What is the main language spoken in MENA?

What is the main language spoken in MENA?

What is the main language spoken in middle east?

And how can you speak like Egyptians!

Far away from the tour guide, you need to get close to the Egyptian people who live now in the land of history, where humanity knew agriculture and construction, but maybe you think that you will find difficulty because of the language ,

Sure, the direct dealing with the Egyptians will be a great experience, adding more values to your tour as you will feel the wonderful spirit of the Egyptian street. In addition, that may help you to save some money during bargaining with the sellers.

The main language spoken in middle east & Egypt

main language spoken in middle east

That is right, Arabic is the official language of Egypt, but you will find that there are some, but not many Egyptians speak English fluently, and others know some English expressions. You will find that the most know popular English Expression there, which is Welcome To Egypt.

But honestly, if you depend on that, you will find some difficulty in communication, as most can not speak except Arabic with the language spoken in Middle East. So, learning some Arabic phrases is ideal. Actually, Arabic in Egypt has a different style that makes it easy to learn. It is a unique Egyptian dialect and, therefore, is referred to as Egyptian Arabic.

Make Your Tour Remarkable And Speak Egyptian Arabic

Here we offer you common expressions that you will use a lot while dealing with Egyptians

  • How can you greet Egyptians!

When you need to say hello to the Egyptians, you can say “salam Alaykum,” and you will find the kindful response is “Wa Alaykum El-salam.” You can say “Hello” in the Egyptian way, which is “Ahlan,” to find the response “Ahlan Beek.” For “goodbye,” you can say “Ma El Salama” or “bai.”

  • What can you say when buying something!

If you find a thing you need to buy, asking about the cost, you can say “Kam!”, as it means how much this thing costs. So whenever you find anything you need to know about its price, do not hesitate to ask the seller, “Kam!”, It is very easy to speak the language spoken in Middle East.

main language spoken in middle east

  • Need to request anything from Egyptians!

You will find that the Egyptians are so helpful, so you will find the assistant you need once you say “Mmkn.”

  • How to feel cool and a local person in Egypt!

When you need to close more to the Egyptian and feel them that you are one of the citizens of this country, just say “Yzzayak.” It is mean how you are doing or just what’s up.

  • In need of a bathroom!

It is a simple expression you will say at the time you search for a bathroom, which is “Fein Hamam.”

  • How can you ask about the water in Egypt to drink!

Egypt is hot weather, and you will feel thirsty many times, so it will be important to know how to ask about water to drink. You will say, “Myya.”

  • Are you curious about knowing the name of an Egyptian!

So speak with the main language spoken in middle east especially colloquial egyptian, and You will find a great welcome from any Egyptian to tell you about his name; just say, “Isma Ke?”

  • How can you Say Okay for the Egyptians!

So speak with the main language spoken in middle east especially colloquial egyptian, It is a word you will hear a lot while going through Egypt street and during the Egyptians cellphones, which is “Mashi.”

  • Need to introduce yourself to the Egyptians!

So speak with the main language spoken in middle east especially colloquial egyptian, You can tell them your name, saying “Ana Esmy…mention your name”, and your age saying “Ana Omry… and mention your age”, and to tell them about your nationality, you can say “Ana Mn ………. & mention your nationality.”

Welcome to EGYPT


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What is the most common language in Egypt?

Language in Egypt

The variation of standardized, literary Arabic that arose in the Arab world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries is known as Arabic Script or New Written Arabic, words used largely by linguists; it also refers to spoken Arabic that approximates this written standard

What are the two major languages in the Middle East?

Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, and Turkish are the main living languages in the Middle East today. Pashto is another important Turkic language spoken by a large number of Afghans, as are Turkmen, Uzbek, and other Turkic languages closely related to Turkish.

What is the main language spoken in the Middle East?

Middle East Language

Arabic, a Semitic language closely related to Hebrew, is the most widely spoken language in the region. Arabic was created in the eighth century B.C., and it now has a population of 280 million speakers in the Arab world.

Is English an official language in Egypt?

The official and most extensively written language is literary Arabic. The Coptic language is the liturgical language of Coptic Christianity and is spoken mostly by Egyptian Copts.

How many languages does MENA have?

Languages used in MENA

From Morocco to Iran, the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region is located. It is one of the most linguistically varied places in the world, with over 60 languages spoken.

What are the most spoken languages in the Middle East?
Arabic, Semitic language closely related to Hebrew, is the most widely spoken language in the region. 
Arabic was created in the eighth century B.C., and it now has population of 280 million speakers mostly in Arab world.
Is French spoken in the Middle East?

French Language in Middle East

After Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, English, and Mandarin, French is the sixth most spoken language. 
Around 120 million individuals study French in different parts of the world.
Does Egypt speak French?
In addition to Arabic, most educated Egyptians are fluent in English, French, or even both. 
Other small linguistic groupings exist as well. 
The Beja of Eastern Desert landscape southern reaches speak To Bedawi, an Afro-Asianic language of the Cushitic branch (though some speak Tigre and many use Arabic).
Is Egypt in the Middle East or Africa?

Egypt country location

 Despite its location in the north of the African continent, Egypt is considered by many to be Middle Eastern country, partially because Egyptian Arabic is the primary language spoken there, Islam is the predominant religion, and Egypt is member of the Arab League.

Is Russian spoken in the Middle East?
Despite the fact that Russian is not native language of the region, it is one of the most widely used languages in the region, particularly in Israel. 
Russians came to the Middle East primarily as result of Zionist immigration from Russia.
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