Egypt travel restrictions covid-19 & Governmental Precautionary Measures

Egypt travel restrictions covid-19 & Governmental Precautionary Measures

Egypt travel restrictions covid-19 & Governmental Precautionary Measures

How Had Egypt achieved the Equation Between Your Full Protection Against Covid-19 and Achieving Your Full Enjoyment in the Land of Civilization and Its Charming Nature

Egypt travel restrictions covid-19

Egypt is always a safe destination for travelers who search for enjoying charming nature and living amid the great history of one of the most vital historical civilizations globally. That is why when COVID-19 appears emergently, it becomes a duty to find a solution. So the Ministry of State of Antiquities, Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Health and Population, and the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Rooms have cooperated in issuing a set of precautionary measures that would achieve your complete safety. This joint commission set Egypt travel restrictions COVID-19 to secure you within your flight to Egypt.

It also has confirmed the Egypt entry Requirements covid-19 to keep you in the airport and within all your sitting in Egypt. Also, it obliges hospitality establishments, archaeological sites, and museums to follow precautionary measures that can guarantee your full security.

Be Secure From COVI-19 & Spend Unbelievable Times In Egypt

Egypt travel restrictions covid-19

Now, you can live the glory of the desert and its charming nature. As the mountains surround you in an attractive view, and above you, the sky is clear, and stars appear obviously in a wonderful view. While you are sitting in the Bedouin tents enjoying the remarkable life of the Bedouins, their music, and their joyful festivals. You can walk in the desert, go to amazing caves and dazzling mountains, do the camel riding experience to walk as a Bedouin, and discover the magic of the desert.

Also, you can enjoy the blue crystal sea, swimming, and lying comfortably on the soft golden sand while the amazing view of the sea in front of you and the mountains embrace this sea. You can dive and snorkel to spend time amid amazing, brilliant marine formations, colorful coral reefs, a unique collection of marine life, and a countless number of various fishes. You can walk in the cradle of civilization and cross through the eras to find that the historical events running towards your eyes. Each event transfers you to other secrets at other historical masterpieces to live the entire history.

All of that will be while you are in full security far away from COVID-19.

Some precautionary measures you need to follow, and other the Egyptian aircraft and government assumed to ensure your complete security. These instructions accompany you during the pre-boarding, onboarding, and within your tour in Egypt. So, you will go home while having unforgettable memories and entertain a healthy and free from any infection.

Precautionary Measures Pre-Boarding (Egypt Travel Restrictions COVID-19)

You will need to have a filled-in copy of the “Traveler Declaration form before receiving the boarding pass.” This form includes your travels during Fourteen days before visiting Egypt. In this form, you confirm that you do not have any symptoms related to Covid 19, also confirm that you do not deal with a COVID-19 patient during the 14 days before travel.

Finally, this form takes a promise from you to notify the hotel manager or the doctor even if you feel any symptoms related to COVID-19 during your stay in Egypt. In addition, via this form, you will confirm that you have valid international medical insurance that covers your stay in Egypt. All these Egyptian rules for tourists will ensure that travelers do not come into contact with Covid 19 patients in order to ensure safety for all.

Egypt also wishes the safety and recovery of all; the land of civilization always welcomes its visitors. So, sooner or later, you can enjoy spending charming time amid the cradle of civilization once all the Egypt travel restrictions COVID-19 apply to you.

You can follow this Traveler Declaration form from the following link;

For your and the others' security, if you come from countries declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as severely infected with COVID-19 up to the epidemic level. You will need to do a recent PCR test. Its result has not to exceed 48 hours before the travel date. You will offer it upon entry to Egypt.

How The Flight Crew Guarantee Your Security On Board!

The flight crew must sanitate the aircraft rigorously before each flight, and each person on the board has to wear face masks, including the passengers and flight attendants. Each person will get disinfectants, gloves, and face masks, and other Protection Kits in enough quantities. The flight crew offers only dry meals and canned drinks.

There is no more distribution of printed publications like newspapers, magazines, et.

