restaurants in Luxor and offers a wide range of cuisines to choose from. Among the foods offered are Oriental, Egyptian, and international dishes.  The menu is packed full of a wide range of food options. Additionally, the restaurant offers snack food options, big screen TVs, karaoke and Oriental parties.

The city of Luxor has lots to offer and is one of the most visited cities in Egypt. It is the center attraction for many tourists. If you are searching for great places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the restaurant options listed above are by far the best selections.

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