How Big Is Cairo

How Big Is Cairo

A Tour Via Eras Tells How Big Is Cairo

Cairo is where you live, the trendy and a few inches far away from the same area where you find this modish you find yourself in another era dates back to thousands of years ago. You will feel that you use the time machine to move into periods freely. Cairo is where you come back to pharaohs, Greeks, Romans, Fatimid, Mamluks, Ottomans, French conquest, England Conquest, etc. So, how big is Cairo?

How Big is Cairo

View from Top of Pyramids

When you walk through Cairo streets that carry a wonderfully unique culture and different traditions and customs, you will find the pyramids in front of you. When you come into these pyramids, you will see the soul of pharaohs is still there, and actually, you will feel that you live with the ancient Egyptians in this desert and use the camels as transportation.

Then when you go out, you will live this modern time, finding Asphalt road to ride the modern transportation, including Taxis, buses to arrive at stylish malls and end your suspense day tour in the comfortable hotel, finding high-level services.

How big is Cairo

Modern Cairo and Nile River

Cairo History

Cairo is where you find Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt, to spend some of your time in the period of (3150-2613 BCE) and the Old Kingdom (c. 2613-2181 BCE), then move to where you see how Saladin protected this huge city by building his great Citadel, Citadel of Saladin; you will live the suspense of soldiers when securing Cairo. Not just the Saladin, the only leader who had built a fortress in Cairo.

How Big is Cairo

Citadel and Alabaster Mosque

You can live with the Romans soldiers and get to know about the Roman palace that had illuminated the Nile with magic candles by visiting Babylon Fortress and going back to the second century AD.

You can go shopping with Fatimid in Khan El Kalili, an open-air market, in the 14th century and visit the Royal tiles and wonderful Islamic engineering designs in Al-Muizz Li Din Allah, where you live each moment in the historical Islamic period and the atmosphere of Qaherra of El Muizz, and share the Jawahar Alsaqli dream by visiting Cairo old gates, where you will go back to more than 1000 years ago.

You can stay in accompanying of the Royal Family seeing a unique mix of the building as the combination of the Islamic style, European Christian architecture with the Star of David in Al Rifai Mosque to listen to a stranger story about building this great mosque that had taken the same large of Aya Sophia with a remarkable, valuable design. You still do not know how big is Cairo, although all these tour-highlights.


Also, you can live the moments of building the 1st stone structure in humanity, just come to Saqqara.  When arriving at Tahrir Square, the oldest squares in modern Cairo that witnessed how Khedive Ismail turned Cairo into a piece of Europe at that time, you will find that the pharaohs are waiting for you to amaze you by unique artifacts and valuable treasures and monuments in the Egyptian Museum.

How Big is Cairo - Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

After going to the Egyptian Museum, do not hesitate to spend the best times in the Down Town streets, it will be a fantastic experience if you eat Egyptian foods, as Down Town is famous for its restaurants that offer traditional Egyptian Foods, and cafes.

You can stay in a café to order the Egyptian tea, just take a seat and say “Wahid Shai.”; Yes, if you learn a few expressions, you can contact easily with the Egyptians, so you will go close to these kindful and social people, which will make your tour experience more valuable.

That is how big is Cairo, which is rich with Sightseeing’s and artifacts; especially after functioning the new Grand Egyptian Museum; which is the greatest museum in the world with a duple size of the Louvre Museum that displays the largest collection of the rare pharaonic artifacts that have not been displayed before?

Walk through Modern Sites to know how big is Cairo

Cairo is the capital of Egypt that is located near the Nile Delta; it is considered the largest city in both Africa and the Middle East, with a total population in excess of 16 million people. It is the 19th largest city in the world and among the world’s most densely populated cities.


Modern Cairo, which is called in Arabic Al Qaheraa, was founded in 969 CE by Jawhar al-Siqilli of the Fatimid dynasty. However, this land has been was the site of ancient national capitals whose remnants remain existing till today.

Cairo has long been a center of the region’s political and cultural life and is nicknamed “the city of a thousand minarets” for its preponderance of Islamic architecture, and you will find that its 4th pyramid is the Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Related FAQ

Is Cairo the largest city in the world?

Cairo city Size

With a population of 21.3 million, the Greater Cairo metropolitan region is Africa's largest urban agglomerate, the Arab country's and the Middle East's greatest, and the world's sixth-largest by population.

Why is Cairo so populated?

