Alexandria Tours and Attractions

Alexandria Tours and Attractions

Alexandria sea will arrive you at Ptolemy's site bears a massive Islamic monument, to find yourself stands in the Alexandria Pharos Lighthouse ruins. But another majestic historical masterpiece takes the place of this one of the ancient world wonders as you can wander at the strongest castle on the Mediterranean Sea coast. It is Qaitbay Citadel, this great Mamluk architecture.

Even Alexandria Sea Embrace Great Artifacts to Dive Amid the Eras!

Even its sea embraces majestic statues, ancient Egyptian decorations, and sphinxes. It is a complete historical palace covered with coral reefs, Cleopatra Place.

In this Ptolemaic city, you can find a scientific encyclopedia, original unique manuscripts, rare books, manuscript topographic maps. This rare scientific treasure is located in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Ptolemies were the first to establish a library of Alexandria when they made Alexandria the capital of their great empire.

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