How cold is Egypt in December, January?

How cold is Egypt in December, January? How cold is Egypt on Christmas and New Year's time? Find all info about Egypt climate in the winter season
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How cold is Egypt in December, January?

Cairo, Egypt’s January Weather: Cold and partly cloudy. The average daily maximum temperature is 67 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows rarely dropping below 61 degrees or rising over 74 degrees. The average daily low temperature is 51 degrees Fahrenheit, with lows rarely dropping below 46 degrees or highs topping 56 degrees. The 21st of January sees the lowest daily average low temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

Egypt Climate in Winter

The word “cold” in Egyptian terminology refers to temperatures ranging from 15 to 23°C (59-73°F) in December. Flights to Egypt are available at any time for those wishing to flee the chilly weather in Europe. If you’re heading to Egypt in December, you’ll want to bring as little as possible. The days are lovely and warm, but the evenings might be cool in the desert, so carry a light fleece with you. Visitors to an Egyptian Red Sea resort will need to bring swimwear. Those traveling to Egypt’s remotest regions should dress modestly especially at religious tours.

The month of December is a famous chance to schedule a flight to Egypt. The mild winter weather in Egypt is the ideal timing and trick to avoid the cold European winter. Prices in Egypt tend to rise throughout December due to the high demand for hotels and flights. If you’re thinking about going to Egypt in December, make sure you book well in advance because hotels tend to fill up quickly and costs go up as the holiday season approaches.

Rains in Egypt

When it comes to rain, December is one of the worst because there are only four or five days of rain in the entire month, and it is not usually heavy rain like the rainfall you witness in Europe or the US. The optimum season to visit Egypt is between October and April when the weather is colder but still pleasant across the country, making trips to the desert and tours of the pyramids and temples much more delightful. Although the periods of May through September can be quite hot, the dry weather, conditioning systems, lesser tourist, and reduced prices make them acceptable.

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