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How Is The Grand Egyptian Museum In Giza!

Another site in Giza enables you to wander through a shiny treasure. As there, you can wander amid the dazzling of the whole collection of Tut. It is the Grand Egyptian Museum, where you find more than 100.000 rare artifacts.  Each inch shines with pharaohs' treasure and artifacts that have not been displayed before.

In which the ancient Egyptians had walked carrying giant stones, you can walk in this historical sand. So, the Giza district is where you can follow the pharaohs’ feet steps. You will be amid the past thousands of years, standing surprised as the majestic monuments that touch the sky thousands of years ago appear amazingly in front of you. They are what the hands of the pharaohs had built, Giza Pyramids.

There, you can meet the only survivor of the ancient world wonders, The Pyramid of Khufu, built in (2589-2566 BC). Also there, you can meet the guard that the pharaohs had left since (2613-2494 BC) with unique wisdom, having the human head and strong body that no one can defeat as it has a lion body. It is the great statue of  Sphinx. Giza gets you the chance to live in the ancient Egyptians minds and get to know how their thinking had developed up to arriving at the magic theory of building the pyramids! As, the secrets of these artifacts that dazzle the world can be found in the Dahshur, Giza. There, you can see the 1st pyramid had built-in history, the Bent pyramid, and also the 1st true pyramid. It is the Red pyramid.

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