Suppose you are a person unable to wear the face mask for a long time—no need for any worry. You are secure also. There will be a specific area in the aircraft you can find your comfort and safety.

The passengers showing symptoms of illness during the flight will comfortably sit in the last two rows of the plane.  A special flight attendant will attend to them and a special toilet for them to use.

Obligations of The Airport Authorities to Maintain Your Safety

The airport's officials adhere to regularly sterilizing the whole airport, and the  Employees and staff members are mandatory to follow all health and safety regulations. They use sterilization products. Also, the temperature of all of them has to be checked regularly.

The airport staff checks all the temperature of all travelers. They also have to wear the face mask to keep you far away from any risk that may cause bringing COVID-19, ensuring your full security—all the sanitization of luggage before placing them on the luggage conveyor belt.

Besides all these precautionary measures, each one has to maintain the physical distancing.

Like as we take all the measures to keep you safe onboarding, within the flight and even at the airport, there is a followed plan for all the hotels, cruises, archeological sites, restaurants, museums, and the other hospitality establishments you may deal with during your sitting in Egypt.

The Followed Plan From Leaving The Airport, and Along your Tour Till Coming Back To Home

From our side as a tourist company, the assistant who meets you in the airport follows all the precautionary measures. We check his/ her temperature. He/she wears a face mask and uses sanitization products regularly. Once you go out of the airport, you can find our sanitized vehicle. You can find an abundance of gloves, face masks, and disinfectants.

When arriving at the hotel, you will find that the hotel also follows all the precautionary measures.

About The Regulations For the Hotels & Nile Cruises

Hand sanitizers are provided to you once entering the hotel. Guests will have their temperatures checked each time they enter the hotel / Nile Cruise. While you are in the reception, you will find floor signs maintaining the physical distancing. It will be better to use electronic payment.

Each hotel / Nile Cruise adheres to the regular disinfection of all public places, all touchpoints,  the furniture, and fabrics. The staff has to do proper ventilation. They have to follow all the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Population about the central air conditioning. Regular sanitization for the laundry sinks and Safe disposal of waste as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Population.

When using the elevator, you will find floor signs that keep the Physical distance. All who inside the elevator have to wear face masks. The staff regularly sanitizes all the elevators and all touchpoints.

Ther also sanitize the toilets carefully, and all touchpoints inside the hotel  Nile Cruise, including the faucets. You will always find the sanitizers and liquid soap, and paper towels. The trash cans there are that have the foot pedals.

Your room is provided with Personal Protection Kits such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. The room is sanitized and properly ventilated for 12 hours between check-out and check-in, and your room is disinfected daily. Linens and towels inside your room are washed at high temperatures. The maximum capacity in the room will be of two adults and two children under the age of 12 years.

Need to enjoy swimming in the pools!

They are available and are sanitized regularly, including the area around the beach and pool. Even the tables, deck chairs, sunbeds, you can guarantee that is completely disinfected after each use as well as before and after operating hours, the swimming pools, and the beaches are sanitized.

About the pool towels, you can get them in your room. Keep in mind that there are recreational activities on beaches and at swimming pools, but there are others reduced and banned.

At the Gym and Health Clubs, the staff always sanitize the Touchpoints and surfaces, including the sports equipment. Showering, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam, and massage services are not available now.

If you need to get, your relax at a Casino, ensure that the staff, which is 50% in operation, regularly sanitize the touchpoints and provide personal protection equipment to guests, and ensuring safe physical distancing.

Each hotel has an on-call doctor and a clinic, and this hospital is Well-equipped hospitals and sanitized completely.

What Are The Measures & Services If There Tourist in Hotels, With Positive COVID-19 Test?

As per the above-mentioned Egypt travel restrictions covid-19, in case a traveler feels any symptoms related to COVID-19, this traveler has to notify the hotel management or doctor immediately.

Any positive case detected to the Ministry of Health and Population will comfortably stay in a well-prepared accommodation on a designated floor. Each hotel has to allocate a floor for only the quarantine of minor, non-critical, or suspected cases.

