Medical Tourism in Egypt – Info and Things to Do

Medical Tourism in Egypt – Info and Things to Do

Medical Tourism in Egypt Is the Way to Relax & Treat by the Magic Nature, Get Healing for Your Body and Your Soul!

medical tourism in Egypt

Natural medicinal chemical formulas in a dry, healthy atmosphere that is free of any moisture. Unique sandy soil and remarkable silt that is suitable for treating many diseases. Beaches with distinctive natural properties capable of beating an infinite number of diseases. That is how medical tourism in Egypt.

Medical Tourism in Egypt

Egypt is where you find sulfur and mineral spring, which are distinguished by their unique chemical composition that surpasses in its percentage all the sulfur and mineral springs in the world. In addition to the availability of silt in the pools of these sulfur springs, with its therapeutic properties that cure many bone diseases, diseases of the digestive system, respiratory system, skin diseases, etc.

medical tourism in Egypt

Magic water not because of its stunning scenery but also its ability to treat psoriasis, as it includes unique chemical elements and rare coral reefs. This water is the red sea in Egypt.

Places to Go

Medical tourism in Egypt means enjoying the beauty of the serenity of nature while you immerse in its warm sands, relaxing in front of the seawater and the clarity of the sky, or you are relaxing in the warm magical springs. It affects you from all sides until you return from it full of vitality, optimism, and a better psychological that is free of stress and with a healthy body free of diseases.

medical tourism in Egypt

Get rid of the manufactured chemical formulations, and come to nature where you easily find your treatment, firing out any pains. Follow a great history, which is full of advanced medical sciences, and competent doctors who are able to use all the pharmaceutical and chemical substances that nature contains, which are still the magic solution for many diseases that the manufactured chemical formulas cannot treat.

Medical tourism in Egypt that inherited thousands of years ago, and it still baffles scientists until now that it is magical medicine the history offers as a gift. But how to find the right place for treating your disease!

Medical Tourism in Egypt In Egypt At Siwa Oasis

Are you suffer from articular rheumatoid, gout, skin diseases, have kidney problems or the respiratory system, arterial insufficiency, rheumatic diseases, psoriasis, gastrointestinal diseases, or anxiety and psychological stress?

Do not waste your time, and go to the right place, which is Siwa, where you find yellow and white sand, which has various mineral and chemical composition, including quartz, in addition to minerals and chemical pigments with potassium, silica granules, and some sulfuric elements.

medical tourism in Egypt

That is how Siwa is the place you will get your treatment, especially in the salt cave and the Kigar, Siwa.

Do you dream of spending quiet time far away from issues and the life pressure, a time that accompanied by sand, coarse salt, and the smell of iodine from the salt stones that cover the cave, where you fire out the negative energy from the body while replacing it with positive energy? Need to get rid of stress and high blood pressure? Come to the salt cave.

medical tourism in Egypt


Salt in this region contains more than 40 types of minerals that are beneficial for the body and treating diseases, such as iodine, potassium, iron, and manganese. Visiting the cave is very useful to relax and get rid of psychological pressure and depression in addition to physical ailments such as back and joint pain.

medical tourism in Egypt

Kigar is one of the best places for medical tourism in Egypt; as the water temperature is 67 degrees Celsius with a group of sulfur and mineral elements. Sitting in these waters can treat skin diseases such as psoriasis as well as joint and rheumatic diseases.

Medical Tourism in Egypt In Egypt At Aswan

It is not just the place where you live a great history dates back to thousands of years; but you will find your treatment if you suffer from rheumatic diseases, arthritis, psoriasis, blood circulation problems, kidney diseases, and respiratory system issues.

Just relax and leave the sand covers you with its unique chemical and biological formula. Then wear warm clothes so as not you don’t expose your skin to the air currents, and drink hot drinks such as cinnamon or ginger. You should not drink cold water until two or three hours from the time you leave the sand.

chemical and biological sand

Elephantine Island in Aswan features a decrease in the moisture percentage of ultraviolet rays, so it is useful in treating kidney and respiratory diseases.

