Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise

MS Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise

Modern fixtures and cutting-edge technology are paired with stylish public areas with beautiful teak flooring for an attractive finish on board the boutique Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise, which is furnished in a contemporary design with an art deco influence. Here we provide all details about reviews and itinerary and for booking and prices please contact the reservation center.

Also, the Nile Cruise is decorated in soothing colors and has teak flooring, which, combined with modern and eye-catching furniture, creates a magnificent floating haven. Around the heated swimming pool on the sun deck, teak is blended with Egyptian marble, giving this open area an eclectic aesthetic – the perfect spot to unwind.


The Sanctuary Sun Boat IV excursion is an unforgettable experience that you must include in your Egypt itinerary. Your eyes will never cease getting starry while cruising and enjoying the wonderful scenery of this enchanted area once you board Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise. MS Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise has two Royal Suites (55m2), two Presidential Suites (38m2), and 36 regular cabins (18m2), so it will transport you to the pinnacle of luxury in Egypt, in addition, visit all of the most important ancient monuments in Luxor and Aswan.

Also, the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV is one of only a few Nile boats that offers a four-night itinerary that includes a visit to the Temple of Hathor in Denderah. Also, you can choose from three, four, or ten-night itineraries, all of which are led by the top Egyptologists. Its two Royal and two Presidential suites provide luxurious accommodations for the discerning tourist.

There is a no-smoking policy throughout the boat, as well as a no-cellphone regulation in public areas. An A&K Nile cruise is the ultimate Nile experience, with private docks, outstanding food, service, and attention to detail on board (everything prepared in the kitchen is done with mineral water), and Egyptologists of the greatest caliber bringing the country’s historic sights and tales to life.

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise Packages

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise 4 Days 2023/2024

4 Days / 3 Nights

from $3325
Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise 4 Days 2023/2024

4 Day Nile Cruise on the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV You will be taken on a four-day Nile cruise. At the

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise 5 Days 2023/2024

5 Days / 4 Nights

from $4235
Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise 5 Days 2023/2024

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise has a fantastic itinerary: 5 days/4 nights. Pharaohs, monarchs,

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise 8 Days 2023/2024

8 Days / 7 Nights

from $7760
Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise 8 Days 2023/2024

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise, Luxor to Aswan, 8 Days We've put together an incredible 8-day


The Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise includes 40 luxurious cabins and suites, including:
36 ordinary cabins (15—18 square meters); In addition, 2 Royal Suites with private balconies (55 square meters); 2 Presidential Suites (38 square meters). The Sun Boat IV was first introduced in 1996 and was completely refurbished in 2006. The 40 luxury staterooms, which have floor to ceiling windows (except on the Nile Deck), are the ideal retreat for a pleasant and comfortable stay.
Also, the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV’s two Royal Suites are a haven of luxury for the discerning traveler.

Also, every cabin has air conditioning and a wonderful view of the Nile.
Bathtubs are available in all suites, while showers are available in all regular cabins.
In addition, all cabins and suites have a hairdryer, mini bar, and LCD television (with information channels) with satellite.

Suites Facilities:


During your cruise, the Presidential suites provide breathtaking views of the Nile. The suites have a large 38m2 area with an LCD screen with satellite and in-house movies for your entertainment.


The royal suites are a sanctuary of luxury for the discriminating visitor on a luxury Nile cruise. The peaceful, yet colourful tones of the furnishings provide a soothing atmosphere; In addition, a private balcony with stunning Nile views. Also, the entertainment facilities, Also, the amenities, provide a combination of indulgence, comfort, and elegance.

Dining and Restaurant

Your stay on this luxury Nile Cruise includes lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner, as well as mineral water, tea, In addition, coffee during meals. Guests on board have access to an early morning tea, in addition, coffee service. The following are typical meal components:
• Breakfast: American buffet and Egyptian a la carte products • Lunch: Buffet style (International, BBQ and Egyptian Buffets).
• Also, afternoon tea (pastries, cookies, and fresh fruits) • Dinner (a la carte and choice menus) • On the Upper Deck Barbecue, there are extensive local and foreign wine menus.


During cruises, entertainment schedules are altered to meet the needs of each group of passengers as well as the actual sailing schedule.
Every trip on the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV includes:  A vibrant ‘galabeya party,’ where visitors can dress up in traditional Egyptian garb and dance to Arabic music – Also, a Folkloric Display in Aswan, which is complemented by a whirling dervish show
• A lecture by the Egyptologist guide on board. in addition, a cooking demonstration (three Egyptian dishes)


The Itinerary and Sailing Schedule

  • Monday 4Nights/ 5Days from Luxor.
  • Friday 3Nights/ 4Days from Aswan.

For reviews and prices please check our FAQ below.

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Related FAQ

How much is the price for a trip on Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile Cruise?


One night with full boar on will be in the average between 1100$ in low season and up to 1500$ per person in high season. For booking and prices, contact their reservation to check availability.

What is Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile cruise sailing schedule?

The itinerary has 2 main sailing schedules, 3 nights from Aswan on Friday, in addition, 4 nights from Luxor on Monday.

Is Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile cruise a good ship?


All previous guests who have been on board have given good feed back, Therefore,  its reviews are excellent.

How long does Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile cruise trip take from Luxor to Aswan?

The itinerary starts from Luxor to Aswan for 5 days , Also, vice versa for another 4 days. In addition, it passes by a lot of heritage sites, such as Luxor Temple, Kom Ombo, the valley of the kings and queens, as well as taking in the natural beauty of the Nile’s landscape.

How long in advance should I make Sanctuary Sun Boat IV Nile cruise booking?

Four months in advance is ideal for Sanctuary Sun Boat IV  Nile cruise booking! Undoubtedly, this will be enough time to find space on board. However, we always recommend early booking.

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