Nubian Culture

Nubian Culture

Nubian Culture Is Where You Live The Ancient Egyptian Believes

Nubian Culture

Nubia is where to walk through a land with a history dates backs to 5000 BCE to live with a unique mix of cultures of mingled groups “Nubian people,” who are the Kenzi who speak the Matouki language, the Fadija who speak their own language, and the tribe of Aliqat who moved to Nubia from the Sinai in the 18th century, which united in Nubian Culture with a unique touch of the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. 

Nubian Culture

Smiling faces with gorgeous brown skin and kind hearts are living in simple, colorful houses that are set in the land of gold, which had shaped ancient Egyptian history in the eighth century BC, and formed the 25th dynasty. That is how the Nubia.

It is called Nubia relative to the word “Nub,” which means gold in the ancient Pharaonic language, and because the land of Nubia was famous for the existence of a lot of gold mines.

Nubian Culture

Who Are The Nubians?

Nubians were African people who came from the desert to move toward the Nile by around 5000 BC and brought with them the art of making pottery. They created their unique Nubian culture with a unique language, “Nubian language,” that is different from Arabic and any other language in the world, particular customs even in marriage, and specific wearing. You will be amazed when seeing this remarkable difference. 

That is who the Nubian people who live on farming and fishing, taking the Nile as their life for where they are sailing via Nubian islands to go to schools, markets, etc., so they are called the people of the Nile.” Just go to the south of Kom Ombo to the Sisal Mountains in the south of the Nile valley where the Nubia is located, and sail as Nubian via the Nile, to live the magic of the Nubian culture.

Nubian Culture

Nubian Culture by w_lemay

When sailing through the Nubia islands, which are Ghatb Suhil, Elphanitna, Hessa, Aghlika, etc., you will be at the home of some of Africa’s earliest kingdoms, seeing remarkable historical sightseeing, and you will be in the heart of commercial route for African trade in ancient Egypt’s time of the Old Kingdom.

The Soul You Will Feel While The Nubia Tour

Nubian Culture

Nubian Culture by w_lemay

A few minutes from Aswan, at the point just south of Khartoum in the Sudan where the Blue and White Nile join, you can visit Nubia, the city of King Mina, who is known in ancient Egyptian history, the king that united the two countries.

In addition to, King Kush, who had established The Nile Valley Nubian Civilization Kushite that controlled Egypt in the period between 744-665 BC. , king Thiqa, who was the fourth king in the twenty-fifth Egyptian dynasty, and the most famous of them. His birth was in the last third of the eighth century BC in Nubia.

Nubian Culture

Nubian Culture by w_lemay

Nubian Culture

When you deal with Nubian people and are charmed with the Nubian culture, realize that you deal with the sons of the skilled craftsmen who King Ahmose invited to rebuild the Egyptian army that expelled the Hyksos. Actually, the Nubian people still carry the details of this great history of the ancient Egyptians and keep a lot of beliefs. 

So, if you find a crocodile body hanging over the house door, do not be surprised; they just keep the evil eye far away from their homes as per the ancient Egyptians beliefs, as the fishmen hunt the crocodiles and stuff them with a straw while keeping their mouth open then hang them on their houses. And that is why you will find draw crocodiles everywhere. They also keep one or two locked in a cage for tourists to take pictures with.

Nubian Culture

The Nile Crocodile Worshipping

But why especially The Nile crocodile? It was worshiped in the time of the pharaohs as an evil, envy, and war god called Sobek, so Nubians mummified the crocodile to prevent evil things and adopted it as a tradition. 

Also, you will find at each house painted in the form of scorpions, eyes, or triangles. It is amulets, charms, and talismans for good luck and protection from the evil eye.

Some are made of beads, shells, or hair that hang on the post of the bed or hang thickly from the ceiling. You will also see baskets made of palm branches and decorated with white shells hang from the ceiling. 

They still narrate the ancient Egyptian stories that are passed down to generations, and they still wear from the ancient Nubian culture traditional clothes and make Nubian jewelry. The best times will be spent in Nubia when listening to ancient Nubian tales and stories and traditional Nubian songs. You will feel so enjoyable at the time you dance with them their special dancing. 

Nubian Culture

Nubian Culture by w_lemay

Yes, they create their culture on the streets, as you will find the Nubian women sitting in front of their houses to make this jewelry that they wear and sell for the tourists and narrate these ancient  Nubian stories to their children. It will be a great idea if you keep candy with you to give to children. 

Nubian people are so kind and social, so they will invite you inside one of their houses and drink with them the Hibiscus, a tasty Nubian drink. 

How Amazing Are The Houses In Nubia Land! 

Nubian Culture

Nubian House, Nagaa Suhayl Gharb, AG, EGY
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Nubian houses are built from mud bricks, as this material is not affected by heat. And because of the high temperature there, they build domes over each house, which distributes the sun’s heat inside the house to ensure that heat waves are not vertical.

You will be amazed by the Nubian houses, as they are so simple and inexpensive; however, they are so comfortable more than the modern houses, especially the Nubian people put a fantastic touch by coloring these houses with Vibrant colors using blue and orange colors.

That is right the high dam caused the displacement of around 100,000 Nubians, but still, their new houses keep the traditional style in the building which will catch your eyes and create happiness inside your soul.

The Language Of The Nubian Culture

Nubian Culture

Nubian people have their own Nubian language, and they consider it as a secret, refusing to teach it to any non-Nubian one, even other Egyptians. Especially the Nubian women do not marry even the Nubian men but sometimes it’s mandatory to marry their cousins.

They are careful to teach it to their children. But ensure that you will be amazed when listening to this ancient Nubian Culture language. 


 You will have a remarkable experience of your life in this land of great history that you will feel so excited when walking through streets that are living with children playing on them, and the women stay in front of their homes to keep the Nubian Culture.

Dream of living in this ancient Nubian culture for some hours? You can book your tour, sail through the Nile, and enjoy seeing the great landscape of the sunset in the land of Nubian culture, riding the Nile small boat or felucca. 


Related FAQ

What is Nubian culture?

Nubian culture refers to the customs, traditions, language, and beliefs of the Nubian people, an ethnic group indigenous to the region of northern Sudan and southern Egypt.

What are some key aspects of Nubian culture?

Key aspects of Nubian culture include traditional music, dance, art, architecture, cuisine, clothing, and festivals. Nubians are known for their hospitality, strong family ties, and reverence for their ancestors.

What is the history of Nubian culture?

Nubian culture has a rich and ancient history, with roots dating back to the Kingdom of Kush, a powerful civilization that flourished along the Nile River from around 1000 BC to 300 AD. Nubian culture has been influenced by interactions with ancient Egypt, Islamic traditions, and colonial powers.

What languages do Nubian people speak?

Nubian people speak Nubian languages, which belong to the Nilo-Saharan language family. There are several dialects of Nubian, including Kenzi, Dongolawi, and Mahas, spoken by different Nubian communities.

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