10 Best Luxury Egypt Tours and Trips 2024/2025

10 Best Luxury Egypt Tours and Trips 2024/2025

Our luxury Egypt tours itineraries are the best of the best; If you wish for comfort and luxury in Egypt with premium cuisine, luxury Egypt accommodation, luxury Egypt Nile cruises, and luxury Egypt conveyance. We offer you to acknowledge the genuine and sincere essence of grandeur and beauty of ancient Egypt; This is while exploring among the world’s most prominent landmarks.

Luxury Egypt Tours 2023 / 2024

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Through our Egypt Best Tours, visitors will have the amazing privilege to witness the historical treasures of Cairo; Explore the Great Sphinx of Giza, and all the wonders that the eternal paradise city of Old Cairo has to show. Enjoy your Egypt trip while getting the best possible hospitality imaginable. These luxury Egypt itineraries also include the excellent choice to go on one of our elite Egypt River Nile cruises. We offer a big variety of elite Nile Cruises to Luxor and Aswan as well as enjoying the most luxurious tour to Giza pyramids.

Where to go for your Luxury Egypt Tour?

Egypt is best remembered for its ancient culture along with some of the legendary masterpieces. Egypt holds amazing artifacts such as The Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, Temples, and Tombs in Luxor and Aswan. These great monuments from thousands of years ago are still keeping their own majesty and beauty.

On other hand, Egypt has beautiful beach cities, Hurghada, Sharm El El Sheikh and Marsa Alama, with its stunning visuals replete with corals, panoramic views of the seas. These cities’ pristine beaches, render it an ideal choice for diving and snorkeling.

Egypt not only boasts the biggest global open-air museum, but it also has a plethora of exquisite luxury resorts; Several of which are within arm’s access of absolutely exemplary snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing. In addition, Egypt’s landscapes are visually spectacular, regardless of whether glimpsed by riverboat, on camelback, or even from just over the coral reef.

At sundown, travelers may witness the Pyramids and scenic views in a radiance very seldom seen by tourists or documented in photographs and videos. This is perhaps one of Egypt’s most charming activities.

If you are a travel enthusiast who is unsure of exactly where to trip next, Egypt is the ideal destination for you.

Luxury Nile Cruise Trips

Exploring the remnants of ancient monuments, tombs, and pyramids is and will always be without the slightest iota of question one of the most notable activities to do in Cairo, Egypt.

Egypt offers a vast array of exciting potential options where the country’s luxury will pamper you during your vacation. The Nile cruise ships are impressive for experimenting and can be considered an important part of the tours; Regardless of whether you have just a couple of days or a long weekend to devote to the vacation, the Nile Cruise trip is a great choice.

Cruising over the stunningly gorgeous Nile at twilight is amongst the most exhilarating experiences in Egypt.

A camel or a horse ride around the beautiful Pyramids to narrate the stories of pharaohs will undoubtedly leave you in wonderment.

Egypt promises all of the contemporary premium five-star luxuries with a tinge of vintage elegance; All these aesthetic values will captivate you to uncover the country’s tourism attractions. We promise you a unique combination of picturesque and affordable luxury Egypt Hotels for your holidays in Egypt.

The Types of Luxury Egypt Tours

Egypt is an unfathomable goldmine of seemingly incomprehensible historical and artistic grandeur; Egypt Luxury vacation presents every opportunity to create your dream vacation to the Land of Pharaohs and The Nile.

As an Egypt travel agency, we go to great lengths to guarantee that your experience in luxury Egypt is unforgettable. We offer Egyptian pyramids private tours to bring forward the sheer elegance that Egypt vacation packages all inclusive has. Our Egypt tour packages from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and any other destination are The Best.

Top Luxury Tours in Egypt

The top tours to Egypt should invariably incorporate a series of vacations that take travelers to the majestic historical Egyptian sites situated along and across the Nile River Valley. Although this is just another one of the incentives for a journey to the land of pyramids covered under all inclusive in Egypt; Many other landmarks in the nation contribute significantly to draw the hundreds of thousands of people that visit Egypt each year.

We are always ready to help you in identifying the ideal package for your interests. Furthermore, we will support you in planning your entire luxury Egypt holiday; whether it is only 4 days all inclusive vacations or a lengthy package of Sharm el-Sheikh to pyramids- we have your back.

Luxurious Nile Tour

Egypt is a favored landmark for Nile cruise ships. Since the classical era, the Nile River has always remained Egypt’s support system, and there is no significantly better way to understand Egypt’s story than to walk the Nile’s path. Moreover, when compared to Egypt all inclusive resorts, these cruises promise no less comfort and luxury.

