Eye of Horus Meaning

Eye of Horus Meaning

Eye of Horus Meaning

The eye of Horus, or merely the eye, is an ancient Egyptian sign and defensive amulet linked with the goddess Wadjet, Ra’s daughter. So what is the meaning of Eye of Horus?!

The fabled account of how the Eye of Horus was wounded and then healed, symbolizing the waxing and waning phases of the Moon, is told in the Eye of Horus. As a result, the sign was given the title Wadjet, which means “totality or completeness restored.”

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This myth is linked to Osiris’ desire; after his death and dissection by Seth, Isis uses her power to reunify him and take him back to life. Death has marked the deity, and he can no longer govern among the living, making him the divine ruler of the dead. This is where the eye of Horus is related to the creation myth following the latter’s battles with Seth to revenge his father’s death.

Egyptian God Horus

Osiris , Seth and Horus

Osiris, the Egyptian deity regent, is assassinated by his brother Seth, who replaces him in power. The war against Seth is started by Osiris’ son, Horus, the hawk-headed man. Horus succeeds his late father on the crown after a series of battles. During the battle, however, Seth tore out one of his eyes and cuts it into six units; which he scatters across Egypt. The gods charge Thoth, the lunar god, with gathering the pieces and reassembling the complete eye. As a result, the eye became a sign of Horus’ victory; a victory that depicts the triumph of good over evil. The Eye of Horus is a mix between a human eye and a falcon’s eye.

Both represent an order that is constantly in peril and must be recreated as new in equal proportion. The pharaoh or priest presenting Horus’ eye had the same essential meaning as the pharaoh or priest presenting Maat. This symbolic gesture demonstrated that all dangers to order had been erased, and that fairness and harmony had reigned once more. As an allusion to Thot, who repaired the eye, the sacred eye is frequently held by a monkey. It’s also known as “green eye” because of its renewal, with the color associated with Osiris, greenery, and resurrection. It even had its own distinct scent once it had been cured.

Eye of Horus Significant

The eye signifies not just the evil that is resisted; but also health and bodily integrity, the union of all beings in a single entity, wisdom, and entire vision. It’s found in a lot of medallions in Egypt; and they’re supposed to bring good luck to the person who wears them. Ancient Egyptian explorers believed that by wearing a pendant reflecting the wedjat or udjat, they could get a better vision of the oceans and so better reflect their path. On the other side, the emblem was occasionally painted on the boat’s arches.

Eye of Horus amulet:

The Eye of Horus Amulet was said to have healing and protective properties. It was used on the living to protect them from disease, and on the dead to keep the embalmed body from disintegrating.

Eye of Horus Secrets of Perfection

Despite the fact that the origin and significance of this sacred symbol are unknown; its use in Egyptian iconography is widespread and quite evident. The eye was primarily a protective mechanism, as seen by the countless upgrades depicted on amulets, jewels, and protective plates placed over incisions created during the embalming of mummies, among other things. During the First Intermediate Period and the Middle Kingdom; the two eyes that were frequently painted on the left side of the sarcophagi had a protecting aspect to them.  Despite the fact that the mummies were oriented to the left; implying that they could operate as windows to the outside world for the dead; they clearly served a protective role. In the same way, the painted eyes of Horus on the boats’ bows served the same purpose of protection and guiding.

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The Sacred Eye of Horus Meaning

The sacred eye was frequently represented as an emblem of protective force behind pictures of monarchs and gods during the New Empire. It can also be seen accompanied by the Garaonic goddess Nekhbet in various situations. The eye of Horus could potentially serve as a symbol of the offering because of its legendary origins. As a result, Horus’ recovered eye, which he presented to his father Osiris, became archetypal of the act of offering and its expansion.

Because its shape mimics the pineal gland, the Eye of Horus has become a famous tattoo that not only revives old ideas about its protective abilities; but has also been popularly connected with this sign with the third eye.

The eye of Horus was also utilized as a symbol of respect for the parents by the eldest child as an offering to his dead father.

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