Egyptian Foodies – Add Delectable Spirit For Your Tour

Egyptian Foodies – Add Delectable Spirit For Your Tour

Egyptian Foodies Welcome You With a Tasty List of Popular Foods

While going around Egyptian streets you will find attractive smells com from popular restaurants that once you enter one of them,  you will taste Flavors you won’t forget and haven’t tested before; Undoubtedly, Egypt foods is a wonderful experience you need to add a wonderful spirit for your tour. Ensure that once testing it, you will realize why Egypt has a lot of Egyptian foodies who are admired with only the Egyptian dishes.

In the only dish, you will taste mixed cultures, as Egyptian food has been influenced throughout history, particularly by its neighbors from the Middle East.

Please, if you visit Egypt, do not miss to experience at least three or four of the following list of the popular Egypt foods that the Egyptian foodies prefer, and ensure that you will search for these flavors when you come back to your country.

List Of Egyptian Foodies

Egyptian Foodies are calling for you, Here We Go …

Vegetarian Dishes

  • Fol Medames & Tamiya

Egyptian Foodies - Fol Medames & Tamiya

The most popular breakfast dishes in Egypt is the Fol Medames and Tamiya. It dates backs to the ancient Egyptians. Fol Medames is made of mashed fava beans that are slowly cooked in a giant metal jug called Qedra to be rich melted. Before being served, the olive oil is added to it then it commonly puts in bread to be an inexpensive takeaway sandwich.

Fol Medames has many health benefits as it is rich in fiber and protein, and it is preferred for the most to be offered with vegetables like tomatoes, radishes, and spring onion, which adds more fiber that can help reduce the bad cholesterol.

Tamiya, it is called a Falafel too, especially in Alex city, a green burger with tasty flavor that you will be admired with it. It is made of crushed fava beans, which is later mixed and made into a paste, then fried. You can take it as a sandwich too, and it will be a cheap sandwich.

Restaurants that serve Ful Medames & Tamiya are spread across all over Egypt. It is served as well on street food carts.

  • Kushari

Egyptian Foodies - Kushari

Imagine the teste of this remarkable dish that mixes rice, spaghetti, and other macaroni types with black lentils, and the delicious special tomato sauce that is added and garnished with chickpeas and crispy fried onions. You have the option to add garlic juice, or garlic vinegar, and hot sauce.

Around the Egyptian streets, you can easily find the restaurants that serve this cheap, delicious dish.

  • Mulukhiyah

Egyptian Foodies - Mulukhiyah

It is a green paste that is made from jute leaves by removing the central spine from the leaves, and then chopping the leaves finely then add garlic and coriander, then finally the soup. It is homemade food, and you can find it in some restaurants.

  • Moussaka

Egyptian Foodies - Moussaka

A mix of fried eggplant, lemon, vinegar,  special tomato sauce, and vegetables. Surely, you can find this popular dish in the restaurants that serve Fol Medames and Tamiya.

Meat Dishes

Egyptian Foodies are calling for you, Here We Go …

  • Fatteh

Egyptian Foodies - Fatteh

Fattah is a layer from fried little bread pieces mixed with garlic vinegar dipping sauce covered with a layer of rice cooked with veal broth or lamb soup and finally topped with a spiced tomato sauce. It is served with veal broth or lamb. It is a traditional dish at Eid Al Adha in Egypt.

bread stuffed with Spiced minced meat and vegetables.

  • kepdda & sausage

Egyptian Foodies - kepdda & sausage

It belongs to street food. It is Buffalo liver with hot pepper and vegetables that are cooked and put in sandwiches to get you at the end, an amazing flavor. Do not miss to experience the sausage. It is usually cooked in different ways, but mainly with tomato sauce and hot pepper.

  • Shawerma 

Egyptian - Shawerma 

Undoubtedly, Shawrma is a popular sandwich of shredded meat, where lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, or mixed meat with a mix of vegetables like tomato, onion, and you have the option to add tahini, hummus and baba ghanoush on it. It is placed on a vertical spit in restaurants and maybe grilled for as long as a day.

  • Kabab & Kofta

Egyptian Foodies - Kabab & Kofta

Shish kebab or Seekh kebab is chunks of seasoned beef cooked over coals on a skewer. It is generally made of lamb.

While Kofta is spiced minced meat that is rolled into a finger-shape onto metal skewers before hitting the coals, both of them are usually served with bread, green salads; Also, tahini and baba ghanoush.

Fish Dishes

Egyptian Foodies are calling for you, Here We Go …

Egyptian - Fish Dishes

If you travel to the coastal cities, eating fresh fish will be a remarkable experience for you. On the other hand, if you are an adventurer and need to share the Egyptian foodies, you can experience a popular fish dish that’s called fesikh, which is a traditional dish the Egyptian foodies eat in Sham El Nessim festival the same as the ancient Egyptians.

