Is Cairo safe for solo female tourists?

Cairo is a big city and many females travelers ask, is Cairo safe for solo female tourists? Read everything a solo female tourist must do or avoid in Cairo, get an idea of how a solo female traveler to Cairo should know before traveling.
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Is Cairo safe for solo female tourists?

Cairo is a big city and many females ask “Is Cairo safe for solo female tourists?”! The short answer is, Sure, but with prudence and common sense, especially if you’re alone on the street at night.

Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights encourages local women to speak up for what they were going through; Which includes bringing these crimes against young and older women to the attention of authorities. This harassment issue has been brought to the attention of a growing number of Egyptians in the past few years. This is due in part to greater media coverage. As a result of these effective campaigns, harassers started to step back sd they know the consequences very well.

Egyptian Government reinforced the Harassment Laws in recent years to fight the problem. Harassment rates have declined dramatically; We can guarantee you that the situation in 2022 is much better than it was even one year ago.

Our Advice for solo female tourists in Cairo

Dressing modestly could help you feel more at home in Egyptian society. The only time you should try to raise your voice is when someone is pestering you or otherwise causing you to feel uneasy. There are many people who will stand by your side if you yell “Stop!” or “Walk away immediately.” As much as possible, avoid going to bars or strolling around alone in the evening. Regarding statistics, Egypt is a safe country. When it comes to tourists, Egyptians are generally very welcoming, and they will go out of their way of showing you the finest of their country! You’ll be fine if you keep your wits about you.

We assure you that Egyot United Tours offers you throughout the day Egyptologist tour guides with years of expertise. He/She will accompany you on Private Tour to Egypt which will add a lot to your safety. Even if you opt to go and explore the city on your own, always exercise caution, such as walking with a friend, avoiding empty streets, and staying away from strangers.

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