How much to tip in Egypt?

How much to tip in Egypt? Is Egypt cheap or expensive? How much cash can I bring to Egypt? How much money do I need per day in Egypt? Find all answers here
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Is tipping expected in Egypt?

Backsheesh is a phrase for tipping that is extensively used in Asia and the Middle East. Leave a little gratuity to show your appreciation for tour guides, drivers, waiters, and other service providers but how much to tip in Egypt?

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How much to tip in Egypt?

Tipping is traditional in Egypt to demonstrate a person’s appreciation with a service; the typical tipping amount varies depending on the service received.

Here’s how much you should budget for your vacation to Egypt:

  • The hotel’s bellman. Each piece of baggage costs between $1 and $2 USD.
  • 15$ per person for a full day trip with a tour guide
  • For a full-day trip, drivers will be paid $10 per participant.
  • Restaurant waiters, $1 to $2 USD each dinner for 2 to 10 people,
  • 50 cents in a coffee shop.
  • The crew employees on the Nile Cruise pay $2 each night.
  • A felucca or a boat trip is an option. A one-hour trip costs $2.

Keep the above amounts as it’s the best guideline for you to learn how much to tip in Egypt.

How much is $100 in Egyptian pounds?

You may obtain roughly 1,569.93 Egyptian Pounds by multiplying 100 dollars by the current exchange rate. They are reasonable, but not “exorbitant” in Egyptian terms. It’s also vital to consider what you mean by “a lot.” In Egypt, for example, one hundred dollars will afford a family of four a fun day out on the streets, a movie ticket, and dinner at a semi-quality cafe.

Is Egypt cheap or expensive?

Egypt is a reasonably priced destination. Traveling in Egypt is cheaper than in New Zealand, Australia, North America, Japan, and Europe. Egypt is around the same price as traveling across Southeast Asia. Even if your budget is limited, you may be able to see a range of tourist destinations and engage in various activities in Egypt.

How much cash can I bring to Egypt?

The maximum amount of international currency you may carry is $10,000, while the maximum amount of local currency you can bring is $5,000 Egyptian pounds. If you don’t change your money before you come, you’ll get better rates at the airports. Furthermore, ATMs can be located practically everywhere in Egypt.

How much money do I need per day in Egypt?

For your Egypt vacation, you should budget E£636 ($40) per day, which is the daily average rate based on previous travelers’ expenditures. Tourists previously claimed to have spent E£194 ($12) on restaurants and E£107 ($6.72) on public transportation in a single night. This budget may increase or decrease depending on the restaurants and accommodations you select and their ratings.

How do you pay for things in Egypt?

The most common way of payment is cash. But don’t worry: most establishments accept credit cards, and ATMs can be found almost anywhere, so you’ll always be able to acquire cash when you need it. You’ll need some cash when you get to Egypt; however, you can obtain the remaining balance with your credit card.

Can you pay by Credit card in Egypt?

You may experience technical challenges if your bank is locally focused. Your HSBC debit card is accepted at a number of retail outlets in Egypt, as well as over 28 million globally. There’s no reason to be concerned. Many Egyptian ATMs accept international credit and debit cards and process them without a problem. 


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