Almost every Egyptian cruise ships operate in the Luxor-Aswan route; Which is pleasant and picturesque and terminates at two of Egypt’s most prominent cities.

Ranging from Hurghada Egypt holidays all inclusive to Cairo private tours, we have all, and all you need to do is just choose.

We arrange from 4 day 3 night packages to 12 days packages luxury Egypt tours; We offer a plethora of options to explore Egypt as well.

Make sure to check out our luxury Egypt packages; All our Luxury tours include the best facilities and features to delight you throughout your Egypt stay. We have gathered here all our luxury Egypt vacation packages to make you organize your Egypt excursion.

Cairo Luxury Tour Packages

Cairo, the country’s capital, is one of the world’s top captivating travel attractions. It is rooted in history, but it nonetheless boasts a forward-thinking approach and a broad selection of tourist diversions. While the Pyramids and Great Sphinx are among the most particularly well-known Egypt pyramids holiday; The city has plenty to explore, and with the luxury Egypt holiday plans, we ensure that you will make the most from it.

Cairo must be on your checklist of places if you plan on visiting Egypt for a magnificent experience.

We focus on providing a great assortment of opportunities to make your Egypt vacation to Cairo memorable. We’re sure that after reviewing our full list of the exquisite spots in Egypt tours, you’ll be excited to book your trip.

Here our itineraries of Egypt trip packages that you should skim through to aid you with your planning and preparation on your Cairo Luxury private tours.

We provide four luxury Cairo tour packages as a part of Egypt trip packages:

4 Days Cairo Luxury City Tour

This 4 Days Cairo Luxury City Tour includes visiting Egypt pyramids, which are riddled with mystery. However, all pyramids from Cairo have a unique tale to write.

The Egyptian Museum invites visitors to journey back in history and is home to the most ancient mummies. The museum has the world’s largest collection of ancient artifacts from the reign of the Pharaohs. This is one of the most interesting and enlightening life experiences you may have in Egypt; You will gaze at a diverse collection of items with huge cultural weight as part of your travel in Egypt.

The Old and New Cairo are the next destinations covered in this tour. Some of Cairo’s most prominent sites may be spotted in the picturesque Old Cairo. A spirit of heritage infuses the air, and attempts have been undertaken to safeguard the architectural heritage of such places in Egypt.

The bazaar is a must-see for anybody wishing for remembrance from the luxury Egypt tour! Khan Al Khalili is one of the greatest Egypt tourist attractions of the neighborhood in town; broaden your horizons and shop from various products available from the various places in Egypt.

5 Days Luxury Tour in Cairo and Saqqara.

Our 5 Days Luxury Travel in Cairo Tour Package is the same as the previous one. Only from Cairo, we include a day excursion to Saqqara, Step Pyramid, and Memphis, The first capital of Egypt.

6 Days Luxury Tour to Cairo and Alexandria

This Cairo and Alexandria 6 Days luxury tour includes a day excursion to Alexandria. The city of Alexandria is one of Egypt’s most glamorized sites, was residence to Egypt’s ultimate pharaoh, Queen Cleopatra, and was a prominent education hub in classical civilizations.

With its coastal architecture and a blend of museums and old antiquities, it’s a fantastic location for quick Egypt sightseeing tours from the capital.

7 Days Luxury Egypt Tour to Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria

In addition to the attractions like the Egypt pyramids tour mentioned above in the 7 Days Luxury Egypt to Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria tour programs, this particular luxury Egypt program provides the Highlights of Cairo to see the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, along with a unique visit to The Egyptian Museum and Khan El Khalili Bazar. In addition to another 2 days excursion in Luxor to see the Kings’ Valley, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, Karnak, and Luxor Temples. Finally, you enjoy 2 more days in Alexandria to see the major attraction of the major Mediterranean city.

Luxury Egypt Tours with Nile Cruise

Travel to Egypt has been the prime preference for countless tourists all over the globe; Contributing to the exceptional levels of fun and enjoyment inside our excellent trips that are steeped in history. We offer splendor, amusement, great adventures, and much more. The Egypt Nile Cruise and stay is one of the key highlights of Egypt tourism.

Nile river cruise feature a plethora of vacation package alternatives that attract more people to discover Egypt. Visitors will have a fabulous time on our world-class Nile cruise trip to Egypt; They will get superb savoring and aesthetic traditional Egyptian cuisines.

Every luxury Egypt vacationer gets a quick and effective manner of making a reservation of entrancing Nile River cruises; The highest quality trips in Egypt & package deals, and budget-friendly tourism in Egypt supplemented by the exquisite customer experience and peace of mind through all of Egypt’s astounding tourist attractions with our Egypt 2023 / 2024 tour packages.

