Nubian Food

Nubian Food

Nubian Food

The merger of numerous communities in Egypt resulted in the development of new national dishes. Furthermore, the majority of traditional foods are made using modern appliances, stoves, and utensils. This growth is also evident in Nubian cuisine. As a result, traditional Nubian cuisine has all but vanished, with only the elderly remembering the names of foods they recall eating as children.

They’ve managed to create their own distinct cuisine using the resources available in the area.”
This cuisine is a part of the Nubi­ans’ culture, which appears to be fading. The delectable delicacies are currently exclusively served in the homes of the few Nubians who reside in southern Egypt, or in New Nubia, a man-made jumble of houses and villages in southern Egypt, where Nubians resettled after they moved from the site of Egypt’s High Dam in the early 1960s.

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Why Nubian Food?

When it comes to eating, Nubian cuisine is one of the best in Egyptian foodies! You’ll adore their scrumptious meals, from their crepe-like bread, known as sanasel, to their incredibly tasty fresh jews-mallow (molokhia in Arabic).

Nubians, on the other hand, dig profound flavors out of plants they cultivate on the banks of the Nile or in the backyards of their homes in their own communities. They make the most beautiful dishes using okra, courgettes, spinach, peas, beans, and carrots.

Camel liver is one of the most intriguing foods served by Nubians.
Slivered onions marinated in vinegar are added to raw camel liver that has been sliced into little pieces. Chili sauce, cumin, and coriander are then added to the mixture. The mixture is consumed uncooked. The meal is popular among Nubians, who claim that it is nutritious and healthful.

Nubian food and cuisine

To retain their culinary culture, Nubians also employ pork, chicken, and fish  mainly salty fish  to prepare meals passed down from generation to generation.

Nubians employ modest and rudimentary instruments to prepare their delicious foods, tools that are suitable with their harsh surroundings, and limited resources.

Most Nubian kitchens have a traditional mud hearth for cooking, as well as trays, bowels, and plates made of mud and glass, and, most importantly, clay water coolers.

Nibian Food and cuisine

Nibian Food and cuisine

Nubian Dishes

1- Bamiya (okra stew),
2- Ful Medames (mashed fava beans),
3- Kushari (brown lentils, macaroni, rice, chickpeas, and a spicy tomato sauce),
4- Moloukhiya (a popular green soup made from finely chopped Jew’s Mallow leaves),
5- Taamiya (deep-fried mixture of beans, parsley, and onions), Tahina (a paste made from ground sesame seeds),
6- Tahina (a paste made from ground (sesame paste).
7- Tagen (vegetables, fish, meat, or fowl) (different stews prepared in tomato and onion sauce).

8- Shamsi, a type of bread unique to Aswan, is also available. Before baking, the bakers, who are generally village women, let the dough rise in the sun. Some experts consider Shamsi bread to be one of the best types of bread in the world.

The following are some other popular and national dishes:

1-Shish Taouk (grilled lamb meat chopped into small pieces)

2-Kebab (grilled lamb meat cut into small pieces)

3-Kofta (grilled minced meat) (grilled chicken fillet cut into small pieces).

The ancient Egyptians were known to utilise a lot of garlic and onion in their daily meals. In today’s spicy tomato salad, fresh mashed garlic is combined with additional herbs such as cumin.

Moloukhiya has garlic that has been fried with coriander, and Kushari has fried onions.

Best 5 Nubian Food restaurants in Egypt

1- Solaih Nubian

This Nubian-themed restaurant in Aswan overlooks the historic Philae Temple and will please your taste senses. This restaurant, which uses both old and innovative Nubian recipes, will transport you back to your grandmother’s kitchen. On the plus side, all tableware, furnishings, and utilities are made of environmentally friendly materials from local sources.

Bigeh Island is located in the Pacific Ocean.

2- Nubian Kato Dool

A breakfast buffet is available at this Nubian-themed restaurant. Is there anything else I can say? Lunch and dinner selections include everything from spaghetti to chicken liver. Desserts are available at all hours of the day, as are several types of shisha on the Nile.

Nag’ Gharb Siheil Street is the location.

3- Nubian Dream Aswan

This restaurant provides a range of meats and poultry that are grilled right in front of your eyes. This cozy spot will satisfy all of your hunger pangs. Don’t miss out on their sahlab!

Elephantine Island is located in the Indian Ocean.

4- El Dokka 

This Nubian eatery, which has received rave reviews, serves freshly prepared barbecued seafood. The restaurant is on Eissa Island is a small island off the coast of Egypt. This location has everything you need, including a beautiful view of the Nile River.

5- Chef Khalil

This restaurant specializes in seafood and will serve you the finest fish from Lake Nasser and the Red Sea. On the other hand, you have complete control over whether your food is grilled, or fried. Al Souq is the location of this place.

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