TiYi Nile Cruise Boat

TiYi Nile Cruise Boat

MS/ TiYi Nile Cruise Boat

TiYi Nile Cruise boatMS/ TiYi Nile cruise boat is a premium cruise ship with five stars. The MS TiYi Nile cruise has 59 cabins, each measuring 215 square feet. The cruise ship cabins, on the other hand, each cabin is supplied with private safes and soundproof windows. Modern air conditioning and a telephone. In addition, the cabins have a mini bar, modern flat-screen TV with satellite television, and a hairdryer. The cruise staff also offers 24-hour room service and a bathroom with a walk-in bathtub in each unit. A music system with a daily program is also available. The MS TiYi Nile cruise has three dining options and three bars. The cruise ship has an attractive dining room. For TiYi Nile Nile Cruise Itinerary, reviews and booking, check our FAQs below.

TiYi Cruise Packages

Ti Yi Nile Cruise 4 Days 2022/2023

4 Days / 3 Nights

from $315
Ti Yi Nile Cruise 4 Days 2022/2023

MS Ti Yi Nile Cruise 4 Days/3 Nights From Aswan [year]/[nextyear] We'll transport you to the

TiYi Nile Cruise 5 Days 2022/2023

5 Days / 4 Nights

from $220
TiYi Nile Cruise 5 Days 2022/2023

MS TiYi Nile Cruise 5 Days 4 Nights  From Luxor Take a 5 days Ti Yi Nile cruise from Luxor to

TiYi Nile Cruise 8 Days 2022/2023

8 Days / 7 Nights

from $535
TiYi Nile Cruise 8 Days 2022/2023

MS TiYi Nile Cruise 8 Days 7 Nights From Luxor A spectacular journey to Egypt should begin with a

The cruise has a fantastic selection of delectable foods. It takes you on a journey through the world’s various cultures. Check out the cruise reviews, information, and itineraries. Check out the MS TiYi cruise pricing and make a reservation.

TiYi Nile Cruise boat suite

MS/ TiyI Nile Cruise Boat Accommodation and cabins

With 59 deluxe cabins and 3 suites onboard, each unit of MS/ TiYi has a private bathroom with shower room, modern air-conditioned, flat TV with satellite, mini bar fridge, music system, a mail message telephone system, and fire alarm. In addition to a panoramic sound-proof window.

Dining Room and Restaurant

The ship’s refined cuisine offers a delectable selection of delectable dishes that take you on a journey through many world cultures while appealing to your discerning senses.


Cruise Food Quality

(CRYSTAL), an international organization for excellent food health and cleanliness that uses the HACCP approach, monitors and controls the ship food production process. To provide the highest quality while taking the most sophisticated precautions to ensure our clients’ complete happiness.

Other Facilities onboard MS/ TiYi Nile cruise

MS/ TiYi cruise boat has a lovely swimming pool and open-air jogging track on the sundeck. Also an excellent Gymanasim and Massage rooms, moreover it has a playing cards and reading rooms for a more enjoyable time. Also, it has an emergency medical care clinic for guests onboard. In addition, it has an express pressing service, a 24/7 laundry service.

TiYi Nile Cruise boat sundeck and pool

Entertainment and bazaars

The boat schedule always includes folkloric shows, game parties, and music. In addition, it has a bazaar with cotton and gift shops.

Meeting Rooms and Gathering Facilities:

A conference room with a space of up to 75 people.

A Meeting table in the lounge bar can fit 25 attendants.


TiYi Nile Cruise boat suite 2

Check our FAQs below to know more about MS TiYi Nile cruise reviews, itineraries, booking and prices.

MS/ TiYi Nile cruise Itinerary:

  • From Aswan every Friday for 04 Days/ 03 nights.
  • From Luxor every Monday for 05 Days / 04 nights

For MS/ TiYi Nile Cruise booking please contact the reservation center and they will respond in a maximum of 24 hours.

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Related FAQ

Is Tiyi Nile cruise good to book?

MS/ TiYi Nile cruise is one of the standard Nile cruises sailing between Luxor and Aswan. Many travelers gave excellent reviews for MS Ti Yi Nile cruise boat's food and cabins. On the other hand, MS Ti Yi Nile cruise booking became so easy now if you follow the sailing schedule.

What is itinerary of Tiyi Nile cruise and sailing schedule?

MS Ti Yi Nile cruise itinerary starts sailing for 4 nights from Luxor on Monday of every week; In addition, it sails from Aswan every Friday for 3 nights/ 4 days.

MS Ti Yi Nile cruise booking could be also for 7 nights from Luxor on Monday.

How much is MS Ti Yi cruise Price?

MS Queen Ti Yi prices range from 65$ in the summer low season to 100$ in the winter high season. However, we advise checking this again with the reservation center.

Is Tiyi cruise rates are cheaper in summer?

Summer season in Egypt is low for incoming tourism, and TIYI cruise prices are less. On the other hand, Ti YI cruise booking must be done at least 3 months in advance to guarantee spaces.

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