Is Egypt cold at Christmas?

Is Egypt cold at Christmas? How is the climate in Egypt during December and January? is it too cold at night? what about the day? find all answers
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Is Egypt cold at Christmas?

Over 90% of Egyptian Christians are Coptic Orthodox, who attend Church and celebrate on the 7th of January. Thus, December 25th is a national holiday in Egypt, and other Christian denominations observe Christmas on that date as well. Egyptian Muslims take part in the holiday celebrations, so it’s possible to find Christmas trees in their residences. There are usually a lot of concerts to celebrate the holidays, especially Christmas and New Year.

Egypt’s weather in December makes it a perfect Christmas vacation location. In December, Egypt’s weather is typically dry and mild. December is one of Egypt’s rainiest months, but it won’t ruin your vacation plans because it only rains four or five days out of the month and the rain is usually not very heavy. In December, temperatures in Egypt range from scorching hot in the south and deserts to chilly along the Mediterranean coast and in Cairo. Temperatures in Sharm el-Sheikh are mild, averaging around 15°C (59°F). As opposed to this, the climate in Cairo is milder, averaging between 10°C and 20°C throughout the year. The Sahara Desert has moderate daytime temperatures, but cool nighttime temperatures in December and January which include Christmas and New year. 

Temperatures between 15°C and 23°C (59°F and 73°F) are considered “cold” in Egypt during December. Flights to Egypt are available at any time of year to avoid the European cold weather. If you’re going to Egypt in December, you’ll want to bring the bare minimum. Even though the days in the desert are nice and warm, the evenings can get chilly, so pack a light sweater with you to keep yourself warm. Guests at an Egyptian Red Sea resort get swimwear. Visitors to Egypt’s streets, especially those on religious journeys, should dress modestly.

High demand for hotels and flights causes prices to soar throughout December in Egypt. Booking far in advance is essential and recommended if you plan on visiting Egypt during the Christmas holiday season. Hotels tend to fill up quickly and prices rise as the season approaches.


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