Relaxing on board a luxurious Nile Cruise

In comfort and convenience and with calm and peaceful atmospherics, a Nile river cruise is the classiest approach to explore these mind-boggling ancient structures and temples of Luxor, Aswan, Edfu, and Kom Ombo that are not readily approachable by road.

As a matter of fact, a Nile River cruise is an unforgettable journey as part of the luxury Egypt itinerary. Since olden history, the Nile River has been Egypt’s pulse; So there is no finer method to understand Egypt’s heritage than to explore the Nile’s route. A Nile cruise to Egypt offers you to recognize wonderful destinations or quietly appreciate a different perspective.

We provide four different Egyptian Nile tours to accommodate our client’s preferences; The specifics of each luxury Egypt tour package are mentioned below.

Luxury Egypt Tours

8 Days Tour with Luxury Nile Cruise from Cairo.

This 8 Days Tour with Luxury Nile Cruise from Cairo promises an excellent experience to discover ancient Egyptian attractions in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan; We include tours to Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Kings Valley, Karnak and Hatshepsut temples, and much more.

10 Days Luxury Cairo and Nile Cruise

This 10 Days LuxuryCairo and Nile Cruise to Pyramids of Giza along the blue waters of the ravishing Nile includes visits to Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Luxor onboard a luxurious cruise ship.

12 Days Luxury Egypt Tour Package Cairo, Alexandria Nile Cruise, and the Red Sea

This 12 Days Luxury Egypt Vacation Package includes 4 Nights in Cairo at Mariott 5 Stars Luxury Hotel, 3 Nights onboard 5 Stars Luxury Cruise Ship on the Nile, One Nights in Luxor at the Royal winter residence for King Farouk, Sofitel Winter Palace. finally 3 Nights at Steigenberger Hurghada 5 Stars Luxury Resort on the Red Sea; It’s where you will lodge in the finest Egyptian resorts in Red Sea; Also, we include a snorkeling trip to explore the naturally gorgeous coral reefs; Relax on pristine beaches renowned for their white sands and dazzling seas; Spend a great time during the entire luxury Egypt holiday program.

15 Days Luxury Egypt Tour with the Red Sea.

This 15 Days Luxury Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise and Red Sea is to reveals ancient Egypt’s history while sailing the Nile River on board of a luxurious cruise. Then enjoy the Red Sea Beach in Hurghada city to encompasses the ideal cultural excursions; Also, Generally, this tour package provides an opportunity to witness Egypt’s miraculous things in total lounging.

It should be a priority on your leaderboard during your luxury Egypt tour; It actually features the greatest aquatic life in Red Sea. This package gives travelers a great chance to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful magnificence of the Egyptian Nile tours. In addition, it is bound to enhance your Egyptian pyramids tour.

Luxury Egypt Tours – Luxury Beach Vacations to Hurghada

Hurghada, a city that emerged as a quiet resort town, extends 40 kilometers along Egypt’s Red Sea coast; It is an integral part of luxury Egypt tours. On Egypt’s Red Sea Coast, Hurghada has now proven a prominent tourist destination owing to its dazzling coral reefs and azure waves best suited for windsurfing if you want to take up on some adventure to kickstart your luxury Egypt vacation.

Hurghada is an ideal choice for an Egyptian holiday. There are multiple grounds for this, but perhaps the most prominent consideration is that many vacationers are drawn to this once quiet fishing hamlet because of its magnificent long coastline.

White beachfront and glass waterways ringed by a stunningly gorgeous Arabian desert panorama and oriental palm trees make this an all-inclusive Hurghada.

From Hurghada to pyramids, Egypt promises the extravagance which you will love in your trip.

We offer four different Egypt vacation packages 2023 / 2024 focusing on Luxury Beach Vacations to Hurghada; All our tour packages to Hurghada catered specifically for the needs of our customers.

8 Days Stay in Hurghada and visit Cairo and Pyramids – Luxury Egypt Tours

Visitors may enjoy a lovely time with their families by visiting water parks, ecological parks, and heritage sites. There is always something to explore here; snorkeling, waterboarding, and scuba diving to leisurely afternoons at serene beaches and aquatic parks.

We make sure that we offer you the best accommodation in Hurghada all inclusive hotels.

Trips in Hurghada, Egypt, maybe rendered more intriguing by touring the legendary capital of Cairo; The city is well-known for its Sphinx and Pyramids, along with myriad other Egyptian historical and cultural landmarks.