Medical Tourism in Egypt In Egypt At The New Valley

Vegetable and aromatic oils with drugs from herbs and medicinal plants cover the unique sand, natural wells, and springs with a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius; and a climate that gives a clearness free of environmental pollutants; that is how medical tourism in the New Valley.

aromatic oils

The New Valley is where you get the bitter melon is a bitter plant to get rid of the rheumatic pains, as well as the bay plant, which has been proven effective in treating diabetics. There is also the Ashar and Damascene plant for the treatment of digestive system diseases.

medical tourism in Egypt

Among its most popular therapeutic destinations are the Bulaq wells; and the Nasser wells group in the Kharga oases, and the Mutt and Farafra wells in the Dakhla oases; many of their wells contain mineral elements that are very useful in treating rheumatism, psoriasis, and physical pain.

Medical Tourism in Egypt In Egypt At Helwan

Are you suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid muscle fibers, inflammation of nerves and the pain caused by it; paralysis and asthenia of the limbs, neuropsychiatric diseases, chronic gout, respiratory diseases (chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, chronic bronchial asthma), skin diseases (eczema, acne, psoriasis, scabies)?

Helwan will be your ideal place to go for medical tourism in Egypt; where you find a dry atmosphere with Sulfur springs that have a degree of purity that increases their therapeutic benefit.

Related FAQ

Where is medical tourism in Egypt?

Places for Medical tourism in Egypt

Many tourist places in Egypt can benefit from medical tourism;  according to the committee, including 16 interior and coastal locations where natural remedies for a variety of diseases are accessible; such as Helwan, Ain Assera, Ain Sokhna, Hurghada, Fayoum, Oasis, Aswan, Sinai, and Safaga.

What is the purpose of medical tourism?

Medical tourism is described as travel with the sole aim of seeking medical treatment. Medical tourists may travel for a range of procedures, including experimental or innovative therapies. tourists who visit Egypt for Medical reasons can travel to both underdeveloped; and developed countries for treatment.

What are the components of medical tourism?

Cosmetic, dental, and general medical tourism are the three main forms of medical tourism.

What are the benefits of tourism in Egypt?

Egypt and Tourism sectore

With the annual dollar revenues, it generates and the foreign currency returns it generates; tourism in Egypt is one of the most important sources of national income, allowing it to contribute significantly to the gross domestic product and combat unemployment by employing a large portion of the Egyptian workforce.

How do you do medical tourism in Egypt?

6 Main steps to visit Egypt for Medical Travel

  1. Plan a trip besides your visit to Egypt.
  2. Look for hospitals with a good reputation in Egypt.
  3. Make sure your doctor is aware of your plans.
  4. Learn how the operation is carried out in another country.
  5. Consider the advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Contact us to complete your trip.
What are the examples of medical tourism?

Countries to visit for Medical Tourism

Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, and Thailand; Thoses are all the most popular medical tourism destinations besides Egypt. Health and medical clinics that cater to medical tourists are frequently state-of-the-art institutions staffed by physicians with advanced medical degrees.

What are the kinds of medical tourism?

Kind of Medical Travel and Tourism

Dental care, noncosmetic surgery (such as orthopaedic surgery), cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, organ and tissue transplantation, and cancer therapy are all common procedures pursued by US medical tourists.

What is tourism advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages for tourism

Tourist infrastructure is being developed, including water and sanitation facilities, roads, buses, taxis, and airports.

Tourism Disadvantages

As infrastructure development focuses on tourists, important projects for local residents may be overlooked.

Where do medical tourists come from?

Places to go for Medical Tourism besides Egypt

Mexico and Canada, as well as countries in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, are popular destinations for medical tourists from the United States. For a variety of reasons, people may go to another nation for medical treatment, including: Treatment or a procedure that may be less expensive in another country.

What is medical tourism describe the factors affecting tourism?

India's success in medical tourism could be attributed to a low-cost competent workforce, cutting-edge medical technology, significant medical services, and the availability of English as a second language.

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