Eye of Horus Secrets of Perfection

Eye of Horus Secrets of Perfection

What is the Eye of Horus Secrets?

The Eye of Horus Secrets was always of interest to many truth-seekers, it’s is a strong symbol and notion for anyone who has studied or been interested in Egyptology and Egyptian mythology. The symbol was seen by nearly everyone who lived in Egypt at least once, whether it was painted beautifully on walls, hung from necklaces, or carved onto stones, but its origins go far beyond mere ornamentation and decor. It tells a story about an Egyptian God who lost his eye!

Eye of Horus Secrets of Perfection

Eye of Horus Secrets of Perfection

The Promise of Royalty, Health and Protection

This distinctive eye has been a symbolic promise of royalty, protection, and health from Egyptian grandfathers to their sons and daughters. Many wear it today in the accessories for Egyptians take so much pride in their everlasting and great history.

Eye of Horus Myths

Mythologically speaking, the Eye of Horus begins with Osiris. In ancient Egypt, this is the most well-known myth. It depicts the eternal struggle between the upright and the sinful, as well as the penalty!

This Egyptian god of transition, resurrection, and regeneration was known as Osiris because he was the eldest son of the Earth-God Geb and Nut-goddess. Set and Nephthys were the three siblings of Osiris. Horus was born as a result of Osiris’s marriage to his sister Isis, as was the tradition at the time. After Osiris was killed by Set, who wanted the throne, ancient Egypt fell into chaos and instability.

Ancient Egyptian God Horus

God Horus

Even after he had killed Osiris, Set went on to dissect Osiris’ body into 14 pieces, which he then distributed around ancient Egypt. An embalmed body was required in ancient Egyptian tradition in order for a royal’s spirit to cross over. This allowed the body to walk through the gates of the underworld and be judged according to their deeds since it had been done properly.

Wadjet Eye

Isis accompanied Horus in his search for Osiris’s remains. Anubis, the son of Nephthys, was also recruited by Isis. In order to entice Osiris, Nephthys took the form of Isis in order to conceive Anubis. Horus, Nephthys, Anubis, and Isis found 13 pieces of Osiris’s body and reunited him with the rest. The dead were able to be ruled by Osiris’s spirit when he passed to Amenti. To restore order to Egypt, Horus declared his reign after killing Set during a major battle near Edfu in which Horus lost his eyes and Set lost his testicles.

Eye of Horus Secrets of Perfection 2

Wadjet Eye

Ra Eye and Horus God of The Skies

God of the skies, Horus was thought to have the sun and moon as eyes. It wasn’t long before Ra-Horakhty (“Ra is Horus of the two horizon’s”) developed a strong association with the sun, whereas Thoth was identified with the moon. As the ancient narrative narrates, Horus’ right eye was plucked out, while Set, the God of war, lost his testicles in a huge confrontation between the two. Wadjet, which means “whole” or “healthy,” was the name given to Horus’ eye after Thoth magically healed it. For example, the story describes the rising and fading moon as appearing to be torn out before being resurrected once again per lunar month.

Several images of eye healing may be found in Greek and Roman temples. Thoth received support from fourteen Egyptian Gods. There were fifteen days between a full moon and a waning moon, and each deity symbolized one of those fifteen days. After being restored to its former glory, Ma’at’s, the spirit of all creation, the restored eye became a symbol for the restoration of order from chaos. Horus gave Osiris an eye as a gift to help him control the underworld in one myth. Osiris ate the eye and it brought him back to life!

Eye of Horus Secrets and Roles

1- A symbol of life and resurrection emerged as a result of its use in this way “The Eye of Horus” refers to gifts since it was believed that when delivered to a god, they became divine.

2- A protective amulet, the Eye of Horus is said to possess healing and protecting powers.

3- To quantify components in medications and paints, it was used as a measurement notation.

4- To signify the shattering of Horus’s eye, the symbol was divided into six sections, with each portion symbolizing one of the six fragments. There were six senses and a fraction linked with each component.

5- Ancient Egyptian pioneered in the fields of medicine as well as art, Eye of Horus’ artistic measurements illustrate this.

Eye of Horus Secrets of Perfection

Eye of Horus Secrets of Perfection 1 (1)

Eye of Horus Secrets of Perfection

Nine to twelve Heqat fractions were used to divide the Eye of Horus into six sections, each of which was regarded as a symbol in itself. As one of Egypt’s earliest measuring systems, the Hekat perceives numbers as a pattern. According to Gay Robins and Charles Shute, “The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus” is the oldest known mathematical script. the hekat was described in the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus as being used for measuring products, such as grain or flour, and it was estimated to be 4.8 litres, or just over one gallon.

