Luxury Nile Cruises

Luxury Nile Cruises

Luxury Nile Cruise in Egypt 2023/2024

A trip to Egypt is nothing but comfort on board a Luxury Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan or viscera. Amazing scenery of the Nile Valley while enjoying your luxurious services and outstanding cleanness on board your ship. In fact, most luxury Nile boats have suites only for your accommodation; This gives you more space and a wonderful time. In addition, a large balcony helps you to merge your soul with the Nile river.

Luxury Nile Ships and cruises are the best ideal trip to explore the banks of Egypt’s main and only river ship sailing the Nile river. Moreover, you will get all facilities on board. In fact, there are all types of comfort assets, from a wide swimming pool on the sundeck, a health club, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and even an elevator on board some of them.

At Egypt United Tours, we help you to select your dream ship to sail the Nile in comfort and luxurious style.

Sailing Schedule and Itinerary for Luxury Nile Cruises

Most Luxury Nile cruise itineraries and sailing schedules are based on 4 nights/days from Luxor to Aswan on Monday and Saturday. Similarly, the sailing schedule and itinerary for luxury Nile cruises go from Aswan to visit the same attractions. However, it’s only 3 nights/ 4 days from Aswan to Luxor.

Luxury Nile Ships sample itinerary from Luxor to Aswan 4 Nights

In fact, your Nile cruise trip starts from Luxor at noontime after checking in, and Lunch on board. After that, your tour guide takes you on a fantastic visit to Karnak and Luxor Temples. In addition, your tour guide shows you the famous Avenue of Sphinxes. Finally, on this day you will be transferred to your Luxury Nile boat to enjoy tea time on the sundeck and relax in your suite.

The day after, your tour guide escorts you after a fabulous to visit the Kings Valley, Queen Hatshepsut temple at El Deir El Bahary, and the famous Colossus of Memnon. In fact, on this day it’s highly advisable to start early in the morning, as the Valley of Kings is one of the hottest spots on earth even in the Winter season.

Nile Cruise Sailing

After enjoying your Luxury lunch on the second day, your cruise ship starts sailing the Nile. In truth, this will be the best time on your entire vacation; witnessing the real local farmers, fishers, and craftsmen is something unforgettable. It takes you back in time as you were there among the Ancient Egyptian people.

Tea time while sailing at Sunset is something that all Luxury Nile cruises do. Get ready for such wonderful moments watching your floating hotel crossing Esna Lock on your second day on board.

a luxury daily breakfast lunch and dinner are always included in all Nile cruise packages.

Visits to the Falcon and Crocodile Gods Temples

The third day on board is another type of experience; Actually, this will be a lovely day mixing sailing and stopping for fantastic tours attractions in Egypt. From Luxor, your cruise will stop first at the Falcon Temple in Edfu, then later in the evening, you will visit the crocodile God temple at Kom Ombo.

This night on the third day, your boat will arrive in Aswan.

Aswan Tours from Nile Cruise

In fact, the fourth day on board of any cruise is the best day if you want to take a day trip to Abu Simbel from Aswan (3 hours ride or 45 minutes flight). The reason behind this is that it btter to do this long day and come back to your suite on board to fresh up. In addition, the last day of your cruise (day number 5), you will be checked out and have enough time to visit Aswan city attractions within 3 to 4 hours.

Philae Temple, the High Dam and Unfinished Obelisk are the main attractions. Also, you can add a visit to the Nubian village by felucca boat.

MS/ Moon Goddess Nile Cruise
MS/ Moon Goddess Nile Cruise

MS/ Moon Goddess Nile Cruise Enjoy a great trip on board the 5-Star Luxury cruise MS/ Moon Goddess

MS/ Salacia Nile Cruise
MS/ Salacia Nile Cruise

MS/ Salacia Nile Cruise [year]/[nextyear] The MS/ Salacia Nile Cruise is a luxurious Nile Cruise

MS/ LA Sarah Nile Cruise
MS/ LA Sarah Nile Cruise

MS/ LA Sarah Nile Cruise The most luxuries Nile River Ship MS/ LA Sarah Nile Cruise. The Nile

MS/ Terramar Nile Cruise
MS/ Terramar Nile Cruise

MS/ Terramar Nile Cruise Travel comfortably with MS/ Terramar Nile Cruise and make use of the sun

MS/ Nebu Nile Cruise
MS/ Nebu Nile Cruise

MS/ Nebu Nile Cruise MS/ Nebu Nile Cruise is one of the best luxuries cruise that offers all

Related FAQ

What is the Luxury Nile cruises?

Luxury Nile Cruises.

The finest way to discover the banks of Egypt's one and only river ship sailing the Nile is to take a luxury Nile ship or cruise. You will also have access to all amenities on board. A big swimming pool on the sundeck, a health club, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and even an elevator are among the many luxury features available.

Is Luxury Nile Cruises are a fine option?

Luxury Nile Cruises options.

the fairest way to benefit from Egypt's resources. is to go on a luxurious Nile cruise. The greatest services are offered on Deluxe Nile River Cruises, which have swimming pools, restaurants, and bars. The level of service provided, the caliber of the food, and the private docks are just a few of the reasons why Deluxe Nile Cruises are so great.

What Kind of Products or Services Trips dose the Nilecruises Offer?

Services are offered inside the Luxury Nile Cruises.

The perfect way to see Egypt's major and only river ship sailing the Nile. Is aboard a luxurious Nile liner or cruise. Additionally, every amenity is provided on board. In fact, there are many different comfort features available. including an elevator onboard them. a health club, a sauna, a jacuzzi, and a large swimming pool on the sundeck.

What time of year is best for cruising Egypt's Nile River?

Time to set sail toward Egypt.

You'll find that the best season is at the end of October. To the middle of April. to organize your trip on a Nile river cruise. This is crucial when choosing the ideal and most suitable time. to have an amazing Nile riverboat vacation. Please bear that in mind as you prepare for your amazing Nile River Cruise holiday in the land of the Pharaohs. Egypt's Easter and Christmas seasons are regarded as the peak seasons, with prices rising more than at any other time of the year. Nevertheless, you will benefit from our side's extraordinarily low trip pricing.

What varieties of Nile cruises are there in Egypt?

Varieties of Egyptian Nile cruises.

There are two kinds of Nile river cruises available in Egypt: the more upscale "Dahabiya" private Nile river cruise, which has approximately 10 rooms, and the more mainstream regular group Nile river boat, which has around 150 cabins with all the facilities a visitor could want.

Is Egypt safe for woman who travels alone?

Travel advise for lone travelers.

Yes but avoid the very revealing necklines and very short dresses in some places. otherwise, it is highly recommended to book through a tour operator. Who can give you the require advises and the areas to be avoided?

Can you explore Luxor on edge?

exploring Luxor on foot.

It is safe to stroll through Luxor to reach the strategically located Luxor Temple, cafés, and stores, especially after dusk along the Corniche.

How many days should I spend on board of Nile Cruise?

Days needed for a Nile Cruise.

The majority of luxury Nile cruise itineraries and departure periods focus on 4 nights or days. Throughout the week, between Luxor and Aswan. The starting point for Luxury Nile cruises is frequently Aswan. There are many lovely places to visit. From Aswan to Luxor, however, it only takes 3 nights or 4 days.

what sights are featured during a cruise down the Nile?

Sights included during sailing.

Luxor and Aswan are separated by a number of interesting locations.
The Valley of Kings, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut are all located in Luxor. The Kom Ombo Temple, Aswan High Dam, Philae Temple, and the Unfinished Obelisk are among the attractions of Aswan.

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