Cairo, Egypt Tours and Attractions

Cairo Tours and Travel Attractions

Tiles paved from centuries will take you to walk through the historical eras. Cairo city in Egypt is where you meet two giant towers to cross through the gate located between them since 1087 AD. This gate will transfer you to the Fatimid ages. Yes, you will be amid the Fatimid period to walk in dazzling Islamic architecture in the largest open-air Islamic Museum. Oriental perfumes mixed with incense and unique aroma come to refresh your soul with beautiful oriental music. Start your trip to Egypt and enjoy Cairo tourism and attractions.

You will walk in a unique charm as your eyes sparkle with lanterns, crystals, and craftsmanship found in small shops located amid bright architecture. It is Al Moez Street & Khan El Khalili Bazzar. Not just Fatimid architecture, but you live time in Mumluks and Ottmon architecture there.

Leave this Fatimid Cairo and walk a little to find yourself in the middle of Paris. Paris that overlooking the Nile, where you will be in the Khedive Ismail Cairo. There you can enjoy unique designs until you reach Tahrir Square. There the pharaonic callings will whisper in your ears to reach a unique rose building.

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Related FAQ

Why is Cairo Egypt famous?

There are many wonderful tourist attractions in Cairo, which make it one of the most famous cities all over the World. The Top attractions of Cairo are the Great Pyramids. On the other hand, Cairo has an amazing collection of the Oldest Mosques and Churches.

What are citizens of Cairo called?

Cairo's population is almost one-fourth of Egypt and we call people living in Cairo, the Cairenes, or El Kahereen in Arabik.

Which city is the mother of the world?

Where is the Mother of the world?

Many Egyptians named Cairo the Mother of the World. The reason for this is because the city is very reached with history and culture.

What was Cairo Egypt known for?

Cairo city in Egypt was established during the Fatimid and it was known for El Azhar Mosque and School. Before that it was and since the time of the pharaohs, Cairo was known for the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The city is full of life and has an amazing culture and civilization.

How big is Cairo?

Cairo is one of the biggest cities in the world, and the largest city in Egypt. The city of Cairo covers an area of 475 sq Kilometers (183 SQ Miles).

What does Cairo mean in English?

In 969 CE the Fatimid established Cairo; They gave it this strong name to the city to show how powerful they were! the name Cairo means in Arabic the city of victory and it's pronounced "Al Qahira".

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