Sail Through History With The Nile River Cruises

Sail Through History With The Nile River Cruises

Live With  The Nile River The Story Of Pharaohs

The sailing through the longest river in the world that craves the pharaohs’ land, to see the most amazing historical sites that belong to thousands of years back, surely will make your visit to Egypt unforgettable trip, especially if you enjoy having  5-stars customer service. Welcome to our Nile river cruises.

nile river curise

You will live how this great river established the great ancient Egyptian civilization, seeing this freshwater digging the land to create agricultural wealth with a background of artifacts and pharaonic sighting sites.  So, if you dream of going back in time to the period of the Pharaohs, the Nile river cruise will be your best choice.

Especially, if you have a professional, informative and helpful Egyptologist tour guide who will get you all the info you will be curious about it friendly, that will make discovering this magic land with this great history more remarkable for you, as you will live each moment of the life of the ancient Egyptians while the stunning Nile water carries you.

So, you have the chance to feel comfortable, and escape from the busy life with the work pressure, leaving the history tells you how the years passed on this land where the greatest and oldest civilization set. But if you need to create special moments like your birthday, Egypt cruising will be your choice.

Each inch you will see while your Egypt cruise has a great historical story that will surprise you, so you will enjoy your luxury Nile river cruise, sailing from Luxor to Aswan, or From Aswan to Luxor, the same at the Lake Nasser Cruise.

Nile River Cruises Aswan – Luxor

Nile river cruise

Sail on the heart of Egypt having all the comfort techniques, and enjoy visiting the open-air museums and the pharaonic artifacts that have history exceeds 7000 years ago, while the water that created all that greatness carries you with accompanied by expert Egyptologist tour guides, seeing unique historical sites and temples that you will not see like them anywhere.

Booking your Egypt river cruise means that your trip will be customized by a team of travel consultants, and a professional Egyptologist tour guide accompanies you to the Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, Colossi’s of Memnon, Luxor Temple, Karnak Temples Complex, Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, Philae Temple.

We will sail to deep to get you the chance of visiting Abu Simple Temples. The accurate details and secrets about each artifact will be offered for you simply to live the events, so you will feel that the pharaohs back to life to represent their life in front of you.

That is why when you book your Egypt cruise, you will decide to do it again. Relax seeing two banks of a river full of ancient tombs and temples of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, and book your Egypt cruise.

Lake Nasser Nile River Cruises

Nile River Cruises

If you need to sail through history to a marvel engineering building, which is the High Dam and leave the water carries you among the south Aswan temples to see the magic of pharaohs land, including; Kalabsha Temple(will be the first stop for your cruise), Qasr Ibrim (Rocky island located in the middle of Lake Nasser), Philae Temple, Abu Simbel, Temple of Amada (The oldest monument around Lake Nasser), book your Lake Nasser Cruise.

Still, there are several other temples and tombs to arriving at the massive High Dam. Book your Lake Nasser Nile Cruise, and ensure that you will not close your eye a minute while the cruise, Having the most stunning sightingseeing’s you will see.

Have you felt the magic before, sailing through a river craves a stunning desert? Book your Lake Nasser Cruise to enjoy having desert shore while you sail in one of the largest rivers in the world, then look over those artifacts that fill the two sides of the shore.

Sailing through Nasser Lake means that you sail in the largest world’s largest reservoir to see the historical treasure. Only six boats that sail through this lake, so be on the board of these boats and enjoy visiting Abu Simple temple at the time it is less crowded, as the most visit this temple by flying.

The Service On Our Nile River Cruises Ships Board

Service On Our nile river cruise

Enjoy your Nile river cruise tour in a *5 star Nile Riverboat, with a customer service that will exceed your expectations, living Egyptian folkloric festivals like the Galabia party, Nubian celebrations with a presenting of Nubian dancers and singers.  Take your coffee and tea while on the move to enjoy seeing the sunset and your favorite drink in the bar area.

Enjoy having your hot meals on fixed tables with an open buffet style or in Nile river cruises in the menu style, but ensure that in all cases, you will find the food you like including vegetarian tastes. Spend your best times, having a swimming pool, gym, and other facilities with our 1st class, Egypt river cruises.

For the best Nile river cruise prices, you will find that our Egyptian cruises are the most affordable with the quality you seek for.

 Some Notes About Nile River Cruises

  • The best time to book your Nile cruise is between November to February.
  • You can arrive at your Nile cruise from Cairo to Aswan by bus or private car.
  • You can arrive at your Nile cruise from Cairo to Luxor by Train and Domestic Flight.
  • You can arrive at your Nile cruise from Hurghada to Luxor by Bus or private car.
  • You can arrive at your Nile cruise from Hurghada to Aswan by
  • You can arrive at your Nile cruise from Sharm El Sheikh to Luxor by Domestic Flight.

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