Because of its location near the Nile River, Cairo has a long history of settlement. Romans, for example, built a fortification on the banks of the river called Babylon in the fourth century. In 641, Muslims conquered the region and relocated the capital from Alexandria to Cairo, a rapidly growing metropolis.

How many days in Cairo is enough?

Cairo Travel advice

Cairo is a big city, Africa's second-largest in terms of population. You could spend weeks exploring it all, but we recommend spending at least three days in Cairo on your first visit.

What is Cairo biggest city?

Cairo is Egypt's largest metropolis, with a population of 6.76 million people spread over 453 square kilometres. An additional ten million people live just beyond the municipal limits. Cairo, like many other megacities, is plagued by pollution and traffic congestion.


How safe is Cairo?

Cairo was placed 57th safest city in the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2021 Safe Cities Index, out of 60 large urban areas analysed.

Why is Egypt's birth rate so high?

Birth Rate in Egypt

High fertility is, to a large extent, a reflection of high mortality. 1) an urban cluster, 2) poverty, 3) the prevalence of women in the paid labour force, 4) development in the rural sector, and 5) population density are the four dimensions of growth in Egypt.

Is Cairo overpopulated?

Cairo has a population of 12 million people, with a metropolitan population of 20.5 million, making it Africa's and the Middle East's largest metropolis and the world's 17th largest metro region.

How much is population in Egypt?

104.95 Millions.

Furthermore, the population is expected to continue to rise, reaching 113.6 million by 2026.

Egypt's population projections from 2016 to 2026 (in million inhabitants).

How much of Egypt is desert?

The desert covers over 96 percent of Egypt's total land area.

What is the majority race in Egypt?

Egyptian Race

Egypt's ethnic Egyptians make up 91 percent of the country's total population. The Turks, Greeks, Abazas, and Bedouin Arab tribes in the Sinai Peninsula and the deserts to the east, as well as the Siwis in the Siwa Oasis and the Nubian people along the Nile, are the main ethnic minority.

Is Cairo bigger than New York?

Cairo vs. New York

Cairo is expanding, with new inhabitants flocking from all over Egypt to take advantage of career opportunities. It is home to nearly one-fifth of Egypt's 97 million people and is not just the country's political capital but also its cultural heart. It is already twice as large as New York.

Why is Cairo growing so fast?

Cairo has grown rapidly in recent decades, owing in part to a wide disparity in between fertility rate (30 births per 1,000 people) and the death rate (7 deaths per 1,000 people.) Poor nutrition, bacterial illness, and severe air pollution are among the many health conditions that plague Cairo.

How many females are in Cairo?

Females in Egypt

Egypt's female population was estimated to be around 50.63 million in 2020, while the male population was estimated to be around 51.7 million. During the time period under consideration, the male population outnumbered the female population.

How expensive is it to live in Cairo?

The following is a summary of the cost of living in Cairo, Egypt: Without rent, a family of four would spend 1,530$ (24,006EG£) each month. Without rent, a single person's projected monthly costs are 427$ (6,704EG£). Cairo costs 67.71 percent less than New York excluding the rent fees.

What is Cairo known for?

Cairo is noted for being a heavily populated city as well as the cultural and political heart of Egypt. It is also close to some of Ancient Egypt's most famous relics, such as the Giza Pyramids.

What does the name of Cairo mean?

El Qahira name meaning

Al-Qahirah properly means "The Subduer," but it's more commonly translated as "The Victorious." The name "Cairo" is thought to come from the Arabic name for Mars, "Al Najm Al Qahir," which was rising on the day the Fatimid Dynasty established the city in 972 C.E.

How old is Cairo Egypt?

It was founded about 2,000 BC by King Menes, who brought Upper and Lower Egypt together. The fortress of Babylon on the Nile, the city's oldest building, was built by the Romans in the first century. In the tenth century, the Fatimids founded Al Qahira as the metropolis of Fustat.

Is Cairo a black name?

The name of Egypt Capital has nothing to do with colors, it means the victorious one.

Who Discovered Cairo city?

El Qahira History

Fustat, a hamlet created by Arab conquerors in 640 next to an existing ancient stronghold, was the city's early development. It is located near the Nile Delta. In 969, the Fatimid ruler Gawhar El Seqily constructed al-Qhirah, which was the new city.

How many states does Cairo have?

In terms of local government, Egypt is divided into 29 governorates, each of which is led by a local governor.

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