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A Rare Magic On The Land! What You Do not Know About Marsa Alam!

Welcome to Marsa Alam. A blue crystal translucent water. It looks like a magical stretched rug embracing countless informed coral reefs that were created millions of years ago. A sea teeming with rare marine life, including rare turtles and dolphins amid golden sand.

A scene that is surrounded by a circle of wonderful mountains magically. It pumps a dazzling relaxation into your soul. From spectacular mountains to green palm trees adorn crystal gradient colors of blue water that take you to intertwined colors in harmony scattered and shimmering. It is the unique biological diversity of Marsa Alam.

Yes, it is the perfect spot in the land if you dream of getting a soul free of any stress or tension. The sky is clear above you, which adds to this natural palette a unique touch. What makes this spot more beautiful, the paradise of the earth. That you walk over the water and see colorful fish and colorful coral reefs without the need of snorkeling as if you are walking on glass, then to meet Animals and hunters of the ancient Egyptians! Then to a rout transfers you to the era of Ptolemy II! How that!

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