Standard Nile Cruises

Standard Nile Cruises

Standard Nile Cruises in Egypt 2023/2024

The standard Nile Cruises are meant to be chosen for those who want to explore the magic of the Nile river. Standard Nile Cruise will give you an excellent perspective for sailing the Nile with a low budget. An outstanding trip, but a life-changing event, is boarding on a Luxor & Aswan Nile Cruise.

The standard Nile cruises provide five-star comfort and very reasonable lodging. You get more room and have a great time as a result. Some standard cruises also have a sizable balcony that enables you to connect spiritually with the Nile river.

The finest way to discover the banks of Egypt’s only river ship sailing the Nile is to take a sailing boat on the Nile. You will also have access to all amenities on board. A big swimming pool on the sundeck, a health club, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and even an elevator are among the many luxury features available.

At Egypt United Tours, we assist you in choosing your ideal ship so you may cruise the Nile in extravagance and comfort.

Sailing Schedule and Itinerary for Standard Nile Cruises.

The majority of Standard Nile cruise itineraries and departure times are centered on 4 nights/days. Between Luxor and Aswan. Between Monday and Saturday. The attractions are the same regardless of your standard Nile cruise itinerary or sailing schedule from Aswan. However, the distance from Aswan to Luxor is merely 3 nights/ 4 days.

Standard Nile Ships sample itinerary from Luxor to Aswan for 4 Nights.

You will visit the East Bank of Luxor, which contains the Temple of Karnak and Luxor Temple, throughout the trip days. Enjoy a delicious meal on board.

Your tour guide takes you on an excursion the next day. To see the Kings Valley, the Queen Hatshepsut temple at El Deir El Bahary, and the renowned Colossus of Memnon. Since the Valley of Kings is one of the hottest places on earth even in the winter, it is actually strongly advised to begin your day early.

Nile Cruise Sailing

On the second day, your cruise ship begins floating on the Nile after you have a standard lunch. In actuality, this will be the highlight of your entire trip since you’ll get the chance to interact with genuine local farmers, fishermen, and artisans. As though you were there among the Ancient Egyptians, it transports you back in time.

All Standard Nile cruises include tea service while cruising at sunset. On your second day at sea, get ready for such magnificent moments as you witness your floating hotel pass through Esna Lock.

In all Nile cruise packages, a sumptuous breakfast, lunch, and supper are always included.

Visits to the Falcon and Crocodile Gods Temples

The third day at sea is a different kind of experience; in fact, it will be a delightful day blending sailing with stopping at amazing tourist spots in Egypt. Your cruise will depart from Luxor and make stops at the Falcon Temple in Edfu and the Crocodile God Temple in Kom Ombo later in the day.

On the third day, this evening, your boat will reach Aswan.

Aswan Tours from Nile Cruise.

In fact, if you wish to travel to Abu Simbel for a day from Aswan. The fourth day of any cruise is the optimal day to do so (3 hours ride or 45 minutes flight). This is because it is better to work a long day and then return to your suite on board to rest. You will also be checked out on the fifth day of your trip, giving you three to four hours to tour the sites in Aswan.

The primary attractions include Philae Temple, High Dam, and Unfinished Obelisk. You may also include a trip on a felucca boat to the Nubian settlement.

MS/ Zeina Nile Cruise
MS/ Zeina Nile Cruise

MS/ Zeina Nile CruiseOn MS/ Zeina Nile Cruise you will be able to see some of Egypt’s Sites.

Related FAQ

What is the Standard Nile cruises?

Standard Nile cruises.

Those who wish to experience the magic of the Nile river are supposed to select one of the classic Nile Cruises. You'll get a great perspective on sailing the Nile on a tight budget with a Standard Nile Cruise. Boarding a Luxor & Aswan Nile Cruise is not just an amazing journey, but also a transformative experience.

what are the facilities that are provided by Standard Nile Cruise?

facilities that are provided by Standard Nile Cruise.

Standard Nile cruises provide comfortable accommodations at extremely affordable prices. You get more space and enjoy yourself as a consequence. You may establish a spiritual connection with the Nile river on certain regular trips thanks to its big balconies.

