Foods In Cairo

Foods In Cairo

List of the most popular foods in Cairo

In truth, Cairo is full of plentiful foods. It can be found on the streets or on tables in homes. If you are lucky enough to be invited to an Egyptian home for a meal grab this opportunity with both hands! You will be generously fed with tasty and hearty foods, so make sure and arrive hungry. Below listed are the top picks of Egyptian cuisine and foods in Cairo that are must-tries during your visit to the country.

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Molokhia is one of the best in Egyptian cuisine; This leafy soup is a favorite of many Egyptians. In fact, the broth is packed with chopped leafy greens, a touch of garlic, and Molokhia is often accompanied by rice and chicken or rabbit.

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Egyptian falafel is made of fava beans and herbs and results in a bright green center and a crispy deep-fried brown exterior. In addition, it is eaten with tahini and is eaten for breakfast or any other time of the day.

What is the most popular food in Egypt

Ful Medames

You cannot go to Egypt without trying this beloved dish. It is cooked with cumin, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and onion. Ful is served with bread. tahini, and salads. On the other hand, the staple is eaten for breakfast in pita bread or can be eaten at any other time of the day.


Mahshi is literally all things stuffed. vegetables are all packed with different combinations of spiced rice, minced meat, and nuts.

In truth, Mahshi is so satisfying to eat and is amazing food in Egyptian cuisine. The mixture of rice and sometimes meat is skillfully wrapped in leaves and cooked until tender. These juicy finger foods are found on most Egyptian dinner tables.


Koshary is made with a base of rice and macaroni. It is mixed with lentils and chickpeas. A spicy tomato sauce is also added to the dish. It is topped off with fried onions. In fact, this is one of the most popular street foods in Egypt.

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Mesakaa is a layered and baked aubergine dish. The bitterness of the dish is removed with sat and sunshine. The dish is then baked or fried. Mesakaa is layered with aubergine and spicy tomato sauce, and sometimes meat is added. It’s then baked until the aubergines become completely tender and soak up all the flavor from the sauce. the it is served with rice.

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Kishk is a white soup made from fermented bulgar wheat and has a creamy taste. The dish originates from Upper Egypt where the dried balls of bulgar wheat are sourced from. The bulgar is then soaked in water before being added to the soup broth. In fact, this soup is very creamy and comforting.


Ringa is a smoked herring dish made with pickled onions, salads and lemon. This dish is traditionally eaten all over Egypt. It is typically eaten on Easter Monday. It can be found at most seafood restaurants. This dish is a crowd pleaser at any time of the year.

Feteer Meshaltet

This dish is similar to a croissant. The indulgent dish is full of crispy, flaky layers and very buttery. It is made with ghee. People eat it all over Egypt with cheese or have it sweet with honey or molasses. Some people like it both sweet and savory. It is one of the best food in Cairo and is particularly enjoyed with tea.


Hawawshi is very popular street food in Egypt. This is a mix between pie and a sandwich. Also, it’s filled with minced meat and usually cooked with peppers, onions, and sometimes nuts. The meat juice soaks into the pastry which is then toasted until crisp on the outside. This is great comfort food in Cairo for on-the-go and a major food in Egyptian cuisine.

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