Aswan Tours and Attractions

Aswan Tours and Attractions

Live the story of the largest rock-filled dam globally and one of the most important mega projects in the modern era; it is Aswan High Dam that narrates the Egyptians Battels. There, you can also see the largest artificial lake in the whole world, Nasser Lake.

From this great modern project, come back again to the pharaohs and visit a majestic ancient Egyptian engineering site. There, the pharaohs had built the obelisks. These high giant one-single columns that are established at the entrance of each temple collect the sun rays. Then they light the whole temple in a genius way!

But how the pharaohs had established these towering rise columns! And how they transferred and made them stood highly to endure thousands of years until our time! As if they are illuminating the path to the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization. You can uncover at the Unfinished Obelisk all of that. As there, you will see the pharaonic engineers’ lines in this Obelisk. You will feel as if one of those engineers will appear to complete the Unfinished Obelisk.

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