Baharia Oasis

Baharia Oasis in Egypt

Baharia Oasis

Traveling to the Western Shara Desert of Egypt is one of the best things to do in Egypt. Bahariya Oasis offers you an amazing variety of adventures to do in the Western Desert. There are 2 major deserts in Baharia, one of them is the unique Black Desert and the second one is the White Desert. In White Desert you can camp for one or 2 nights to experience the desert life and witness the stars in a dark sky view; Also, you will be able to see the Golden Mummies and some ancient Egyptian artifacts and monuments.

On the other hand, in Bahariya Oasis there are many natural hot springs that you can try for a bath. It's a great experience to taste the Bedouin life and culture.

The Black Desert

The Black Desert is an area of volcano-shaped and densely packed hills located in western Egypt between the White Desert to the south and the Bahariya Oasis to the north. This Black Desert is a desert in western Egypt. There is also the Black Rock Desert is a semi-arid area in Nevada. Have a lovely Tour to White and Black Deserts.

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