The Nile Delta

Top Secrets About the Pharaohs First Meeting In History At The Nile Delta

From Here The Pharaohs Had Launched. Secrets About The First Step Of Ancient Egypt History From the Nile Delta!

Enjoy the best vacations to Delta; Here is the first spot where the ancient Egyptians gathered and settled around the Nile on this fertile soil. Since silt gathered, and the ancient Egyptians grouped around it to learn how to farm. Here was the first crop that was collected by the hands of the pharaohs; it was a great victory that led them to establish a society from which this glorious civilization arose.

So, here was the first pharaonic city that was discovered. And on this land, the Rosetta stone was discovered in the Rashid city to guide us to the ancient Pharaonic language. And from here, many secrets were reached. Let’s say, here was where the majestic pharaonic civilization launched to build the towering pyramids, the marvels of history, and the majestic temples. Enjoy the Nile Delta Vacations.

In this area of ancient Egypt, we talk about the Stone Age period for the pharaohs. Prehistoric societies that lived for thousands of years before the era of the First Dynasty (the period of unification of the two countries at the hands of King Mina and the beginning of Egyptian history). So, you can see how the pharaohs’ lifestyle was since 7,000 years ago, and therefore, older than the Pyramids of Giza, which were built 2,500 BC.

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