The Critical cases of tourists testing positive with COVID-19 take all their medication and treatment in the hospitals for free until their full recovery. Even the non-critical or suspected cases, the hotel will cover all the costs of lodging, food, and drinks.

Rooms occupied by guests who test positive with COVID-19 will undergo deep cleaning and complete sanitization without ordering the hotel into quarantine.

All the guests will be safe, far away from COVID-19 infection, following strict precautionary measures. That for all, even the suspicious cases, they will get the right precautionary measures until the complete recovery.

As per the cases that are testing positive with COVID-19 and need to travel back to their home, it is available at their own responsibility, in coordination with their travel agent. And they must follow all the precautionary measures set by the Ministry of Health and Population.

The precautionary measures applied to the hotel staff

Egypt travel restrictions covid-19

All the hotels operate with a maximum of 50% of their total workforce now, and each member of the staff has his/ her temperature taken daily.

Staff members in coastal governorates are quarantined after returning from their leave, and between leaves must have at least (60) days.

Each member of the staff has a separate housing, taking into consideration physical distancing. They also must be provided with personal protection equipment (including sanitizers, masks, etc.) Each person of the staff must Wear face masks during working hours. They also have deep training and get accurate knowledge on symptoms and preventive measures of COVID-19.

Suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, there are isolation areas allocating for them (mild cases only). And the hotel management has to immediately notify of any COVID-19 cases to take the necessary precautionary measures.

It is forbidden for any hotel to employ staff members with contagious or chronic diseases.

The Official Operation Regulations for Hotels & The Penalties Imposed In The Event of Non-Compliance

Each hotel sticks to follow all the new set regulations in order to get the approval to operate. These hotels Obtain the "Hygiene Safety Certificate" given by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in coordination with the relevant Tourism Chamber, and the Ministry of Health and Population.

Regular monitoring of hospitality establishments by joint committees, between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the relevant Tourism Chamber, and international consulting firms specializing in the field of hygiene, organizes regular inspection campaigns on all hotels.

Failure to comply with any of these regulations will stop the establishment's license.

The information of the Hygiene Safety Certificate of the establishments will be available to all visitors.

Realize well that we, United Egypt Tours, are committed to contracting with hotels that strictly apply precautionary measures and follow the highest levels of disinfection and sterilization.

That is how you will be completely secure at your accommodation in Egypt. Then what about your security within your itinerary.

About the Precautionary Measures during Your Road

From your hotel, you will take a vehicle to any historical sites. So, Egypt has set strict precautionary measures inside the vehicles.

It is mandatory to leave a vacant seat next to each passenger on a bus and in golf cars, and the golf cars/limousine operates with only two persons as each vehicle has to operate with a maximum of 50% capacity. The passengers have not to sit in the front seats of limousines and golf cars.

Each passenger and driver has to wear a face mask during the whole journey. Also, it is necessary to provide disinfectants and hand sanitizers during the journey. The proper ventilation is carried out before and after each trip.

We would like to assure you that Egypt United Tours is following these instructions entirely with its vehicles.

About the Precautionary Measures In the Archeological Sites & Masterpieces

the Precautionary Measures In the Archeological Sites

Like the hotels, there is a full commitment to sterilize the place periodically and follow the proper ventilation methods of the place under the supervision of a team of conservators and curators. All the employees and staff workers wear facemasks all the time, and they use disinfectants and hand sanitizers regularly.

The temperature of each person at the staff is checked daily—also, the temperature of each visitor before entering the archeological site or the museum. Floor signs are placed on maintaining physical distancing.

These sites follow the same measures that applied to hotels in the toilets, elevators, cafes. In addition, it is not allowed to let an employee of any person at the staff works while we do not sure that he/she is free of any Symptoms of COVID 19. These workers do PCR regularly.

Your tourism company is obligated to provide you and your companions along the itinerary with face masks. (We, Egypt United Tours, are applied to this measure at the best level. Ensure that with us, you will have enough quantity and spare of face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers.)

