Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise

Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise

MS Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise

Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise (1)The Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise is a five-star Nile Cruise trip. In reality, the MS Minerva Nile cruise is the twin sister of the Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise. Also, the MS Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise provides the ideal setting and a welcoming home base. Its purpose is to follow in the footsteps of the Pharaohs in their majestic march. Luxury cabins, in addition, delectable cuisine are available on the Nile cruise. On board, there is also a wide range of entertainment and recreation options. The Nile river cruise ship offers 3-night and 4-night Nile cruise tours from Aswan and Luxor, respectively. It also offers a 7-night Nile boat excursion departing from Aswan and Luxor. Also, here we provide all details about MS Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise reviews and itinerary and for booking and prices please contact the reservation center.

Soak up the sun on the ship’s massive Sun deck, which stretches the length of the vessel. Also, it offers 24-hour reception. in addition, international telephone services. A big and nicely decorated restaurant is available onboard of this Nile cruise. Also, all passengers can be accommodated in one sitting. in addition, the sumptuous lounge and bar will provide the ideal setting for relaxation or conversation. Also, in the Sun Deck swimming pool, you can cool off. At the this Nile cruise’s pool bar, sip your favorite cocktail. Whatever option you choose, there is no better way to see Egypt’s sites and scenery.

Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise Packages

Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise 4 Days 2023/2024

4 Days / 3 Nights

from $708
Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise 4 Days 2023/2024

MS Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise for 4 Days You'll be treated to Steigenberger Legacy Nile

Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise 5 Days 2023/2024

5 Days / 4 Nights

from $942
Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise 5 Days 2023/2024

Outstanding Itinerary for the Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise: 5 Days/4 Nights Get out of your

Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise 8 Days 2023/2024

8 Days / 7 Nights

from $1638
Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise 8 Days 2023/2024

Explore this Best 7 Nights Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise Itinerary From Luxor To Aswan. The



There are 76 cabins on board, 72 of which are double cabins.Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise (2)
There are four decks.
Restaurant, bar, and lounge
Shop for souvenirs
Area for meetings
A large sun deck is available.
With a pool bar.
gym for fitness
Salon de beauté

Dining and Restaurant

The main restaurant is vast and offers superb cuisine, with buffet-style menus of continental, regional, and traditional Egyptian dishes. On the sundeck, a daily tea time service with snacks and cakes is available, or you can unwind with a drink and snacks in the lounge bar.

Other Facilities on board.

Steigenberger Legacy Nile Cruise (4)Also, the big sundeck offers opportunities to relax in the sun on sun loungers or swim in the pool, as well as a daily tea time service with snacks and cakes in the seating area. Passengers can also use the workout equipment on board or visit the beauty salon, which is available upon request. Also, the boat has a lounge space with panoramic views and a gift shop.

The Itinerary and Sailing Schedule

  • Monday 4Nights/ 5Days from Luxor.
  • Friday 3Nights/ 4Days from Aswan.

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Related FAQ

How much is the price for a trip onboard of this Nile Cruise?

One night with full boar on will be in the average between 110$ in low season and up to 160$ per person in high season. For booking and prices, contact their reservation to check availability.

What is Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise sailing schedule?

The itinerary has 2 main sailing schedules, 3 nights from Aswan on Friday. in addition, 4 nights from Luxor on Monday.

Is Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise a good ship?

All previous guests who have been on board have given good feed back, therefore, its reviews are excellent.

How long does Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise trip take from Luxor to Aswan?

Itinerary and Sailing Schedule

Its itinerary starts from Luxor to Aswan for 5 days , and vice versa for another 4 days. Also, it passes by a lot of heritage sites, such as Luxor Temple, Kom Ombo, the valley of the kings and queens, in addition, taking in the natural beauty of the Nile’s landscape.

How long in advance should I make Steigenberger Legacy Nile cruise booking?

Four months in advance is ideal for this Nile cruise booking! Undoubtedly, this will be enough time to find space on board. However, we always recommend early booking.

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