How much does it cost to visit Egypt?

How much does it cost to visit Egypt? Get an Idea about the accommodation, hotels, and Nile cruises prices in Egypt, Entry Visa, Internet, How much is the average cost for meals and food in Egypt?
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How much does it cost to visit Egypt?

How wonderful! Egypt is an affordable destination. Egypt is a lot cheaper to travel to than places like Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand! Egypt’s prices are comparable to those in Southeast Asia. To see and do a lot in Egypt on a budget is not difficult at all! Then you may go ahead and spend a little extra cash, without having to break the budget.

Accommodation Prices in Egypt

Inexpensive accommodations cost between $20 and $50. Average hotels costs range from $50 to $100. Staying at a high-end hotel might cost upwards of $150 per night. Luxurious  Nile River cruises can be had for a reasonable price of $70 per night.

Food and Meals Prices in Egypt

A vegetarian supper, as well as local and street food, maybe had for as little as $5 to $10. In Egypt, a favorite food of many previous tourists was falafel sandwiches that were roughly $2 each. The average cost of a sit-down supper at many restaurants is from $5 to $12 per plate. As a result, sophisticated hotels and restaurants will charge a higher price per plate than other places.

Egypt Entry Visa cost

The cost of obtaining a visa on arrival is approximately $25 USD. U.S. and North American residents as well as nationals of the European Union and a few other nations are eligible for Visa on Arrival. A single admission e-visa costs $25 and a multiple entry visa costs $75.

Internet and SIM Cards cost

Orange sells SIM cards at the Cairo International Airport near baggage claim if you want to utilize data while traveling across Egypt. $17 USD for each SIM card. With this price, you’ll get 30 days of access to 10 GB of data.

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