About Tour Guides!

The tour guides must wear face masks and use only wireless microphones inside museums. About the headphones, they have to be sterilized after each use. (Egypt United Tours follows this procedure strictly.)

Tourist groups shall not exceed 25 people, with keeping the Physical distancing during the visits. We also follow this procedure and do our best to preserve you while you enjoy a majestic history accompanied by your Egyptologist.

This Egyptologist will read for you all the Pharaonic messages that they carved with their hands in those places to narrate a majestic civilization. So you will indulge in historical eras and live a great history. While we are by your side, committed to all measures to protect you. That is how we achieve our goal, returning you back to your home with great memories and enjoying good health.

Realize that the number permitted within Egyptian MuseumThe Egyptian Museum in Cairo in Tahrir should not exceed 200 visitors per hour, 100 visitors per hour in other museums, 10-15 inside any pyramid or tomb, and this number is determined as per the site dimensions.

We know well how the charm of Egypt's nature, and you have the chance to enjoy all this magic.

Egypt's efforts to ensure full commitment to take all precautionary measures set in the archeological sites & Museums

Egypt travel restrictions covid-19

The joint committees between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the relevant Tourism Chamber, and international consulting firms specialized in the field of hygiene monitor regularly to ensure the applying all precautionary measures to all archaeological sites and museums.

There is no tolerate in achieving your complete safety.

About the Precautionary Measures In Water Activities

The same as Egypt has guaranteed your full security in historical sightseeing; Egypt keeps your complete security on diving, snorkeling, and other water activities.

The Precautionary measures imposed on Staff

It is mandatory for each person in the staff to wear a face mask and use hand sanitizers regularly. The staff has to wear gloves, especially for persons who work in the cleaning and hygiene department, tanks filling station, kitchen, maintenance, and cleaning of the diving gear. The interval between vacations for each person in the staff is at least 60 days.

The temperature of each person of the staff is checked daily. This staff also has got deep training and education on symptoms and how to take the necessary preventive measures related to COVID-19.

The Precautionary measures applicable to Dive Snorkeling and Water Sports Centers

The center must supply its employees and trainees with hand sanitizers, gloves, and face masks. Each table is placed 2 meters far away from the other table. Each chair is placed 1 meter apart inside training rooms. It will be better to use disposable pens and electronic and online payments.

It will be better to use your own diving and snorkeling gear.

The staff has to do regular cleaning and sanitization of surfaces and touchpoints using Sodium Hypochlorite, Oxygen Peroxide, and alcohol at 70% concentration. Also, you will find multilingual instructional posters for COVID-19 prevention and precautionary measures at different areas in the center.

About Sanitization the Gears and the Diving & Snorkeling Equipment

The staff sanitizes all equipment (mask, regulator and snorkel, BCD, and diving suit)  by soaking them in the water of 10% chlorine-containing bleach by adding a quarter cup of chlorine bleach to 4.95 liters of water.

It must not sanitize the gears after every single use. The staff must keep the non-sanitized used equipment separate from the clean ones. The customers must not share their gear with others. Each person is responsible for cleaning his / her own gear.

The staff has to wash any used tools in the water sports like kite surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, and parasailing with water. Then, left to dry in the sun for over 1 hour.

Water sports operations have to exchange the equipment frequently to avoid the use of the same equipment.

The Precautionary measures while you are on board

The allowed capacity for the boat is 50% of the total number of guests. All have to wear face masks and be provided with hand sanitizers and gloves. Each person on board, even a guest or persons of the staff their temperature is measured. While they have to maintain the Physical distancing when going in and out of the water.

The staff clean regular surfaces and touchpoints using chlorine-containing bleach “Sodium hypochlorite,” Hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol with a 70% concentration ratio. It is better to use your own towels, cutlery, and tableware onboard. The boat must use disposable cutlery. The restaurant here follows the same precautions applied to restaurants in hotels.

The Precautionary measures following when finding out a Positive COVID-19 onboard a Safari Boat or a "Liveaboard."

