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How The Time Will Run In Nuweiba Environment!

From the sea miracles to a comfy seat under a palm tree or in a bamboo hut set out on the beach in the afternoon.

Bedouin beach tourist camps emit the sounds of Bedouin music that makes the soul dance at sunset. Let the candles illuminate your night with romance. The view of the sky embracing the shining stars will make your night in Nuweiba wonderful. An oasis of calm and relaxation for those coming from the hustle of life. The fresh breezes of the sea make it a unique, refreshing place throughout the year. with an average of 20°C in winter and a summer average of 33°C.

Thick grove palms,  Simple tourist camps, and resorts, and picturesque beaches, shallow bays, and ruins of Nuweiba Castle of Saladin, water wells to drink healthy fresh mineral water, wonderful sandy beaches replete with the unique Bedouin tents of the Al Muzaina and Tarabin tribes of the Sinai Bedouins;  that how will be the environment around you in Nuweiba.

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