Egyptian Molokhia

Egyptian Molokhia

Egyptian Molokhia

Egyptian Molokhia is a traditional Egyptian soup that was formerly only served to royalty in Ancient Egypt but has since become a popular dish. Learn Molokhia recipe and how to make it home!

A popular Middle Eastern meal is Molokhia Soup. Many people believe this meal originated in Egypt, however, there are many versions of it around the Middle East and even within Egypt. Molokhia is dark, leafy green with a mint-like appearance and a spinach-like flavor. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and C, fiber, and iron, and is said to assist digestion. This delectable supper takes approximately 90 minutes to cook and serves three to four people.

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Molokhia Recipe

Ingredients for Egyptian Molokhia

  • 2 frozen packets of diced Molokhia (about 800 grammes) (about 240 calories total) Molokhia is also available as complete leaves (even if frozen). Unless you’re creating a different type of dish, like a Lebanese or Vietnamese version, you don’t want this.
  • 6-8 smashed garlic cloves (calories: 18–24)
  • 4 cups chicken broth/chicken flavored vegetarian broth/chicken bullion cubes equal (about 20 cal.) Note: Beef broth can also be used, but only if it is light and newly produced. I wouldn’t recommend beef broth from a can.
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable oil (120 calories)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt, adjusted to taste (if you use bullion cubes, they may already be salty enough)A pinch of fresh ground black pepper.
  • White rice and/or toasted pita bread (approximately 150 calories per 1/4 cup of rice or 160 calories per half a large pita) are optional but suggested.

Egyptian Molokhia Recipe

How to make Egyptian Molokhia?

10 Easy Steps for the Molokhia Recipe:

1. 4 cups broth, brought to a boil.

As soon as your soup is beginning to boil, open your packages of Molokhia leaves. The leaves should not be thawed ahead of time. That “X” shape isn’t particularly noteworthy. It’s the same way my mother used to open packages quickly with a knife, and it’s entertaining, so I do it as well.

2. Drop each frozen molokhia package into the boiling soup with care.

3. Bring the broth back to a low boil, then reduce to low heat and leave it to simmer. You do not want to overcook it. Simmering at a low temperature is ideal.

4. Stir the molokhia occasionally to ensure that it is completely melted (only about 15-20 minutes).

5. Allow the pot to simmer (not boil) for about 5 minutes after the molokhia has completely melted, then turn off the heat.

Keep Reading about Molokhia Recipe:

6. Heat a tablespoon of vegetable or olive oil in a small saute pan over medium heat.

6. Add 6 smashed garlic cloves (8 if you like it particularly garlicky) and cook until golden brown, stirring constantly. Make sure the garlic doesn’t burn! Add a pinch of crushed black pepper to the garlic and sauté together at this point.

8. Bring the pan over the Molokhia-filled pot once the garlic is ready, and ladle some of the Molokhia over the garlic. If you hear a satisfying sizzle, you’re doing it correctly.

9. Rep this step until all of the garlic in the pan has been transferred to the pot. I’m not sure why this is done, but it’s how we do things in my place. It’s a simple technique to get the garlic out of the pan while also mixing the soup.

10. The Egyptian Molokhia is ready to eat on its own, with rice, or with toasted pita bread. Season with salt to taste. It’s possible that if you used chicken-flavored bouillon cubes, it’s already salty enough. If you only used chicken or beef broth, you’ll need to add salt. We each add as much salt as we want to our own bowl at my house.

Best Top 3 Molokhia Restaurants in Egypt

1-Sobhy Kaber

The brightness of the food, the music, and your surroundings define the modern Egyptian dining experience. Sobhy Kaber is the poster child for this. With its throbbing mahraganat music, vibrant family environment, and tantalizing grills and stews, a trip to this warm and rowdy restaurant is a delightfully uplifting evening out if you have the energy. Take a seat at a table with local families for a large supper and enjoy the mayhem.

2-Andrea El Mariouteya New Giza

Do you want to enjoy a laid-back brunch with traditional Egyptian cuisine and views of the pyramids? You do, of course. Contact make it happen, go to Andrea El Mariouteya. It provides scrumptious Egyptian staples for brunch, lunch, and dinner with vistas to die for, and is equally popular with locals and visitors. The Feteer Meshaltet (traditional Egyptian pie) as a brunch option is so popular that you’ll have to request one in advance when you book your table, according to Culture Trip. The chargrilled chicken is also largely considered to be the best in town.


No vacation to Cairo would be complete without trying some of the city’s many mouth-watering street food alternatives. For any first-timers, Kazouza’s assortment of traditional street meals – delivered wrapped in paper on unfussy metal plates – is a terrific way to get a taste of this side of Egyptian foodies and cuisine. Spicy liver and sujuk, as well as meat hawawshi, are must-try sandwiches. Kazouza has multiple locations in Cairo, all of which are excellent choices. This restaurant service wonderful Molokhia recipe that you can’t try anywhere else.

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