Luxor Tours and Attractions

Luxor Tours and Attractions

Welcome to Theba, Luxor now! There, you will be amid the largest open museum globally. Each inch carries majestic giant artifacts and magnificent historical architecture in this city that contains One-Third of world monuments. While wandering through this great historical city, you will miss the feeling of the current time. Luxor is the city where you live with the pharaohs. You will feel as if they are still alive.

You will transfer to live a time from 2100 BC to 750 BC, as Luxor was the capital of ancient Egypt over 1350 years. In each area, the pharaohs are calling you to where their hands had been built from thousands of years ago. It is the way they keep in touch with you today.

Luxor Western Side, The Land Of Afterlife

On a secret road for the pharaohs, follow their footsteps to arrive at where the kings had been buried. You will reach the Valley of the Kings. There you can attend the ancient Egyptian mummification process and the burial rituals. You will be surrounded by an abundance of pharaonic unique decorations, where the stunning enchanting treasure and the kings’ mummies.

These royal tombs were hidden in the ancient civilization to keep the kings' bodies and their dazzling treasure far away from thieves. But, now you have the chance to walk on this road and arrive at these hidden tombs to reveal more secrets about the pharaonic afterlife.

In the same way, you can complete your steps till meeting the holy cave of Hathor. At this time, you arrive at The Valley of the Queens. Actually, the Valley of The Nobles is unique. There, you will feel as if you enter an open book about the daily life of the pharaohs, and see each detail. As if you are living with them. You will live in their homes, streets, farms, and even more.

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Related FAQ

What is Luxor known for?

Luxor was the ancient kingdom's capital as Thebes; now, it is known as the world's largest open-air museum, housing some of Egypt's most famous temples, tombs, and monuments.


Is Luxor Egypt worth visiting?

Luxor and Cairo are very different cities, and Luxor is definitely worth seeing. This, however, does not imply that you must participate. It all depends on how passionate you are about Egyptian history.

Is Luxor expensive?

You should budget roughly E£655 ($42) per day for your Luxor holiday, which is the average daily price based on other guests' spending. Previous tourists spent an average of E£221 ($14) on meals and E£148 ($9.49) on local transportation in one day.

Are there Pyramids at Luxor?

Luxor was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, together with its Theban sites. While the Pyramids get all the attention (and are spectacular in their own right), I discovered that the ruins of Thebes left a far more lasting impression on me.

Is Luxor a desert?

Luxor, like the rest of Egypt, has a hot desert climate (Köppen climate classification BWh). Summers in Aswan and Luxor are hotter than in any other Egyptian city. The climates of Aswan and Luxor are substantially same. Luxor is one of the world's sunniest and driest cities.

What city did the pharaohs live in ancient Egypt? 

Luxor is a modern Egyptian metropolis that sits over an ancient Egyptian city known as "Waset" by the Greeks and "Thebes" by the Egyptians.

Should I visit Luxor or Cairo?

Cairo is a great city, despite being filthy, polluted, and congested. Luxor is more laid-back and pleasant in certain ways (except for the hordes of hustlers), but Cairo is more authentic. The Luxor area is a tourist town, not a "genuine" city, despite its spectacular sights.

Can you go inside pyramids?

Tourists are permitted to visit all three big pyramids, but only for a price. That is, as long as you buy a ticket, you can enter the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. The good news is that this is the case.

Can you drive from Cairo to Luxor?

Yes, the distance between Cairo and Luxor is 641 kilometers. The journey from Cairo to Luxor takes around 7h 59m.

Is Thebes now Luxor?

Thebes was the capital of Egypt for long periods during the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom eras, and its ruins are located within the modern Egyptian city of Luxor... Thebes was the main city of the fourth Upper Egyptian nome (Sceptre nome) and was the capital of Egypt for long periods during the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom eras.

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