Nile Premium Cruise

Nile Premium Cruise

MS Nile Premium Cruise

The MS/ Nile Premium Cruise is like being in a well-kept private home. The team is courteous and attentive, and they efficiently and calmly attend to your every need. It’s a calm haven where you may sunbathe, visit Pharaoh’s temples, and eat freshly prepared cuisine. Here we provide all details about MS Nile Premium cruise reviews and itinerary. For MS Nile Premium cruise booking please contact the reservation center.

Onboard, visitors can relax and refresh in our excellent spa, outdoor pool, lounge area, or the seclusion of their bedrooms while watching classical dance and music events.

Nile Premium Packages

Nile Premium Nile Cruise from Aswan 4 Days

4 Days / 3 Nights

from $1075
Nile Premium Nile Cruise from Aswan 4 Days

Nile Premium Nile Cruise from Aswan 4 Days A four-day MS Nile Premium Nile Cruise from Aswan for 4

Nile Premium Nile Cruise from Luxor 5 Days 2023/2024

5 Days / 4 Nights

from $1343
Nile Premium Nile Cruise from Luxor 5 Days 2023/2024

Nile Premium Nile Cruise from Luxor 5 Days Board the 5-star MS/ Nile Premium Nile Cruise from

Nile Premium Nile Cruise 8 Days from Luxor 2023/2024

8 Days / 7 Nights

from $2138
Nile Premium Nile Cruise 8 Days from Luxor 2023/2024

Nile Premium Nile Cruise 8 Days from Luxor An eight-day, seven-night Nile cruise is included in

Nile Premium Cruise suite

In 2008 the ship was launched as one of the Nile’s latest, and most luxury floating hotels. In July 2017, the M/S Nile Premium was completely restored. This restoration gave The M/S Nile Premium cruise a luxurious blend of taste, beauty, and comfort.

Nile Premium Cruise


With 56 Deluxe cabins, Two Ambassador Suites, and Two Presidential Suites, Nile Premium Cruise stands to be one of the best on the Nile.  All cabins are equipped with all essentials for a memorable unique holiday, bathtub, mini bar, plasma LCD screen, safe box, phone, hairdryer, and much more.

Nile Premium Cruise boat cabin bathroom

Cruise Cabins

Each cabin on board has a private bathroom with shower room, modern air-conditioned, flat TV with satellite, mini bar fridge, music system, a mail message telephone system, and fire alarm. In addition to a panoramic sound-proof window.

Ambassador Suites

In addition to all the above, 2 Ambassador Suites, each has an extra room to relax and take in the scenery. The sleeping and living areas are separated in the ship’s presidential Suites.


Presidential Suite

Discover the Unique Presidential Suite’s exceptional comfort onboard MS Premium Cruise, which includes all the above items as well as a living area with a lovely sound-proof panoramic window.

Nile Premium Cruise health club

Dining and Restaurant

The Nile Premium restaurant offers vegan and non-veg food. moreover, all other ethnic cuisine is also available at the restaurant.

Discover Egypt’s wonders while sailing on the Nile on the MS/ Premium cruise liner.   While traveling on the Nile on the MS Nile Premium cruise liner, discover Egypt’s attractions. The Nile river cruise ship itinerary includes three-night and four-night trips departing from Aswan and Luxor, respectively. A 7-night journey between Aswan and Luxor is also available on the cruise liner.

MS/ Nile Premium Cruise Itinerary

In truth, The Nile river cruise ship schedule comprises 3-night and 4-night Nile cruise cruises from Aswan and Luxor, respectively. The cruise liner also offers a 7-night cruise holiday between Aswan and Luxor.

  • From Aswan every Friday for 04 Or 8 Days.
  • From Luxor every Monday for 05 Or 8 Days.

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Related FAQ

Is a Nile Premium cruise worth it?

This cruise is one of the best cruise ships on the Nile. A sailing trip on board is something you would want to do. All Nile Premium Cruise reviews say that guests who have been on board enjoyed their time with no complaint.

Is Luxor Egypt safe to visit?

Yes, Luxor is generally regarded as a safe destination for travelers. Petty crimes are normally considerably less prevalent here than in other Egyptian cities like Cairo, and visitors can roam freely throughout the city at will.

Can I visit the Valley of the kings from my cruise ship?

Kings Valley Tour

The Valley of the Kings, is open year-round from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. On the other hand, it can also be reached by bike, taxi, or tour bus, according to your location. The entrance's visitors center sells tickets for 100 Egyptian pounds ($11) for adults and 50 Egyptian pounds ($6 for students).

How can I go to Abu Simbel from Nile cruise?

To go to Abu Simbel, there are two options. Take a short trip in your car, or fly a few miles away. There is also the option of taking a sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan, and then a Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor.

What is Nile Premium cruise itinerary?

Cruise Itinerary and sailing schedule

The Nile river cruise ship schedule comprises 3-night from Aswan every Friday; In addition, 4-nights from Luxor every Monday.

How much is Nile Premium cruise?

The cruise price range and the minimum night price is about 95$. However, for Nile Premium cruise booking and prices, you can contact the reservation center on our page.

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