Desserts & Pastry

Egyptian Foodies are calling for you, Here We Go …

  • Basbousa

Egyptian Foodies - Basbousa

Enjoy the sweet dish that has entered the 7th wonder of the world. It is a sweet cake. It is made from semolina flour soaked in honey and lemon; In addition, sometimes coconut is added to complete the magic.

  • Baklava

Egyptian - Baklava

Sweet, scrumptious pastry flavored with honey and nuts that will surprise you with a taste that will make you so happy, even if you feel not good.

  • Feteer Meshaltet

Egyptian Foodies - Feteer Meshaltet

Flaky multilayered bread made from dough stretched paper-thin and folded several times. On the other hand, it is mentioned that the ancient Egyptians left fetter in their temples as offerings to the gods. It is served stuffed with minced meat or cheese or just plain brushed with Samneh (ghee) or dusted with icing sugar.

  • Omm Ali

Egyptian - Omm Ali

An unforgettable dish is made of layers of puff pastry soaked in milk and mixed with nuts, raisins, coconut flakes, and sugar and then baked.

Cheese & Bread

  • Mish, is a salty cheese made often in rural areas.
  • Domiati cheese is a soft white cheese made from cow or buffalo milk.
  • Areesh cheese, soft white cheese, this time made from laban rayeb, a form of curdled milk.

You can eat this delicious cheese with Feteer Meshaltet or with the popular Egyptian bread sorts as each bread type has its amazing flavor you will surely like like the Eish baladi, Eish fino, and Eish shamsi. Finally, Egyptian Foodies are calling out to you …

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Related FAQ

What is Egypts most famous food?

Famous Egyptian food

Kushari, a rice, lentil, and macaroni dish, is considered the national meal by some. One of the most popular recipes is ful medames. Falafel (also known as ta'ameya in Egypt) is made using the faba bean and eaten with fresh tomatoes, tahina sauce, and arugula.

What do Egyptian eat for dinner?

A typical Egyptian dinner consists of meat (typically lamb, chicken, fish, rabbit, or pigeon), vegetables, and bread. After-dinner pleasures include tea and a dessert like baklava (honey pastry), basbousa (cream-filled cake), or konafa (baked batter stuffed with almonds).

Is Egyptian food healthy?

Egyptian food is frequently pretty healthful, and it can be quite nutritious, and it is extremely economical if you eat like a local.

What food did Egyptian eat?

Ancient Food in Egypt

Garlic was a favourite of the ancient Egyptians. Green vegetables, lentils, figs, dates, onions, fish, birds, eggs, cheese, and butter were also consumed. Bread and beer were their basic staples. Dates, honey, and figs or dates were used to sweeten the breads.

What is the national dish of Egypt?

In an ancient cuisine, Egypt's beloved Koshary is a modern mystery: The Seasoning No one knows where the meal comes from, although it is often regarded as the national food. This delectable carb-packed delight, however, can be found anywhere from mama's kitchen to food carts and fine dining establishments.

What is the staple food in Egypt?

Egyptian Bread

Bread (or "aysh") is a staple of the Egyptian cuisine that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pita bread, whether made of white flour or whole wheat, can be eaten plain or packed with almost anything (vegetables, meats, sauces) to make an Egyptian sandwich. Plain aysh and aysh shams are two other bread favourites.

What did Egyptian pharaohs eat?

Pharaohs Food

On a daily basis, the wealthy of ancient Egypt ate meat (beef, goat, mutton), Nile fish (perch, catfish, mullet), or poultry (goose, pigeon, duck, heron, crane).

Why is Koshari so popular?

Koshary, often known as "Poverty Food," is a dish made up of fried onions, lentils, rice, macaroni, and a lemon sauce. It is similar to Mediterranean cuisine, but the Egyptian meal has different ingredients and flavours, particularly the local Egyptian lemon sauce, which gives the dish its distinctive flavour.

Is Egyption bread healthy?

Bread in Egypt

It's in Egyptian falafels, kofta, shawerma, hawawshi, cheese, and... well, everything. The bread is entirely comprised of whole wheat flour. You not only gain a lot of nutrients and fibre, but you also reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity, and stroke.


Is there American style fast food in Egypt?

American Restaurants in Egypt

McDonald's, Burger King, and Pizza Hut are among the American fast food chains accessible. When visiting Cairo, though, you should expect to sample Egyptian cuisine. Egyptian cuisine, like that of the Middle East, consists primarily on bread, grains, and vegetables such as lentils and onions.

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