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Abu Simbel Temples and Atractions

When going out of this temple, you will be surprised again. As you will find another great statue with a gate from the other side of the mountain. It is the second of Abu Simbel. There, you can view how Ramses II vineyard his wife, and higher her position.

Live with magnificent civilization and the magic of nature amid the complete calmness while you enjoy our Abu Simbel Tours.

From far, a pharaonic majesty appears that will make you hurry up to be in front of this magic. Realize that your feet touch at this time a holy land for the pharaohs even before establishing any temples. You will walk in where the ancient Egyptians had walked to worship the ancient Egyptian goddess, Hathor. That is how will be your first minutes in Abu Simbel tours.

Make a day of your life you cannot forget, and walk towards the incredible two rock-carved temples at Abu Simbel. You will live a great tour that Ramses II  had prepared for you from thousands of years ago. While the Nasser Lake beautifies these majestic temples now.

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