Hurghada Tours and Attractions

Hurghada Tours and Attractions

Far away from the noise of life, spend your best times laying down on the warm, soft sand in Hurghada. The magnificent blue water will be in front of you to send fresh smells. That will pull your soul to go close more to this alluring water. Dive to live the wonder of the red sea. As you will be in the accompany of rare turtles and enormous numbers of fish of various forms that you have never seen before. At the same time, colorful coral reefs, alien marine creatures, and luminous marine formations sparkle your eyes.

Enjoy the Sinai Sahra and spend a fabulous time in Bedouins' tents. Go where you enjoy Bedouins' festivals in the magic of the desert embrace. The mountains surround you in a unique view. Enjoy Bedouins' food and drinks with their unique taste. At the same time, the sky is clear enough to see the sparkle stars as a charming painting. You can wander through desert ways and caves like Bedouins by riding camels and following Bedouins' guides.

In the heart of Hurghada city, you can walk while surrounding you rare Red Sea fishes sharks, Moray eels, clownfish, jellyfish, octopus, Nemo fish, triggerfish, rare turtles, lionfish, Napoleon fish, and more marine life. This road will lead you to a rainy forest with real jungle, a rare set of trees in the Hurghada Grand Aquarium.

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