10 Days Stay in Hurghada and visit Cairo, Pyramids, and Alexandria – Luxury Egypt Tours

This Hurghada Egypt holiday all inclusive includes a trip to Alexandria beside the aforementioned capital of Cairo; In addition, we offer incredible Egypt pyramid tour packages.

Undoubtedly, by touring Alexandria, you will be delighted to glimpse an immensely distinct culture that the world’s most powerful dynasties have molded.

10 Days Hurghada, Nile Cruise, and Cairo.

Indeed, Hurghada all inclusive holidays would be meaningless without you toured the iconic cities of Cairo and Giza. You and your family will acquire knowledge about the historical pharaohs and how they resided in Ancient Egypt. In addition to the enthralling camel rides and a visit to the Egyptian Museum’s Mummy Room.

As an added bonus, the package includes a luxurious Nile cruise from Cairo. The Egypt Nile river cruise over the beautiful waters of the Nile will end up leaving you craving more.

12 Days Hurghada, Nile Cruise, Cairo, and Alexandria.

Surely, in this Egypt all-inclusive packages, and apart from a blissful stay in Hurghada; you will be furnished with a trip to Egypt pyramids and Cairo to Giza pyramids.

Alexandria was one of the original real multi-cultural towns, where wide and varied cultural groups converged. Yet, despite its commercial malls and multinational businesses; Alexandria is one of the towns that has managed to retain its glowy elegance throughout the years, providing you with elegance in your luxury Egypt stay.

Indeed Egypt vacation packages all inclusive of Alexandria have a lot to explore and to see.

Luxury Egypt Tours – Luxury Beach Vacations to Sharm el-Shiekh

With its year-round exposure to sunlight and warm and comfortable beaches; Besides, Sharm El Sheikh is a fairly close spot to Europe; It’s where you can bask in warm weather, dive stunningly beautiful corals, and thoroughly savor the sea anytime you crave a respite from the monotony.

Sharm El Sheikh Luxury Egypt Tours

The City of Sharm el-Sheikh is a well-known tourist hotspot in Egypt; Therefore, tourists arrivals increasing exponentially in the previous quarter of 2023.

Because of the enormous number of high-profile peace talks that have taken effect there; Therefore, it has accrued the epithet “City of Peace”; Certainly this attracted people to embark on vacations to Egypt from the USA and other countries all over the World.

Aside from its beaches, all inclusive holidays to Sharm el-sheik has other adventures to offer; For example, enjoy a hiking trip to Mount Sinai or explore the Ras Mohammed National Park.

Customer happiness is our biggest priority. Therefore we make efforts to provide the most sumptuous accommodations in Sharm el-sheik all-inclusive hotels.

Egypt trips to the pyramids are arguably the most popular tours in Egypt; To add another 4 days 3 nights vacation packages to Sharm el-Sheikh makes it phenomenal in terms of beauty and luxury.

Thus, in terms of Luxury Beach Vacations to Sharm el-Shiekh, we offer four packages to choose the best permits for your plans.

8 Days Stay in Sharm El Shiekh and visit Cairo and Pyramids

Indeed with a luxurious stay in the Sharm el-sheik resorts all inclusive, you will enjoy a heavenly experience. Surely, we guarantee you a luxury Egypt vacation.

Booking These Egypt tours packages from the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia are also supplemented with a trip to Cairo Egypt, besides Sharm el-Sheikh.

Egypt Luxury Tours

10 Days Vacation to Egypt All Inclusive – Luxury Egypt Tours

These particular travel packages to Egypt also include trips to the city of Alexandria. We do not wish to burden our clients with skyrocketing charges and hence keep the trip to Egypt cost very minimal.

10 Days Sharm El Shiekh, Nile Cruise, and Cairo.

All-inclusive Sharm el sheik packages, in this case, also supplement with a cruise trip and to Cairo Egypt; Of course, your stay will be in top-class all-inclusive resorts in Egypt.

Undoubtedly, the trip of Sharm el-Sheikh to pyramids leaves you enthralled in the beauties and the mysteries.

12 Days Sharm El Shiekh to Pyramids, Nile Cruise, Cairo, St. Catherine, and Mount Sinai.

Mount Sinai is an amazing experience under the umbrella of travel and tours to Egypt; In which you can sense the distinct true essence of this place and the Sinai Desert in general. In other words, it’s completely and utterly miraculous! You promptly get a thrill of calmness and contentment.

Do you know the legend of Moses and the Ten Commandments? These all-inclusive Egypt vacations will bring every chapter of the tale to life for you.

The St. Catherine Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery is lovely and warm and has a relaxing atmosphere. This is universally regarded as spiritual soil by Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

This is among one of the most regarded parts of the all inclusive Sharm el-Sheikh tour packages.

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