Al Hambra Nile Cruise

Al Hambra Nile Cruise

MS Al Hambra Nile Cruise

MS Al Hambra Nile cruise Ship is a 5-star luxury modern deluxe Nile cruise that sails around Luxor and Aswan. It was officially launched in April 2010 and shows the potential in the Nile tourism market; on the other hand, it makes an excellent comfort for relaxation as well as a wide range of recreational pursuits on board. For Al Hambra Nile cruise booking, itinerary, reviews and prices, please contact the reservation center.

Al Hambra Nile Cruise Packages:

Al Hambra Nile Cruise 8 Days 2024/2025

8 Days / 7 Nights

from $1388
Al Hambra Nile Cruise 8 Days 2024/2025

M/S Al Hambra Nile Cruise 8 Days/7  Nights from Luxor Passengers aboard this excellent Al Hambra

Al Hambra Nile Cruise 4 Days 2024/2025

4 Days / 3 Nights

from $593
Al Hambra Nile Cruise 4 Days 2024/2025

M/S Al Hambra Nile Cruise 4 Days/3 Nights From Aswan We'll pick you up at the airport or train

Al Hambra Nile Cruise 5 Days 2024/2025

5 Days / 4 Nights

from $795
Al Hambra Nile Cruise 5 Days 2024/2025

MS Al Hambra Nile Cruise 5 Days/4 Nights From Luxor Egypt is undeniably one of the most

Al Hambra Nile CruiseAl Hambra cruise ship will pioneer the idea of a two-level full Spa with an outdoor swimming pool and a health club, and many other facilities. M/S Al Hambra Nile Cruise was created for nobles and high-end clientele seeking a different viewpoint on Nile Cruise Luxury. Aside from the Sun deck, the M/S AlHambra Nile cruise features 42 Suites spread across three floors. Al Sultan Deck, which has the reception area, Al Wazir Deck, which houses the Lobby, and Al Khalifa Deck, which houses the salon. The reception floor features 12 suites and two accessible suites.

As a cruise ship with all-suites on the Nile around both Luxor and Aswan. The ship’s attentive treatment and first-rate facilities will make your Nile tour memorable. All 42 suites onboard are of unusual size for a Nile Cruise liner. AlHambra is a Cruise ship with accessible amenities, with elevators and ramps in all designated areas. Our special needs customers will feel more at ease in our Accessible Cabins, which have larger doors, ramps, rails, and shower chairs for assistance and convenience. Choose the Al Hambra Nile cruise to explore the picturesque beauty of Egypt’s Nile.

Al Hambra Nile Cruise Accommodation

Al Hambra Nile Cruise SuiteWith 42 luxurious suites. Each has a lot of room. Furthermore, the washroom suite zone is rather large. The Al-Hambra Nile cruise also introduces the concept of a two-level complete Spa. The ship has an indoor pool and several other amenities.

Two basic suites on the Al Sultan deck are wheelchair accessible. Each is 31 square meters. The 2nd floor, Al Wazir Deck (Lobby Deck), features 16 suites and two 36-meter-square suites. The third floor is the Al Khalifa Deck (Salon deck), which contains 06 suites and 02 suites of 42 meter Sq and 02 suites of 51 meter Sq.

Suites Facilities:

Each suite onboard the MS AlHambra Nile Cruise has panoramic views, on the other hand, suites have a contemporary décor. They all have a modest seating space as well as flat-screen modern satellite TV and a minibar, air-conditioned. Moreover, the suite bathroom has a bath and a hairdryer.

Dining and Restaurant

A big fancy restaurant onboard MS Al Hambra serves vegan and ethnic cuisine; it can fit up to 90 passengers.

Other Facilities onboard MS Al Hambra Cruise

Al Hambra Nile Cruise Gem

On MS Al Hambra Luxurious, you will find excellent internet services, an outdoor swimming pool, a magnificent lift, a jacuzzi and washroom, an interior with three lounges, and a sun deck. It contains a two-story full spa with an indoor relaxation pool, single and double dry and wet massage rooms, steam, sauna, and Turkish baths, a jacuzzi, and a fully equipped gym. Relax in luxury and pamper yourself while on vacation by taking advantage of one of the dozens of treatments available.

Handicapped accessible public spaces are available in MS/ Hambra. The Nile Vessel has a panoramic view elevator to let you go between levels. The AlHambra is distinctive and not found on any other Nile cruise ship.

MS Al Hambra Nile Cruise Itinerary

In truth, The Nile river cruise ship schedule comprises 3-night and 4-night Nile cruise cruises from Aswan and Luxor, respectively. The cruise liner also offers a 7-night cruise holiday between Aswan and Luxor.

  • From Aswan every Monday for 04 Or 8 Days.
  • From Luxor every Thursday for 05 Or 8 Days.

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Related FAQ

How much is Hambra cruise?

The cruise price range and the minimum night price is about 125$. However, for Al Hambra Nile cruise booking and prices, you can contact the reservation center on our page.

When does Al-Hambra nile cruise sail between Luxor and Aswan?

Al Hambra Nile cruise Itinerary and sailing schedule

Hambra ship schedule comprises 4-nights from Luxor every Thursday; In addition, it sails 3-nights from Aswan every Monday.

Is a Nile cruise Hambra worth the price?

Alhambra is one of the best boats on the Nile. All past guest rates and Al Hambra Nile cruise reviews are excellent. 

How long does Al Hambra Nile cruise trip take from Luxor to Aswan?

Al Hambra Cruise itinerary starts from Luxor to Aswan for 5 days, and vice versa for another 4 days. It passes by a lot of heritage sites, such as Luxor Temple, Kom Ombo, the valley of the kings and queens, as well as taking in the natural beauty of the Nile’s landscape.

How long in advance should I make MS Al Hambra Nile cruise booking?

3 to 4 months in advance is ideal for Al Hambra cruise booking! Undoubtedly, this will be enough time to find space on board. However, we always recommend early booking.

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