Best restaurants in Giza

Best restaurants in Giza

Top 10 restaurants in Giza to Try

What restaurants and food choices are available in Giza? Here we have listed the best 10 Restaurants for locals and tourists and some additional options at the end of this article. According to locals and tourists alike, these are the top available places to eat in Giza.

Places to eat and Restaurants in Giza

Birdcage Restaurant

Everything about Birdcage is authentic Thailand from the water feature at the door to the whole etiquette displayed throughout your meal. The enticing aromas will transport you across the continent from the open kitchen. The chef prepares specialties such as garlic pepper shrimp, cashew chicken, and crispy rice with peanut sauce. The restaurant is located in the Semiramis Hotel. This is one of the best restaurants available in Giza according to reviews from locals and tourists.

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Sabaya Restaurant

Sabaya is one of the top places to eat in Giza. it’s rated in Lebanese tradition, but the chef has also branched out into a contemporary atmosphere. Mezzas are the hot item on the menu, with hot and cold options to choose such as kebbe Nayee, stuffed vine leaf, Hommow Bil Awarma, makanik, and cheese selections. In accordance with Lebanese traditions, you will be brought to the lounge after your meal for tea, sweets, and conversation. Rated as one of the best restaurants in Giza.

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Andrea Mariouteya Restaurant

Andrea has been in the family business for 40 years. They moved to New Giza in 2015. There you can enjoy a better view of the beautiful architecture of Omar Rafeb Design, the origin of the chicken charcoaled in oregano abundant marination, which can be served as a half chicken meal or a whole one. Quail is also a delicious food option on the menu. The pre-meal dishes are also famous at Andrea. Small, round freshly baked bread is also a great food memory here. Chicken and quails are grilled by the entrance, so you cannot miss the vast barbecue on your way inside. Andrea has an indoor and outdoor seating area. The food has been served here for four decades and the food quality is constant. It is a casual place for brunch, lunch, and dinner as well. They also serve wine and beer. A home delivery service is also available. According to locals and tourist reviews, Andrea is one of the best restaurants in Giza.

Felfela Restaurant

What is the most popular food in Egypt

This restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Giza. It’s located on Alexandria Desert road this restaurant is also an excellent choice. The chicken shawarma and Ta’meya are two delicious menu choices. They also offer great-tasting pudding according to customers. The staff is friendly and attentive and the meals wont break the bank. They also have wine among other drink options. This restaurant is one of the best available in Giza.

Left Bank Restaurant

Left Bank is another great place to eat in Giza. They have a selection of Mediterranean, Europen, vegetarian and vegan food options.  they have indoor and outdoor seating available, and a sensational experience along the Nile River is what this place is about. They serve authentic French pastry, breakfast, gormet salads and main courses. Pizzas are also offered in addition to an extensive beverage menu. Rated in the top 10 as one of the best restaurant options available in Giza.

The Grill Restaurant and Lounge

Mix Grill

Located in Cairo, another great restaurant choice. Offered here is French, Mediterranean, steak, European, and vegetarian. Gluten-free options are also available. The Grill presents the flavors of contemporary, traditional, and brasserie French cuisine. The prices are great too and it’s considered one of the top places to eat in Giza.

Night and Day Restaurant

The Night and Day is buffet dining at its finest. Chefs wait at their cooking stations to prepare food to order. The Asian station offers dim sum and sushi, as well as teppanyaki. The grill station is where you will find Oriental and Tandoori items and the pasta is located in the noodle station. Salad, cold cut and dessert stations complete the feast.

Carlos Restaurant

Breezy and sunlit, Carlos restaurant is located outside on the terrace offering fine coffee, fresh juices, seasonal salads and light meals. They also have a spectacular Nile view. Carlos also hosts special events such as the world cup on it’s big screen TV. In conclusion, the Carlos restaurant in Giza is one of the best places to eat.

Saigon Restaurant and Lounge

Saigon restaurant is among the best in fine dining Asian restaurants. It offers a peculiar sharing concept with a signature twist of Asian cuisine. If you want to admire the stunning interiors and the Nile view than this place is a must to go visit. This is truly an unbeatable dining experience.

Le Deck Restaurant

The only floating restaurant in Cairo with a superb view. You can enjoy French cuisine with a unique experience of tastes with Japanese elegance. This restaurant should be on your priority list when in the city of Giza. The place truly stands out with its beautiful ambiance as one of the best restaurants and places to eat in Giza.

Above I have listed the top 10 restaurant options in the city of Giza. There are also additional restaurants to choose from for your food and dining experience. I will list a few more below

India along the Nile

India along the Nile has delicious gourmet Indian cuisine. They serve excellent Egyptian food and have great service. For Indians visiting Cairo and missing their home food, this place is truly a paradise.

Vivo Ristorante

If you want to enjoy amazing food with great service overlooking the Nile then Vivo is your place for an unforgettable dining experience. You can relish the amazing Italian cuisine in a modern setting where you will feel like you are on a journey through the countryside with the smell of homemade pizza. This is one of the best restaurants in Giza.

These are just a portion of the fine dining restaurants and places to eat in the city of Giza. There are many more to choose but this at least gives you some ideas of your food and dining choices during your stay in Egypt. We hope this article was informative and you enjoyed your experience.

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