Are Tours to Egypt safe during Corona Pandemic?

Are Tours to Egypt safe during Corona Pandemic? whats is the current situation in Egypt now? And what are the best tours to Egypt taking additional safety precautions? Get all info
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Are Tours to Egypt safe during Corona Pandemic?

Travel to Egypt has resumed on July 1, 2020. All travelers to Egypt require an RT-PCR test certificate (including Egyptian nationals) arriving in Egypt. The RT-PCR test must be valid for maximum 72 hours before their last direct flight into Egypt. A vaccine certificate will exempt you from the PCR Test, but it should be a licensed vaccine, for example, Sinopharm, Sinovac, AstraZeneca, johnson and johnson, and Pfizer.

The current situation in Egypt in 2024

As compared to other countries, the number of deaths and cases in Egypt was average to low. Vaccination rates are on the rise, and the situation with covid-19 is improving rapidly. Egyptian Ministry of Health is focusing to provide vaccines to Schools, universities, and public and private sector enterprises, and the process of vaccination is moving extremely quickly now.

Places to go in Cairo

Cairo trips, on the other hand, continue with taking all safety precautions. There are fewer people on excursions now in 2024 than before the covid-19 outbreak. In order to be safe, people still wear masks, keep social distance, and sanitize the shared area. You may want to see Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Old Cairo, the Saqqara Step Pyramid, Islamic and Coptic Cairo, and many other tourist attractions in Cairo.

Keep your trip to Egypt safer

All of the extrusions are open to the visitor, but with smaller groups and Egypt United Tours is regulating this carefully, so don’t worry at all. The majority of them are open to the public, and all of them adhere to safety regulations. Although the hotels and Nile cruises have started operations, they must adhere to new health criteria, which include capacity limits and sanitary standards. Public gatherings are restricted. Some businesses like restaurants and cafes require a maximum 50% of their capacity. If you are still committed to your masks and washing your hands regularly, you should be more than fine.

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