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El Fayoum Tours and Attractions

El Fayoum Tours is to walk amid charming nature its sides hidden great history. You will sink in history to find yourself in pharaonic eras transfer you to the Prehuman eras. It is a nature that reveals the mysteries of the world before humans and the secrets of evolution. Rare gigantic fossils of ancient whales and sharks will meet you in Wadi El Hitan. Just go to where you can walk in where Tethys Sea was running. There, you will go back to 40 to 50 million years ago and meet the whales when they were land animals.

The night at Wadi El Hitan means to enjoy sitting in tents. While above you bright stars appearing clearly in the amazing sky.

Unique, rare animals and distinctive collection of plants, fossils of the extinct animals, and the 40 species of birds singing flying around the sky in Wadi El Rayan accompany you to enter the time gap. Walk of eras and cross through Romans, Greece, Pharaonic eras, to live the history of the ages in front of great monuments.

A spot will get you the chance to see a genius pharaonic project since the 19th century BC. It is Bahr Yousuf. After seeing how the pharaohs linked the historical Lake Qarun into the Nile River, leave this era of King Amenemhat to go deeper in history. As you can visit Hwara Pyramid, Lahoun pyramid, and Meidum pyramid.

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