New El Alamein

Top Things To Do In New Alamein City!

Historical Facts And Secrets You Need To Know Amid This Magical Nature Of The New Alamein City

The New Alamein City

Gigantic residential towers rising amid the magical nature of the green land extending until arriving at soft golden sand decorates this spectacular crystal blue sea in New Alamein City. Fourth-generation city in the land of history. A spot is full of high-tech, impressive buildings and luxury hotels overlooking the unique view of the Mediterranean Sea. While wandering amid the dazzling of New Alamein City, a sound from history comes to attract you to those heroes!

The Time Gaps In The Heart of New Alamein City!

World War Cemetery in El Alamein

Tombs of medieval castles style embraces the remains of these heroes from World War II. Wonderful stories crown this spot for the owners of these bodies, who are now embraced by the cradle of civilization. British, Italian, and German soldiers immortalized their memory in this land that adores the history. After decades, you have secret stories and facts about World War Cemetery in El Alamein.

A shining spot appears from far. Obviously, it has more stories about this history. To come close, finding yourself surrounded by historical maps about the North Africa regions that were carried by the heroic leaders of the second world war. Also, you meet the weapons that were held by the hands of warriors. Soldiers' tools used in the war here. And the statements that were in the hands of the commanders and plans that the armies followed. War stories around you everywhere, pictures of leaders almost tell you the details of this war. So, you meet the English commander Bernard Montgomery and the German commander Erwin Rommel.

You are in a unique atmosphere that transports you to being in the middle of World War II in all its details.

So, after you salute the bodies of these brave soldiers, you live in the midst of the events they had lived in this spot. This is how your tour will be from the World War Cemetery El Alamein to the New El Alamein Museum.

Another Spot Takes You Deeper Than the World War In the History!

A rock staircase is leading you down to be in the heart of a dazzling Greek decoration. You are in a tomb that dates back to the first- or second century, with the main chamber of the tomb that includes burial holes containing multiple artifacts.

A spot takes you to how was the coins at the same period as this tomb and the lamps, and also this tomb includes a number of pottery vessels.

But What About The Accommodations!

New Alamein City is prepared to be an entirely comfortable spot in the heart of a fantastic nature. So, all the meaning of the opulent accommodation you can get in this city. To find amid the towers that exceed Dubai towers, hotels, and resorts with all the amenities and luxurious accommodation.

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