By combining the symbols, more complicated fractions were produced from the eye. I find it fascinating that when all pieces are tallied up, the result is 63/64 and not 1. There is a theory that the remaining 1/64 represents Thoth’s magic used to restore the eye; While others believe that it symbolizes how impossible it is for perfection to be attained in this life. “The Eye of Ra” refers to Ra’s right eye while Horus’ left eye refers to Horus’ left eye, according to subsequent traditions (although it was also associated with Thoth). However, it is not always clear whether the left or right eye is being discussed.  Other myths claim that Horus’ right eye was plucked out during a solar eclipse, during which the sun is briefly obscured from view.

Eye of Ra and Eye of Horus Secrets

About the right eye, the eye of Ra. A protecting spirit, Horus’s Eye was more revered than Ra’s Eye, which had a distinct connotation. Egypt’s Sun God Ra is reported to have navigated by day and then returned by night in his boat. People began to disobey Ra’s commands because he was old and weak. The lion’s eye of Ra, his daughter, was tasked with punishing the inhabitants of Ra’s kingdom. Angry, the eye annihilated humanity. Because of this, the Egyptian Gods were afraid that the eye would murder all humanity.

To get his eyes drunk, Ra drank crimson beer till he was unconscious. Afterward, the eye calmed down and turned to Ra. According to a second story, he has Ra’s eye and uses it to gather information; Which is sometimes used in conjunction with the preceding one, and uses it to dispense justice. Ra, in the role of a loving father, sends his eye to look for his two missing children, a more benign purpose for the eye.

Other symbols for Ra’s eye include cobras encased in a solar disc. This emblem, however, has a flaw: it’s used to represent another deity. Symbolically, the eye is important to her.

Devine Symbol or Decoration Amulet

This type of amulet developed in the late Old Kingdom and was made into the Roman Empire period. For example, the Eye Of Horus was an amulet that was commonly worn by ancient Egyptians. As one of the few forms found on Old Kingdom mummies; the Eye of Horus was widely used for the next two thousand years. People used it as a number and a burial amulet. They used to be placed on the chest before and after death. Although they were most usually placed over an incision through which the body’s internal organs had been removed during the mummification process in the New Kingdom and later periods.

Till now some people believe in the Eye of Horus Secrets! they take it as protection from the evil eye.


Related FAQ

Is the Eye Horus and Eye of Ra the same?

The Eye of Ra, also known as the Eye of Re, is a goddess in Egyptian mythology who serves as a feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra and a forceful force that subdues his foes. The Eye of Ra is comparable to the Eye of Horus, which embodies many of the same principles but belongs to a another god who is Horus.

Who is Horus?

Horus, Egyptian Hor, Har, Her, or Heru, was an ancient Egyptian deity who took the shape of a falcon with the sun as his right eye and the moon as his left eye. The moon and the sun signifies this deity’s power and essential nature, and the moon as his left eye, representing healing and therapeutic powers.

What god is Horus?

Horus, Egyptian Hor, Har, Her, or Heru, was an ancient Egyptian deity who took the shape of a falcon with the sun as his right eye and the moon as his left eye, indicating might and true spirit, and the moon as his left eye, representing health.

Is Horus the son of Ra?

In a literal sense, no. Ra was the father of all creation and the monarch of the gods. The sun, heaven, sovereignty, power, and light were all patronized by him. Ra-Horakhty, or "Ra-Horus in the Horizon," was his name after combining with Horus. Horus was the Egyptian Pharaoh who symbolized Ra in human form to rule ancient Egyptians.

Are Horus and Anubis brothers?

Various tales, on the other hand, depicted Anubis as the son of Osiris and Nephthys, who had an adulterous connection. In some tales, Anubis is the deity Horus' full or half-brother. As a result, he is linked to the jackal god Duamutef, one of Horus' four sons.

What is Horus family tree?

Horus is a god who has a distinctive form of a falcon that has its right eye in the shape of a sun and the left eye takes the shape of morning star. Horus was born to Osiris and Isis, two of the Egyptian Ennead's nine primal gods. When Osiris was king of Egypt, he married his sister Isis and here is where this story begins.

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