Restaurants In Alexandria

Restaurants In Alexandria

Restaurants in Alexandria and Places to Eat

Where are the places to dine in Alexandria? We have listed some of the top restaurants in Alexandria for you to try during your visit to this beautiful city. We hope you will visit some of them and have a wonderful dining experience. Here are the top 10 restaurants in Alexandria for you to try. Alexandria is an important tourist destination and we hope you will try one of these delicious restaurants during your visit. Get to know the 10 places to eat in Alexandria Egypt

Samakmak Restaurant AlexandriaAlexandria Samakmak Restaurant

Salamlak is one of the top places o eat in Alexandria. If you are looking for great food and excellent service, then Samakmak is the place to visit. You will not regret tasting their food! Be sure to try their grilled fish for a memorable dining experience.

Chez Gabi

For a great Italian dining experience, Chez Gabi is the place to go. They have excellent food and drinks at reasonable prices. This restaurant is highly recommended and has great service as well. The owners have succeeded in retaining the place for 30 years.


Tejanos Mexican GrillTejanos Mexican Grill

This place is amazing! With great food and great service as well. Try the nachos for your appetizer choice. Aside ffrom having great food, the place is decorated nicely. The service is great, and the fajitas and quesadillas are an excellent menu choice. You are free to take photos during your visit also.

Potasta Restaurant in Alexandria

Be sure to check out Potasta during your stay. They have great pasta dishes at affordable prices. This is a great place to eat with great menu opti

Potasta is one of the best places to eat in Alexandria Egypt. This is a great place to eat fish and the old decorations give it a simplistic style at this Egyptian restaurant.  You can eat until you are full and the prices are inexpensive. Please note that the restaurant stays very busy most of the time so you may have to wait a while before you are able to take a seat.

Alexandria Restaurants and Places to eatAsmak Shaaban

This is a great place to eat fish and the decorations are simply giving this Egyptian-style restaurant a very unique look. You can eat until you are full and the prices are inexpensive. Please note that the restaurant stays very busy most of the time so you may have to wait for a seat. Many people want to come and enjoy the delicacies that are offered here.

Stafanos Restaurant

This is a great place for Italian cuisine. The staff is well trained and service-oriented. The restaurant has fantastic food and service. Don’t forget to try one of the fabulous desserts.

Abd El Wahab Village

Abd El Wahab serves some of the best Egyptian food you can try!  They serve kebab, almost all kinds of meat and the best Egyptian salads. The Fatteh and grilled chicken are also excellent choices.

Latino Cafe And Restaurant

A very lovely environment with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. They offer international and Italian cuisine as well as Lebanese cuisine. This is a great place to try fantastic cuisine. The place gets a bit crowded due to the intense cuisine and service, but the wait staff is still always available if needed. If you want privacy, this is available here too.

Sea Gull Restaurant AlexandriaSea Gull Restaurant in Alexandria

If you are craving seafood, Sea Gull is your go-to place to visit. They also have dessert! The restaurant was built in a historic place and is full of antiques. There is also a fantastic view of the sea to watch during your dining experience. Kids can also enjoy this restaurant, as there is a huge kids play area available, and horses too. Although it is a bit more pricey, Sea Gull is still one of the best seafood restaurants to enjoy.


Great food and great service is what you get when visiting Blyblos. The meals are great and so is the atmosphere. Blyblos is one of the most expensive on the list, but it makes for a great place to have special occasions or to take important clients.

We have now listed the top 10 restaurants to visit in Alexandria, but there are just a few more restaurant choices I would like to add in addition to the ones I have already mentioned above. Here are just a few more to add to the list

Greek Club

The menu here is a mix of seafood and Greek dishes. You can also enjoy a beautiful view of Alexandria Harbor during your visit. They also serve beer and wine to alongside your meal.

Mohamed Ahmed Restaurant in Alexandria

Mohamed Ahmed has been serving some of the best fuul and Ta’meya for more than 60 years. They also serve egg and cheese dishes and are open 24/7 so it’s never too early or too late to go try them out. It’s one of the top restaurants and places to eat in Alexandria Egypt.

El Lol

This is a family-run restaurant on the beach. You can watch the fishermen bring in their catch of the day that will be prepared while you sit looking over the water.

We hope this article has helped when making choices about food and restaurants in Alexandria. Enjoy!


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