Egypt Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Egypt Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Egypt Travel FAQ

Lots of questions come to your mind when you decide to take your next vacation to Egypt; Read all the Egypt Travel FAQ and get a clear answer to all your doubts.

Is Egypt a Safe Travel Destination?

Egypt is a land rich in culture and history. With the magnificent blue, the sacred river Nile has been considered a blessing for the Egyptians. Egypt has got it all, from the warm scenery, vast desserts, cool breezy beaches to the ancient monuments, ruins, and pyramids. Being a country where tourists from all around the world come for trips, Egypt's economy largely depends on Tourism.

Tourists seeking all kinds of experience choose Egypt as their ultimate travel destination for their upcoming holidays. Archaeologists, researchers, and everyone looking for a perfect place to visit always have Egypt on their lists due to the variety it offers.

When trying to enjoy a good vacation, every tourist takes account of all that's happening around them, into account. Safety is a huge part that determines the extent of the enjoyment of any trip.

As about Egypt safety, the Current FCO has mentioned that Egypt's most famous tourist destinations are very safe to travel alone or with a travel agency.

The Egyptian government has taken the highest security measurements to safeguard all of the tourist sites in Egypt. They are highly protected and monitored by strict security, and nothing will disturb the tourists' who are on their vacation anywhere in Egypt.

The government of Egypt and the Ministry of Tourism have ensured the necessary safety measures to secure every tourist spot all around the country.

To make your trip to Egypt even safer, you can follow a few tips to stay out of any potential dangers. They are stated below:

  • Avoiding over-crowded places while travelling or site-seeing.
  • Not carrying a large amount of extra cash and having your credit card on you in case of any emergencies.
  • Being cautious of scams during the visit open-air markets in Egypt.
  • Dressing appropriately and keeping the religious places and their dress codes in mind.
  • Being wary of stalkers at deserted areas, especially in the case of solo female tourists.

We are a travel agency working with tourists for 21 years, we always try to do our best for you for as long as you stay and ensure that our tourists can have the best experience in Egypt during their time here. We want the best for our tourists, so we double-check safety measures and ask tourists to sit back, leaving everything on us.

As a licensed Travel Agency by Egypt Government, our duty is to choose the best tourist site which has high protection for all our guests, and we do not arrange any tours in areas that have not been recommended for tours, more importantly, if visiting any of the places creates any danger upon the life of our guests, we certainly not operate it and not recommend it to our dear guests.

We choose the most reliable tour guides for our guests, and professional drivers are picked to suit travel destinations so that you feel free of stress and safe during your tour in Egypt.

You are free to contact us anytime you wish, even while you are touring in Egypt, if you ever feel uncomfortable about anything around.

Wishing you a lovely vacation to Egypt


Are Egypt Tours feasible for disabled?

Visitors with disabilities are welcomed with open arms in Egypt. Physical limitations are no longer a significant barrier to traveling Egypt.

As a qualified professional travel company, we essentially guarantee that we do organize all of your travel activities effectively and efficiently in the best possible way for you to have the most fantastic holidays in the land of the Pharaohs and the exquisite Pyramids.

To try and guarantee that you enjoy a comfortable and healthy vacation, feel free to contact our staff members prior to finalizing your reservations if you or any member of the family has a disability so that we can closely examine the best alternatives for you and suggest you to the top activities to carry out.

There are hotels and resorts and Nile Cruises in Egypt that are immediately accessible to the disabled; however, bear in mind that further supplements may be required to be paid based on requirements if you have any particular demands.

Keeping track of our people's medical needs is critically important since we do not rule out the possibility of an emergency occurring during the journey.

Effectively allowing us to know precisely all of the relevant details of your physical impairment long in advance will not bar you or anyone else from joining us actively on the trip to Egypt, but it will make it possible for us to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of all people of your groups.

If you are under any particular medications, it is highly recommended to bring them with you, including the prescriptions from your physician. This is done since it is unsure whether the specific current medication will be readily available under the same label in Egypt.

Please be advised that if we would be unable to help satiate any of your service requests, we will be totally and utterly transparent with you and therefore will not finalize your booking with us before we have fully informed you of the present scenario, and you will have the ultimate discretion to confirm or otherwise.

The health and safety, and well-being of our people are at the top of our list of priorities.

If you have any pre-existing major diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, heart difficulties, mobility issues, stomach reflux, or anything else, or if you are an expecting mother, you need to consult a doctor to acquire the necessary medical certificate that confirms that you are perfectly fit to actively participate in the tour.

The medical certificate is fundamentally deemed necessary because we cannot and will not try to offer you the relevant medical advice and guidance, and you really should be the one who examines the overall risks based solely on your health problems, individual circumstances, general fitness, and restrictions.

If all of the previously identified conditions are thoroughly investigated and actually met, we assure you an unforgettable experience of a journey down the Nile in the land of incredible pyramids and Pharaohs.

What are the types of tourism in Egypt?

Egypt, the gift of the river Nile, known for its Pyramids, majestic Desserts, and marvellous ruins. The historical and geographic significance of the country makes it a major travel destination for tourists around the world.

While tourists start planning early to secure themselves the best vacation abroad, they are often cautious about payments and the terms of service of various sites. To cover this aspect of the holiday, the general booking and payment policies are categorized below.

Throughout its history, Egypt has always been brought into consideration for being one of the best tourist destinations for people around the world.

The primary reason behind it is the discovery of the age-old Pharaoh and pyramids, adding charm to Egypt and attracting tourists to plan tours from all parts of the world so that they get to experience the beauty of Egypt in addition to travelling through the captivating, religious and cultural monuments that are dispersed throughout the country.

Another reason that makes Egypt stand out from the rest of the world is its geographical location, and its pleasant climate experienced all year round, especially along with its vast coastal areas.

Such unique places in Egypt live up to the expectations of any traveller and especially those who look to visit the most spectacular and ancient monuments and have the chance to have the most adventure-packed magical, relaxing and recreational tour.

Egypt is the gift of the great river Nile, and a historically rich country has faced a rise in tourism, which has become the primary reason for the boom in the country's socio-economic status. Considering the diversity of Egypt, according to the tourism industry, Egypt main types of tour plans in Egypt as stated below:

1- Cultural Tours: This is the most sought-after tourism plan that has gained more importance over the years. Egypt being the center of cultural heritage, tourists are always looking for a chance to taste the authentic Egyptian culture and tradition during their stay.

The most visited city, the capital of Egypt, Cairo is the dream destination of many across the world. Other cities with cultural significance that tourists often visit are Luxor city, Aswan city, and Alexandria City.

2- Leisure Tours: Tourists often visit Egypt as a destination of leisure and relaxation. Touring Egypt with the purpose of enjoyment is one of the chief reasons why the shorelines in Egypt are packed during vacations.

With its pure and clear water, the Red Sea is a frequently toured site where tourists get the best facilities and can enjoy the mesmerizing tourist resorts on the different coasts like the Gulf of Suez, the Mediterranean coast, and the gorgeous Gulf of Aqaba.

3- Religious Tours: Many tourists are attached to the religious side of Egypt. As a country of religious significance, tourists venture into the country with hopes of having a memorable experience. With the Islamic ancient Islamic attractions, charmingly built Churches, and Jewish monuments, Egypt has it all.

3- Medical Tours: Longtime ago Egypt was a treatment destination for many travelers seeking for the Sun and the Warm weather specially in Winter Season; Aswan and Siwa Oasis considered to be the most famous cities in Egypt for those who requires Medical Tours.


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