There is a special cabin for any person showing symptoms of COVID-19, whether from the guests or the crew. This cabin has an emergency exit separate from the rest of the boat. A special staff deal with this cabin with the highest levels of disinfection and proper ventilation while minimizing the use of air conditioners for fresh air in the sky.

If any guest or any one of the staff shows any COVID-19 symptoms, they should inform the boat crew. Then this person must isolate him/herself in the designated quarantine cabin on the spot.

Be Sure That Egypt United Tours, before carrying out any handling with this compound, certain that they follow all these precautionary measures.

That in addition to the official monitoring by joint committees between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the relevant Tourism Chamber, and international consulting firms specialized in the field of hygiene.

The Official Operation Regulations for the dive snorkeling and water sports centers & boats.

The same as the hotels, each diving & snorkeling center to operate has to obtain a "Hygiene Safety Certificate." This certificate is given by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Coordination with the Ministry of Health and Population and the relevant Tourism Chamber. And this center has to comply with the new set of regulations.

There is regularly monitoring comes from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the relevant Tourism Chamber, and international consulting firms specialized in the field of hygiene to make sure that each center & boat does its duty to the fullest extent to keep every customer safe.

Any violating will result in the suspension of the establishment's license. The manager will sign a declaration of commitment to the regulations. Any violation will cause severe penalties.

Sure within your tour inside Egypt, you will be eager to taste the delicious Egyptian food and deserts. No need for any worry. Even the restaurants in Egypt guarantees your safety in it to enjoy the Egyptian dishes while you are too reassuring.

The Regulations Applied To Restaurants (Inside / Outside the Hotels)

There is no more queuing at the entrance, as you have to pre-book by electronic applications or telephone. There is no need for any worry. Egypt United Tours coordinates that.

Each person enters any restaurant, the staff has to check his/her temperature. The distance between each table is 2 meters. While the distance between each chair and the other is 1 meter on the same table, as each table does not exceed 6 persons. Each table includes hand sanitizers, and the staff changes the fabric table cloth and thoroughly wash it after every use. The used cutlery is disposable as much as possible.

There is no more Open Buffet, the restaurants now depend on the Served Buffet technique with keeping the safe physical distancing. Also, there is the Take-away service with safe physical distancing. It is okay for the customers to exist inside the restaurant to order, pay. Then they wait outside the restaurant for receiving their order.  There is no Kids Area at any restaurant, and also, there are no parties and social events.

About the procedures followed in kitchens in restaurants

procedures followed in kitchens in restaurants

The staff must sanitize kitchens utterly, thoroughly clean, and disinfect regularly. The temperature of each worker is checked daily, and they maintain the Physical distance. The workers must follow all the hygiene standards (wearing face masks, gloves and always washing hands with soap and water).

The kitchen workers have to follow the international food safety and quality standards utterly. They have to use only trash cans with foot pedals.

Official Procedures for Monitoring the Compliance of Restaurants with Preventive Measures

Each restaurant has to get the "Hygiene Safety Certificate" to operate. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Population and the relevant Tourism Chamber provides the restaurants this Certificate to check their compliance.

The joint committees between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the relevant Tourism Chamber, and international consulting firms specializing in the field of hygiene regularly monitor all these restaurants.

Breaching any of the set regulations will cause the suspension of the establishment's license. At that time the manager of the restaurant will face severe penalties. Each manager will sign a declaration of commitment to these set regulations.

Keep in mind that Egypt United Tours checks that all the restaurants. We deal with all the restaurants that follow all precautionary measures

During your tour in Egypt, sure you will need to go shopping. Then, what are the precautionary measures to keep you?

Precautionary Measures Taken In Tourist Commodities Shops

Each tourist is provided with face masks, gloves and disposed of safely. There are floor signs that keep the physical destination between the customers. Everyone must not touch the exhibits and at each shop. There are signs everywhere about COVID-10 precautionary measures

That is how, at each inch during your visit to Egypt, you are in security far enough away from any infection. Just follow the Egypt travel restrictions covid-19.

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