What tours in Cairo are taking additional safety precautions?

What tours in Cairo are taking additional safety precautions?

A commonly frequently asked question we get from many travelers is What tours in Cairo are taking additional safety precautions?! Find The Best answer below.

You’re about to embark on a long-awaited vacation to Egypt; It is where you can learn about one of the world’s greatest civilizations and see where ancient Egypt’s first kings and queens once reigned.

In case you are worried about getting infected with covid-19 and it is stopping you from enjoying your vacation; here you will find detailed answers about the covid-19 safety precautions that Cairo tours still consider to protect its visitors from being at risk of covid-19 infection. The circumstances due to the covid-19 crisis aren’t the best all over the world.

Egypt Situation

Egypt’s situation since the start of the spread of the pandemic wasn’t the worst among the other countries. The number of deaths and cases in Egypt gave average to low statistics comparing to other countries. The covid-19 situation today is getting so much better as the number of vaccinated people increases. The ministry of health is holding many campaigns in schools, universities, public and private sectors companies, and the process of vaccination is getting very fast.

However, tours in Cairo are still holding on to the safety precautions. You can find a lower number of people on tours than what you used to see before the covid-19 outbreak. So, wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and sanitizing the common area are still carried on as safety precautions. Entering Egypt still requires a negative PCR test generated at maximum of 72 hours before or a vaccination certificate.

There are many attractions in Cairo that you might want to check such as Old Cairo, Step pyramid, the mosque of Sultan Al-Mu’ ayyad, Abu Serga, Sultan Hassan mosque, and many others. All of them are open for visitors and they maintain safety precautions.

So don’t let Covid stop you! You will find here more information about the safety measures that tours in Cairo still take against the spread of covid-19. The good point is that many and the most famous tours and touristic attractions in Cairo are at open-air venues.

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