How to get around Cairo?

How to get around Cairo? what type of transportation to use and how much I pay? Can I use Uper and is it expensive? Is food expensive in Egypt? Where can I sleep and do they speak English in Cairo?
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How to Get Around Cairo?

One of common questions from many travelers to Egypt, How to get around Cairo?

Well, Uber is the most preferable mode of transportation in Cairo. As previously stated, Uber is reasonably priced in Cairo; several of the Uber rides throughout the city cost less than $3 USD. The disadvantage of depending on Uber is that you may have to wait a long time for your Uber to arrive. Cairo traffic is famously chaotic, although if your Uber driver is quite near by when they accept the trip, it may take them some time to get to you.

Hiring a private driver during the day to bring you around Cairo who can keep waiting for you at each sight is also fairly popular (and inexpensive). If you just have a limited amount of time and want to see a number of different sights in the city, this is a wonderful option.

For just $40 USD, you may find a decent driver for 12 hours to get you through Cairo’s traffic. Remember that in Egypt, a tipping (or “baksheesh” as it’s known locally) is commonly anticipated after the ride, so you can consider paying your driver an extra 50-200 LE ($3-12 USD).

In Egypt’s capital, there are three metro lines if you enjoy taking public transit. Cairo’s metro system is inexpensive, secure, and effective. Taking the metro will help you  in avoiding some of the city’s notoriously bad traffic. However, with only three days in Cairo, you may choose not to waste time learning how to use public transportation.

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Is food expensive in Cairo?

No. Comparing to countries like other cites in North America, Europe and Australia, Egyptian food is cheap and Cairo is cheaper to visit especially regarding food and meals.

Average meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you 60 EGP ($4) while a meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course costs 300 EGP ($20).

Where can I sleep in Cairo?

  • Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino. 
  • Fairmont Nile City. 
  • Kempinski Nile Hotel. 
  • Four Seasons at Nile Plaza. 
  • Sofitel El Gezirah. 
  • Osiris Hotel.
  • Dahab Hostel. 

Do they speak English in Cairo?

Besides Arabic, the majority of educated Egyptians are fluent in either English or French, or even both.  At tourist locations, you can expect to see a lot of English speakers. When it comes to young individuals, the number of people who tend to speak English is much higher than older people. 

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