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How Minya City Means To Walk On History!

Here in the Minya region, you walk amidst where the ancient Egyptian builders were extracting with their strong shoulders the alabaster by the order of Khufu, the builder of the Greatest Giza Pyramid. For the manufacture of statues, coffins, tiles, and vases in the age of the pyramid builders. It is Hatnub Quarries, The site of the Egyptian "alabaster" quarries.

While another scene appears from far to come close, finding yourself amid pharaonic revolution events. A new ancient Egyptian capital was established by the pharaoh Akhnaton and his followers calling for the first religion to unite the gods in one God and calls for an end to the oppression of the slaves of Amun. It is Tell El Amarna Site.

Bakht goddess temple rises from far. To come close and stand where Hatshepsut and Tuthmosis III (1551-1447 BC) stood for the construction of this temple to carve on these walls decorations tell about the great victory of ancient Egypt over the Hyksos invaders. This temple was called by the Greeks (Artemis Cave), but now it is known as the stable of Antar.

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