Does Egypt offer e-visa service?

Does Egypt offer e-visa service? Nationalities can obtain E-visa to Egypt, Egypt Visa Types, E-visa Requirments, How long it takes for an online visa to Egypt to be obtained?, How long you can stay in Egypt by e-visa? Get The Answer to many questions about E-visa to Egypt.
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Does Egypt offer e-visa service?

Planning your vacation to Egypt and you are wondering – Does Egypt offer E-visa service? –

Yes, Egypt’s digital visa system by Egyptian authorities offers Egypt E-visa. It’s available in numerous eligible countries. The digital visa system through Visa2Egypt makes it possible to obtain a temporary visa online to Egypt.

Nationalities can obtain E-visa to Egypt

The e-visa is an official electronic document that allows passport holders of over 60 countries to enter Egypt. They can enter Egypt for tourism or business purposes without embassy visiting.

The following passports holders can obtain e-visa prior to traveling to Egypt; the European Union countries, UK, United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine.

Applicants from these countries must apply before they make travel plans to Egypt. They will need to carry a copy of the e-visa on arrival to Egypt Ports or Airports. The immigration officer at the port of entry in Egypt will stamp their passport with 30 days stay.

The e-visa to Egypt is valid for 90 days, it allows visitors to spend 30 days in Egypt.

Egypt Visa Types

The Egyptian government and Egypt tour authorities offer a wide range of visas types to cater to the increasing number of foreign nationalities visiting the country. Foreign nationalities can obtain Egypt tourist visa, Egypt business visa, Egypt transit visa, visa on arrival, or electronic visa to Egypt.

E-visa Requirments

There is no need to visit the embassy of Egypt or consulate or visa application center in your country to submit your original passport or travel documents for a visa to Egypt, you will only need a scanned copy of your passport and e-mail address.

In addition to the electronic Egypt visa, you can also add the Egypt declaration form while completing the application form please notice that the declaration form is a mandatory document to enter the country.

How long it takes for an online visa to Egypt to be obtained?

After the applicant submitted their online visa application form and visa requirements for Egypt and it’s been accepted the processing time is 3 to 4 business days, applicant should apply at least 7 days before the intended day of Departure.

How long you can stay in Egypt with e-visa?

Visa validity is 90 days however the electronic Egypt visa duration of stay is a maximum of 30 days you cannot stay more than 30 days in Egypt with an electronic visa.

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