Sinai Tours and Attractions

Sinai Tours and Attractions

On sand had touched the holy feet of Virgin Mary, you can walk to follow her footsteps. Then meet the feet steps of Prophet Moses. Following this Prophet Moses's way in Sinai will arrive you at where he had received the Ten Commandments directly from God. You will be in Moses Mountain. That is how you will stand in a mountain had heard the God sound. This holy sand will lead you to sandy rocks in the form of cliffs that resemble a dry riverbed dyed in the colors so that you will walk inside a dried river with yellow, purple, red, and gold stones that take the shape of waves. It is the natural wonder of the Colored Canyon.

Sinai tours are where you enjoy the charm of the desert. As you will walk through mountains to find your relaxation amid the fantastic Bedouin life. You can enjoy staying in the Bedouin tents while the mountains surround you in a magic view, and the delightful Bedouin festivals captivate your soul. Your night at these tents will be a dazzle, as the sky brights with the stars that appear in the clear sky obviously. Enjoy eating the delicious Bedouin foods and drinks, and listen to the Bedouin music.

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