Taking a sailing boat on the Nile is the best method to explore the banks of Egypt's only river ship that sails the Nile.

Are Standard Nile Cruises a good choice?

Standard Nile Cruises options.

The most acceptable approach to make use of Egypt's riches is to take an opulent Nile cruise. On Deluxe Nile River Cruises, which features swimming pools, restaurants, and bars, the best services are provided. Among the many reasons why Deluxe Nile Cruises are so amazing is the level of service offered, the quality of the food, and the private docks.

What Kind of Products or Services Trips dose the Nile cruises Offer?

Services are offered inside the Luxury Nile Cruises.

The perfect way to see Egypt's major and only river ship sailing the Nile. Is aboard a luxurious Nile liner or cruise. Additionally, every amenity is provided on board. In fact, there are many different comfort features available. including an elevator onboard them. a health club, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and a large swimming pool on the sundeck.

What time of year is best for cruising Egypt's Nile River?

Best time for a Nile cruise in Egypt.

The end of October is when you'll discover the greatest weather. To plan your journey on a Nile river cruise, wait until the middle of April. This is essential when deciding on the best and most appropriate time to enjoy a fantastic Nile riverboat holiday. Please keep that in mind as you get ready for your incredible Nile River Cruise vacation in Egypt. The two busiest times of year for price increases in Egypt are the holiday seasons around Easter and Christmas. However, you will profit from the incredibly inexpensive trip prices on our end.

what is the climate like in Egypt while taking sailing along the Nile?

Climate like in Egypt

Egypt’s climate is dry, hot, and dominated by desert. It has a mild winter season with rain falling along coastal areas, and a hot and dry summer season (May to September). Daytime temperatures vary by season and change with the prevailing winds.

What are the best seasons in Egypt?

Best season in Egypt.

The greatest time to visit Egypt is from October to April when the weather is colder but the sun is still out. The daytime highs in spring and fall range from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, while the evening lows are substantially lower.

Egypt is blessed with a whole lot of sunshine and very little rain.

What is the best time to visit Luxor?

Best time to visit Luxor and Aswan.

The ideal months to visit Luxor and Aswan. March through April and October through November. The brief shoulder seasons bring beautiful weather, few tourists, and cheaper hotel prices.

How long should I stay on the Nile Cruise ship?

Days needed for a Nile Cruise.

Four nights or four days are the focal points of the majority of luxury Nile cruise itineraries and departure times. Between Luxor and Aswan, all through the week. Aswan is typically the launching place for luxury Nile cruises. There are many beautiful spots to travel to. However, it only takes 3 nights or 4 days to get from Aswan to Luxor.

How many days in Luxor is enough?

The number of days for touring Luxor city.

You'll need at least two days to discover all that Luxor has to offer without feeling hurried. Spend an hour or two in the Luxor Museum to brush up on Egyptian history before embarking on a Luxor day trip to see this ancient city.

How many days in Aswan is enough?

the number of days needed to explore Aswan.

To see the majority of what Aswan has to offer, two full days should be plenty. An estimated travel schedule for Aswan is provided below: Day 1: Visit Abu Simbel for the day and have a felucca ride along the Nile at Sunset.

what sights are featured during a cruise down the Nile?

Sights included during sailing.

Luxor and Aswan are separated by a number of interesting locations.
The Valley of Kings, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut are all located in Luxor. The Kom Ombo Temple, Aswan High Dam, Philae Temple, and the Unfinished Obelisk are among the attractions of Aswan.

What are the best things to do in Egypt?

The most enjoyable activities while sailing.

The best thing to do is by far to take a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa. Hot air balloon or aircraft rides above Egypt's natural beauties are highly recommended, as are dining and shopping in Cairo's Old City. You may explore the fascination and marvels of the red sea in the enchanting city resorts of Egypt, including Hurghada and many others, by diving and snorkeling in the marine life of Hurghada. Take a safari in the beautiful western desert while admiring the magnificent Egyptian skies.

Is Egypt a decent place to travel alone?

Egyptian tourist destinations.

Egypt should be on your solo travel bucket list whether you enjoy history, ancient civilizations, or have dreams of floating down the River Nile on a felucca.

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