Egypt United Tours Responsibilities

Egypt United Tours Responsibilities

Egypt United Tours Responsibilities

Our Egypt United Tours Responsibilities are devoted to making your trip genuinely unforgettable and fantastic, guaranteeing that you have the best time possible.

Some of the key provisions that we regard to be our travel responsibilities are listed below.

Our environmental responsibilities encompass the accompanying:

  • Our contemporary air-conditioned vehicles on the road are equipped adequately with trash baskets and ecologically appropriate exhaust systems.
  • Local guides and tour operators are prohibited to smoke while on the job.
  • Department heads communicate regularly to make sure that all operations have the least plausible effect on the environment. We prioritize excessive noise reduction by asking tour drivers to try and refrain from using their car honking horns, and we strongly encourage our employees to go out of their way to tidy up rubbish at tourist attraction spots.
  • Our scuba diving and tour operators highlight the necessity of preserving and safeguarding Egypt's coral reefs, stressing the significant harm that touching or removing coral is doing to the Red Sea ecosystem.
  • We help to encourage eco-tourism and undertake every attempt to engage with environmentally viable hotels and resorts in Dahab, Marsa Alam, and Bahariya Oasis.
  • We have always been open and available to client feedback on strengthening our services and performance to ensure that the environmental standards are maintained.
  • All sites visited must be essentially left in the very same form in which we found them. There should be zero paper thrown around. For instance, our local employees in Bahariya and the White Desert work collaboratively with the government every year to help clean the places utilized as tourist campsites.

We incorporate the following as part of our social responsibility:

  • Egypt United Tours team try to offer tourists appropriate information on cultures, traditions and customs, and suitable clothes and shoes for each place they will be visiting according to the package they chose.
  • Egypt United Tours incorporates people from the local area, mentoring students in tourism concepts and customer relations all through the summer break with the primary purpose of recruiting new employees from these learners and create more employment opportunities.
  • Egypt United Tours offers a variety of tour packages for individuals with disabilities, and we do everything we can to ensure everything easily accessible to them so that they have no hassles while visiting.
  • For each reservation, we give a contribution to the Egyptian Thalassemia Association.

We understand and appreciate the value of money, and the following are our economic responsibilities:

  • Local guides conduct and actually supervise sightseeing trips. In fact, we hire local drivers, and local professionals provide all tour arrangements.
  • We strongly urge visitors to procure handcrafted products from local manufacturers like perfume, papyrus, carpets, and pharaonic gold or silver souvenirs.
  • Tours include visits to local marketplaces such as Cairo's Khan El Khalili Bazaar and Luxor and Aswan's Souks.
  • In parallel to tourism classes, we are active in improving our local employment initiative by equipping them with leadership, emotional intelligence, and language lessons.
  • We fully utilize hotels and restaurants that are owned and run by locals.
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